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Unveiling the Mysteries of Blood Type Personalities

Unveiling the Mysteries of Blood Type Personalities
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Blood Type Personality Traits

Learning about a person’s personality by their blood type began in the early 20th century and has quietly progressed and been used by an interested few, but there are many skeptics and whether you believe or not it is a very interesting study. A book on the subject was written by Masahiko Nomi in 1970. By finding out your blood type you are certain characteristics and behaviors are revealed. Each blood type has its idiosyncrasies and this practice has been widely used in Asia for decades, but the Western world has yet to embrace the subject. There are some matchmaking businesses using blood typing to gauge compatibility and there are also blood typing consultants who calculate whether people will work well together and who will be the most productive.

It can also be used for relationship compatibility and the thinking is that your blood type helps shape your personality and reveals relevant information about your state of health. Your blood type can also reveal what kind of diet is most suitable making you aware of the right foods for your type. Imagine next time you go out and meet someone you say, what is your blood type, instead of what is your star sign?


A, Introspective, responsible, sensitive

B, Self-sufficient, independent

AB, Solitary, knowing, abstract

O, Active, driven, ambitious


What does your Blood Type reveal about you?


A Blood Type

The A blood types the quiet achiever, the researcher, happiest when learning something new, a clear thinker knowing exactly what you want. When taking action you have thought very carefully beforehand, whereas some people think one step ahead you think ten steps ahead. With blood type A you possess a refined and sophisticated aesthetic and only feel comfortable in calm, tastefully decorated surroundings. You enjoy the theatre and are always well dressed in fact you could very likely be noticed for your unique sense of style. You are very aware of and tuned in to others, with a compassionate nature evident from a very tender age. Your heightened sense of intuition helps you to understand others on a deeper level. People are drawn to you, your quiet sense of authority and the sensitive way you have of dealing with others. If there is a crisis type A is the first one to be called. As sensitive and artistic as you, you possess a core of strength. A’s suit a vegetarian diet.

Your love sign compatibility: A – AB

Famous A’s: Alan Alda, Lyndon B. Johnson


B Blood Type

B Blood types are very outgoing and charismatic, you enjoy being around people and love to socialise. You enjoy witty banter and have quite a sense of humour, you are well read but have specific tastes. When you like something or someone you give your full attention, at other times you can be quite distracted as your mind flits from one thing to another at rapid speed. The learning curve is to think before you act, you know the old saying, “act in haste repent at leisure.” You make snap judgements when you first meet people and respond to the way they look and how they are dressed. As you view others with a critical eye you have a tendancy to make snap judgements. B’s have an entrepreneurial ability to know when something or someone is going to be a success and will offer full support to them. With any job you undertake you do it well. It is likely you will specialise in something during your life and whatever you choose there will be success, as you become the best you can possibly be. B’s often favour dairy products.

Your love sign compatibility: B and AB

Famous B’s: Paul McCartney, Akira Kurosawa


AB Blood Type

If you are an AB blood type you are one on your own and possibly thought of as eccentric or avant-garde. You are drawn to unusual people and can be quite flamboyant, with others never knowing quite what to expect from you and your theatrical quality. There is also the tendency to overreact or exaggerate things. You are very generous and have a knack of finding yourself in peculiar situations always wondering how you got there. The learning for you is to think about the consequences of your actions. Your appearance can be quite striking and over the top. You are very loyal to those you consider friends and a staunch protector of your family. Being an AB blood type you are considered the maverick of the blood groups because of the way you gravitate towards the unusual or bizarre. AB’s will be drawn to most anything, meat, vegan, vegetarian, dairy, the choice is yours.

Your love sign compatibility: A – AB – B – O

Famous AB’s: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe


O Blood Type

With blood type O a core of determination runs through your veins, making you quite pedantic when starting something and not giving up until you finish. O types are perfectionists. With your quick mind and knowing you make a very good mediator and are drawn to those who pay attention and have a similar outlook to you. There is no place in your life for those without a purpose and you feel most comfortable when surrounded by those who are honest and loyal. With an understand that there are many elements making up your life canvas you always stand back to give yourself a clear perspective, pondering before taking action, you prefer an understated approach to all things. Because O is the oldest blood you would respond well to a diet that contains meat.

Love sign compatibility: O – AB

Famous O’s: John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth 11




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