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Exploring Moon Sign Astrology

Exploring Moon Sign Astrology
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When we talk about our star signs, we are mainly speaking about our Sun sign – The position of the Sun when we were born. But there is also your Moon sign, which is just as significant or even more so than your Sun sign. Your Moon sign is dictated by the position of the Moon when you were born.

As the moon moves through the sky during the lunar month, it changes signs approximately every two and a half days. That means, a Scorpio born on the 10th will have a different Moon Sign to a Scorpio born on the 15th.

In some religions the Moon was even more powerful than the Sun. The Romans set aside a sacred feast day for the Moon. The name for it persists to modern times, though we now call it Monday rather than Moon Day.

When gazing at the sky, the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size, visually, the two are equal, the evidence of science states otherwise.

The moon is associated with feminine energy and The Sun is associated with masculine energy. The classic Yin Yang. Everyone contains both masculine and feminine traits, regardless of your gender.

Your Sun sign is the part of you that appears on the surface, it is what everyone else sees. It represents your personality, It’s your soul. Your Moon sign is the part of you that you see, it represents emotions, instincts and the subconscious, It’s your heart.  In essence, the Moon represents the side of you that reacts before you have time to think.

Your Moon sign shows how you will get along with someone in a relationship, it’s even more important to know your partners Moon sign than Sun sign. Have you ever met someone with the same Sun sign and found that person to be nothing like you? You probably have different Moon signs.

The Moon in your horoscope modifies your Sun sign; it brings in new forces, motivations and special elements to the character of your Sun sign. Study both your Sun sign and Moon sign and learn the positive and negative sides to these signs and try to recognize these elements within yourself.

Your Moon sign is just as important to who you are as your Sun sign is, and learning about what yours means will shine a whole new light on your personal astrological makeup.

If you do not know what your Moon sign is, click button.

Find Your Moon Sign

Jump ahead to your Moon sign:

Moon in Aries

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries, Aries have a highly-strung and fiery disposition. They have been known to be hot-headed and have explosive outburst but they cool off just as quickly. They moon in aries - Moon Sign Astrologynever hold grudges and never shy away from conflict.

Aries make instant impressions of the world around them, and never doubt them for a moment. As a result, they tend to be very sure of their opinions and don’t like it when people question or contradict them.

There are no hidden emotions with Aries, they tell it like it is. So be careful when asking for their option, it could be rather harsh.

They love the thrill of new love or lust, but will lose interest if things become too routine and predictable.

Aries feels most secure when they able to rely solely on themself, without any external rules or options of others.

Aries is a warrior and has a need to express their fiery and creative spirit. To feel secure in a relationship they need honesty and directness. They would rather have an argument and get things out in the open rather than stay quiet for the sake of harmony.

Aries Moon often reach positions of authority and are successful in business and government. The Aries moon gives you enhanced leadership abilities and the power to sway others.

Aries moon love the thrill of the chase, even more so than the prize.

Famous People with the Moon in Aries

Dante Alighieri

Leonard Bernstein

Marlon Brando

Robert Browning

Al Capone

Salvador Dalí

Charles de Gaulle

Isadora Duncan

Bobby Fischer

Bill Gates

Henry VIII

Whitney Houston

Friedrich Nietzsche

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Albert Schweitzer


Mark Twain

Stevie Wonder


Moon in Taurus

Taurus moon have the most stable emotions of any moon sign, this may be because you have a positive and practical outlook as well as being methodical, patient, and responsible.moon in taurus - Moon Sign Astrology

The moon in this position gives you great powers of concentration and patience. Determination runs deep through your character. Naturally grounded, you have the ability to remain calm even in the midst of crisis. A Taurus moon can provide grounding, especially in contrast to an emotional water Sun sign.

A Taurus Moon adds to your physical strength and gives you great endurance. It also gives you have the ability to win popularity with the public.

The Taurus moon is a creature of habit and feels best with stability and routine.  You dislike large parties and noisy groups, preferring a quiet candlelit dinner with your close friends. But once life gets chaotic, Lunar Taurus feels deeply unsettled.

In relationships, you need loyalty, reliability and sensuality and are happiest in a committed relationship. You seek a true soulmate and when you find them you will faithfully settle down. You are romantic with elegant manners and you have a unique style of dressing. You enjoy romantic locations and dinners at a fancy restaurant.

Taurian’s do not form opinions quickly. They carefully study all the facts before coming to a conclusion but when you do there is no way to make you change your mind.

Taurus moon like the finer things in life, luxurious environments, delicious meals and their cosy creature comforts.

Famous People with the Moon in Taurus

Bjorn Borg

Bill Clinton

Prince Charles

Scott Fitzgerald

Greta Garbo

Billy Graham

Che Guevara

Katharine Hepburn

Hubert Humphrey

Mick Jagger

Carl Jung

Frida Kahlo

Peter Sellers

Karl Marx

John Milton

Joe Namath

Gregory Peck

Ronald Reagan

George Bernard Shaw

William Shakespeare

C.P. Snow


Moon in Gemini

Gemini moons are fascinated philosophical ideas. They will marvel at new locations and the mysteries of the universe. A Gemini grounds themselves with facts and information, so communication Moon in Gemini - Moon Sign Astrologyis paramount for those born under a Gemini moon.

They are happiest when their ever-curious mind is being fed with new knowledge and perspectives. They also love sharing this information. The only down side is they can lose interest in something just as quickly as they started. In relationship their partner needs to be gifted talker, able to chat about anything and to offer a steady flow of communication throughout the day. They also like their lover to be elusive, hard to figure out or mysterious.

Moon in Gemini have an active mind and imaginative personality and will be drawn towards intellectual pursuits. They have quick minds who can rapidly sift through information. They likely have very high IQ.

They are quick-witted and vibrant and have wild conversations that can run off on unexpected tangents. They are openminded and will change their opinion if offered a new fact or why of looking at something.

Moon in Gemini are gifted writers and speakers, and tend to take careers as teachers, journalist or writers.

They are restless souls who need constant stimulation, they become unhappy if forced to be indoors, solitary or inactive. They thrive on travel, change, and meeting different kinds of personalities.

Moon in Gemini are highly-strung and can be irritable or snappy. Other times they can be witty and amusing and a delight to be with, it all depends what mood they are in. Regardless of their mood, Gemini-Moons are charming and imaginative with an independent spirit.

In business they are versatile and great with people. They perform best when partnered with someone practical and hard-headed.


Famous People with the Moon in Gemini

Fred Astaire

Joan Baez

Brigitte Bardot

Jack Benny

Pablo Casals

Bette Davis

Sigmund Freud

Steffi Graf

Buddy Holly

John Keats

Rudyard Kipling

Gypsy Rose Lee

Jack London

Louis Pasteur

Mary Pickford

George Bernard Shaw

Spencer Tracy

Queen Victoria

Barbara Walters

Andy Warhol

Christopher Wren


Moon in Cancer

If you have the Moon in Cancer, you have strong emotions and are very empathic, you perceive the world around you through your feelings rather than your mind. You don’t share your feelings moon in cancer - Moon Sign Astrologyreadily with others which can sometimes make it difficult for others to know where you stand. You may appear aggressive on the surface but underneath you are gentle and can easily be hurt.

Moon in Cancer are artistic and creative who work best when they can work at their own pace without being subjected to the time clock. Cancerians have an excellent memory and often have careers as teachers, historians, actors or writers. Famous Moon-Cancerians in these walks of life are Humphrey Bogart, Benjamin Spock, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harrison Ford.

You are the most emotional of all other Moon signs with many ups and downs, and when combined with the waxing and waning influence of the Moon produces quick shifts in temperament which can leave you emotionally exhausted, though these mood swings don’t last long.

You are at your best in a deeply loving and committed love relationship. It is in Cancer’s nature to mistrust love, and will often be worried that their partner does not love them or will leave. You also believe that to be alone is a fate worse than death.

When you find true love and feel secure your relationship will blossom.

Famous People with the Moon in Cancer

Humphrey Bogart

Lord Byron

Tom Cruise

Phyllis Diller

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Harrison Ford

Clark Gable

Farrah Fawcett

Aretha Franklin

Janis Joplin

Princess Margaret of England

Bette Midler

Isaac Newton

Eleanor Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Jean-Paul Sartre

Paul Simon

Benjamin Spock


Moon in Leo

Leo-Moon like to be the centre of attention, and enjoy taking on public roles, like a famous actor. Leo-Moons dream of being the best in their field and can hold themself to impossibly high moon in leo - Moon Sign Astrologystandards. You possess a wonderful sense of humour and great charm, which makes you fun to be with.  There is a sense of excitement about you, but if nothing interesting is happening you will create it.

You are extremely intelligent and a quick leaner, but if a subject does not arouse your affections, you have no interest in exploring it further. You have little sympathy for petty or narrow thinking.

Moon-Leos are great at inspiring people to do their best, which makes them work well within a group. Sociable, sincere and open you have a wonderful way of lifting the spirits of others.

Vanity is a weakness of the Leo and they are suckers for compliments.

You have an emotional need to be appreciated, whether it’s in a relationship or at work. You will most likely get the attention you desire because the Moon gives quality to your personality.

You are drawn to the finer things of life, good food, fine wines, fancy clothes. You are a great host and loves giving lavish parties.

In a relationship you are romantic and you need a partner who makes you look good. You have a tendency is to put the object of your affection on a pedestal. On the negative side, you can be jealous and rather possessive toward your loved ones.

In general Leo Moons are warm, affectionate, outgoing and charismatic with an instinct for leadership.

Famous People with the Moon in Leo

T. Barnum

Pearl Buck

Clint Eastwood

Queen Elizabeth II

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tom Hanks

James Joyce

Mao Tse-tung

Paul McCartney

Ralph Nader

Prince Philip

Margaret Chase Smith

Diane Sawyer

Gloria Steinem

Oscar Wilde


Moon in Virgo

Virgo moons are intelligent, practical and realistic, this practical realism makes them good at business and at handling money. Virgo Moons are satisfied by logic, organization, and structure. They moon in virgo - Moon Sign Astrologylove to be helpful and are always fulfilled when contributing in practical ways. Their eye is on the long-term profit rather than immediate gain, and they are concerned with security and providing for retirement.

They are highly sceptical and tend to question everything they are being told. Virgos are sometimes so sceptical they don’t even believe in what they see with their own eyes.

Moon-in-Virgo are perfectionist, who bring professionalism to everything they do. They are methodical and will solve any problem one small step at a time.

Virgo-moon are very logical and find illogical people frustrating to deal with. They choose their friends carefully and are selective about the cultural activities they take part in.

Generally, Virgo-Moons are caring and giving and can always be counted on. They enjoy being useful to others.

They are seekers of truth and love to discuss ideas and probe into opinions held by others.

In relationships Virgo-Moons don’t have much self-confidence. Being so practical one would think that they would choose someone similar, but strangely they prefer someone quite different from themselves, someone emotional and ready to share their feelings. They have high standards in relationships, and require reliability and responsibility from their partners.

Famous People with the Moon in Virgo

Ingrid Bergman

Andrew Carnegie

Winston Churchill

Bill Cosby

Marlene Dietrich

William Faulkner

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mel Gibson

William Randolph Hearst

Lyndon B. Johnson

Edward M. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

Shirley MacLaine

Pierpont Morgan

Leo Tolstoy

Moon in Libra

Libra symbol is the scales, having your Moon in Libra gives you a strong desire for balance and harmony. You have heightened awareness of your surroundings and of other people. A Moon in moon in libra - Moon Sign AstrologyLibra also confers great personal charm and enhances the ability to get along with people. You have a pleasant personality are great at understanding the other person’s point of view.

You like beautiful things and try to surround yourself with pretty objects. You have a keen appreciation for beauty and art and an artistic eye unmatched by any other Moon sign. If you could you would live in a room filled with flowers with romantic music playing in the background.

You thrive with an active social life, but need plenty of alone time as well.

Libras love relationships, and you’re always looking for your other half. They love with their head rather their hearts. For someone to become your lover they must possess certain qualities such as good manners, good looks, and a light hearted personality. You may go through many affairs before you settle down with someone, but once you are in a contented marriage, it will be a source of great satisfaction and reassurance. You will be genuinely happy.

You dislike anything vulgar, coarse or unpleasant behaviour and keep as far away from it as possible. If it comes into your life, it can throw you off-kilter. In relationship you need someone similar to you so there is little arguing.

In general Moon-Libra are magnetic, polished and have charming manners.

Famous People with the Moon in Libra

Marie Antoinette

Louis Armstrong

Arthur Ashe

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Maria Callas

Frederic Chopin

Agatha Christie

Walt Disney

Amelia Earhart

Henry Fonda

Rose Kennedy

Rudolph Nureyev

Sylvia Plath

Sydney Poitier

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

Bruce Springsteen

Sylvester Stallone

Twyla Tharp

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Lana Turner

Rudolph Valentino


Moon in Scorpio

Moon-Scorpio is a water sign, they are known for their intense emotions and are highly intuitive.moon in scorpio - Moon Sign Astrology

They keep their emotions hidden and appear calm on the surface, however inside they could feel very angry or unhappy about something. They have great memories which work well for business, but can also lead them to brood over old emotional wounds. If they have been wronged, years later they may plot their revenge.

With these deep emotions they will often need to escape into fantasy for a while to bring back inner peace.

They are persistent and determined and will rise above most obstacles. They have high standards and pride themselves on craftsmanship. They are ambitious and are endowed with executive ability.

Scorpio-Moon possess a sensuality that attracts the opposite sex, this often causes difficulties in their love life and find themselves marrying more than once. They crave deep connections and transformative experiences and take they privacy very seriously.

In relationships the Scorpio-Moon hide their private feelings and instead tries to uncover the hidden realities of their partner. They fear being controlled most in a relationship and their partner will have to prove themselves trustworthy. Once they have proven themselves the Scorpio will commit themselves fully to their partner.

The Moon in Scorpio will give you great inner strength, irresistible sensuality and magnetic flair for influencing others.


Famous People with the Moon in Scorpio

Julie Andrews

Warren Beatty

Truman Capote

Jimmy Carter

Charles Chaplin

Miles Davis

Paul Getty

George Harrison

Alfred Hitchcock

Henry Miller

Nelson Rockefeller

Elizabeth Taylor


Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the last fire sign of the Zodiac, represented by the archer.moon in Sagittarius - Moon Sign Astrology

Sagittarius-Moon are always on a quest to discover the unknown. They love their freedom and traveling to strange and foreign places. They like being active, regular exercise and time in the wilderness. They happiest when they balance their physical activity with philosophical and spiritual exploration. They can get unhappy when they feel trapped, whether it’s in a relationship or by life circumstances.

They are quick thinkers, have sharp minds and an ability to get things done in a flash. They have a brightness that the other signs do not have. They have great insight and can see further down the line than most people.

They are the kind of person who envisions great goals then set about achieving them with no fear of failure. With energy and enthusiasm, they set about their task and usually accomplish what they set out to do.

Sagittarius-Moon have a chameleon-like personality and can change and adapt to different kinds of personalities and to foreign and strange places.

They are not good at saving money, they feel the whole purpose of money is to buy pleasure and enjoy life. They can also be rather reckless, seeing they believe they have excellent luck, they can take great risk expecting to come out on top. However, a setback does not keep you down for long, with refreshed spirit you set upon your next venture.

Sagittarius-Moons can be over dominating, so they must take care not to talk over other people or act smarter than everyone else.

In relationship they need to feel free, even when in committed. They need a partner who enjoys the thrill of discovery and willing to travel and explore the world together. Because they are charming, they make friends easily.

Sagittarius Moon have a love for learning, humanitarian instincts, and a gift for being an independent thinker.

Famous People with the Moon in Sagittarius

Neil Armstrong

Anne Bancroft

Lewis Carroll

Bing Crosby

Charles Dickens

Albert Einstein

Vincent van Gogh

Bob Hope

Anthony Hopkins

Howard Hughes

E. Lawrence

Henri Matisse

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pablo Picasso

Oprah Winfrey


Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn are determined, ambitious and hardworking. They are Self-sufficient and a somewhat solitary. They have an alert mind and are very eager to learn, they are not interested in moon in Capricorn - Moon Sign Astrologytheory, they want to put their knowledge into good use. Because of their unshakable commitment most Capricorn-Moons become quite successful in their life. They have an instinct for getting to know the right people.

Capricorn has both a stabilizing and restrictive effect on the emotional Moon. People with the Moon in this position will have to overcome obstacles and complexities within to find the happiness they are after.

Capricorn is fulfilled through status, successes and achievements rather than money. Money is of course important to them, just not as much as their status.

Capricorns are very sensitive and warm persons but they only show that to people who have won their trust. They tend not to find true love as youths, but at some point in their 30s when they feel secure within an emotional relationship they will commit for a lifetime.

Moon in Capricorn are steadfast, loyal, generous and giving. They usually give far more than then they receive, especially in relationships. Inside they suffer from insecurity and loneliness, and will only open to their closest friends. They try to mask this with a dry sense of humour.

Moon in Capricorn gives you ambitious and powerful personality, and an instinct for excellence.

Famous People with the Moon in Capricorn

Lucille Ball

Yogi Berra

Napoleon Bonaparte

Johnny Carson

Dick Cavett

Thomas Alva Edison

Margot Fonteyn

John Glenn

Ernest Hemingway

Gene Kelly

Robert Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln

Anaïs Nin

Stephen Sondheim

George Washington


Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius-Moon are the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac. They are rational, intuitive, well balanced and deal with the world in a scientific, open-minded way.  They are witty and charming and moon in aquarius - Moon Sign Astrologymake friends with all types of people.

Aquarius-Moon are interested in in ideas, philosophy and higher learning. They are students of all science and enjoy art, music and literature. They are interest in the unknown and what lies ahead. They are well-rounded intellectually with a range of interest in many different fields and they keep a varied group of friends.

Many Aquarians are gifted clairvoyants and see things before they happen. With the moon in this position makes you rather floaty and often lost in day dream.

You are a visionary, but when it comes down it comes to the hard work and sweaty toil of turning a concept into a reality, you tend to lose interest quickly.

You’re happiest when you’re pouring your time and energy into lofty ideas and improving life for others in your community.  Even if that means putting the greater good above your own needs.

In relationships you are very romantic and need good communication. You dislike possessive, jealous or over demanding lovers.  Sometimes you choose a partner who will shun you, the less interested someone is in you the more interested your become. Good communication is important to you in relationships as is plenty of alone time.

An Aquarius Moon gives you an independent, stimulating mind and a persuasive charm with people.

Famous People with the Moon in Aquarius

Muhammad Ali

Woody Allen

Fidel Castro

Marc Chagall

Angela Davis

Diana, Princess of Wales

Arthur Conan Doyle

George Gershwin

Cary Grant

Timothy Leary

John Lennon

Sophia Loren

Eugene McCarthy

Marilyn Monroe

Richard M. Nixon

Adlai Stevenson

H.G. Wells

William Butler Yeats

Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac. If you have the Moon in Pisces, you have great empathy and the ability to feel how everyone around you is feeling, simply by being in the same room as them. moon in pisces - Moon Sign AstrologyBut because you feel other people’s energy so deeply, you must be careful not to sink in a sea of emotions.

After spending time with people, you will need to retreat to a calm quiet place, so you can recharge and the water can settle. This could mean a solo escape into nature, art studio or just inside your imagination. Due to this empathy power of yours, it’s crucial that you keep a peaceful home environment, preferably near water. Pisces takes comfort in their peaceful fantasy world.

As a Moon-in-Pisces person you are also deeply spiritual and philosophical and love sharing your knowledge with others. You are artistic and have a keen love for beauty and the arts. Many Moon-Pisces have careers as actors, writer, composing, or painting.

A peculiar danger for you is that you see the world with romantic glasses on, you see things how you would like them to be rather than how they really are. This romanticism is not apparent on the surface, for you try to keep this part of your nature hidden.

In relationship you are romantic, loving, caring and kind. You do everything you can to make your partner happy. It is in your nature to do this, even if your partner does not do the same. You have a tendency to put your partner’s needs first.

You feel vulnerable and dependent and will build up an elaborate array of defences to avoid being hurt. Once you get past this and trust your partner you will have a truly joyful relationship

Those with Pisces-Moon have a sympathetic heart and a great capacity for doing work good in the world.

Famous People with the Moon in Pisces

Paul Cezanne

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Marie Curie

Audrey Hepburn

P.D. James

Helen Keller

Martin Luther King Jr.


Paul Newman

Edgar Allan Poe

Elvis Presley

Martin Scorsese

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Frank Sinatra

Susan Sontag

Robert Louis Stevenson

Leonardo da Vinci

Stanford White


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