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ElementalsAre spirits of the elements, earth – air – fire – water, gnomes are earth elementals, sylphs are air elementals, salamanders are fire elementals and undines (also nymphs) are water elements. Elementals do not have a specific form or appearance, they are invisible to humans and attach themselves to every natural thing, they are found in trees, rivers, plants, mountains and minerals.

Made up of etheric substance specific to their particular elements, they are living entities resembling humans yet inhabiting a world of their own. They translate thought-forms into physical forms, this is done by transforming mental patterns into etheric, then physical patterns, working primarily on the mental plane they are builders of form. They are etheric thought forms animated by the thought power of angels, and have the ability to create a specific form.

Elementals possess supernatural powers, and by way of a portal they are able to travel between this realm and their realm. Paracelsus the physician, alchemist and mystic was responsible for the names of the Elementals. A believer in supernatural things, he felt that continuous exploration of the invisible side of nature was imperative, he said Elementals were beings occupying a space between men and spirits. The many names of the Elementals are Fairies, Sprites, Pixies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Brownies, Elves and Devas.

Earth: Gnomes  – Dwarves or goblins, are beings of the earth and usually live in the soil, rocks, beneath the ground and under tree roots. Usually seen as a brownie, or elf, they are tiny ugly creatures, dressed in green or russet brown, they appear aged and have long white beards, they can move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air. Gnomes ensure the stability of the earth and have an understanding of alchemy. They will help humans who treat nature well and consider the earth, they are associated with finances and protecting investments, they encourage stability, grounding and balance.

Air:  Sylphs – Their element has the highest vibratory rate, these air spirits live on the tops of mountains. Queen Paralda who is said to dwell on the highest mountain of Earth is the leader of the sylphs. For short period of time they may assume human form and of all the elementals they are the most beautiful and refined. They have the appearance of cherub fairies, with wings, and because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, they have the ability to inspire and uplift humans. They are connected to breath and breathing. Sylphs have a profound influence on the human mind and thought, they can be the catalyst for inspirational work, enhance communication, mental clarity,  spiritual journeying and insight.

Water Undines – The Udines closely resemble humans in appearance and size, they are emotional, graceful, elegant and gentle, they dress in greenish sea coloured clothing that is shimmery and watery. They are bound to their ruler who they love and honour, their ruler is known as Necksa. Their purpose is to direct the flow and course of the waters of the planet, they live in coral caves, fountains, lakes, marshlands, rivers, seas, waterfalls, and underneath lily pads. Undines are concerned with the movements of water in relation to emotions and soul responses of humans. They exist within the water yet are friendly and ever ready to work with and help people, offering clarity, psychic cleansing, breakthrough and emotional balance.

Fire:  Salamanders –  Salamander work through the liver, bloodstream and emotions, they are the spirit of fire and why fire exists, they keep us warm. Whenever a fire is lit a salamander is present, of all the elements they are the most powerful, they are enlightening, illuminating, bold, passionate and commanding. Their ruler is Djin a magnificent flaming being. They awaken spiritual energy, and will always help people who are friendly towards them and keep their heart fires burning, and exude a loving energy, they are the catalyst when energy is needed.


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