Dream Connection

Dream Connection
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Dream Connection

Dreams are your doorway to the inner you, offering self awareness through the mysterious nightly journey we all take, yet understand very little about. An active dream life can help give you guidance in your day to day life, helping you to navigate the obligatory trammels familiar to everyone. By aligning yourself with the flow of your dreams you become aware of your own motivations, strengths and deep seated desires, align yourself with your dreams and understand more about your dream life to enrich your waking world.

Your nightly dream world is as real as your waking world, your growth is enhanced by the issues you dream about, interpretation of dreams will give you a fuller and richer life as you get to the Dream Connectioncore of your understanding. Dreams help you to be magic and fantastic, you can ride through the sky on the back of a dragon or grow wings and fly like a fairy. You can be as big as a giant, as small as a cricket, breathe underwater, travel through dimensions, live forever, laugh, love, heal, you can experience an abundant and fulfilling existence. You can land on the Moon, exist on another planet, go back in time, travel into the future, interact on an alien planet with another civilisation, your potential is limitless. You can commune with Plato, watch Leonardo da Vinci paint, see the pyramids being built, fly with angels, write, heal, teach, unleash your potential. Dreams will give you answers from the soul.

To record your dreams successfully go to sleep with an intention, this will allow you to dream effectively and find the answers, guidance, and the understanding you are seeking.  When you awaken write down your dream immediately and with as much detail as possible, the more detail the easier it will be to decipher. When you wake, if you don’t remember anything, write down how you are feeling, are you happy, sad, uncomfortable, full of energy and anticipation, lighthearted, always write in your diary even if it is only one word. Above all it is important to understand the messages that your dreams are bringing to you.

Dreams that are part of the Collective Unconscious

Teeth – If your teeth are unhealthy, dirty, stained, falling out or disintegrating you are worrying about your appearance, your attractiveness, your appeal and what others think about you. Losing your teeth has to do with embarrassment, possibly about something you have done or it can be to do with something you have said, losing teeth can also be associated with your personal power and you may be feeling as though you are losing it.

Naked in Public – This dream is always to do with vulnerability, people seeing something about you, you don’t want them to. Something coming to light that you do not want people to know, a secret about you being revealed. It is to do with people seeing through you, or you being caught off guard, feeling lesser, feeling unprepared, caught unawares, not ready. It can be to do with something that you have been keeping hidden and fear others finding out about, or to do with feeling invisible.

Monster coming after you, legs paralysed, unable to move, rooted to the spot. Being pursued by a monster or monsters is a representation of fear on all levels, such as being negatively judged. If you feel threatened in your waking life a monster will often show itself in your dreams. In what area of your life are you feeling powerless? When you feel paralysed and the monster is gaining on you, it may mean it is time for you to face your fears in your waking life, by confronting them they will dissipate, or lessen. You may have given your power away, or feel threatened.  Have you surrendered instead of making a stand? Do you feel hopeless, helpless, lost, alone, unsupported? Whatever your answer, this dream is telling you to confront whatever it is that is affecting you, do this with honesty.

Being in your Childhood Home – Whenever you dream of a house it is a representation of the self. If you return to the home you lived in when you were a child you are reflecting on the past, actions, behaviors and people. You are also looking at things you may be holding on to that are no longer necessary in your life. What do you need to look at and attend to. If the house requires repair, or some type of attention, you are actually looking at yourself and re-inventing yourself, or aspects of self. If there are new rooms, this is new parts of yourself, abilities, creative and scholarly actions, new experiences, new concepts and ways of conducting yourself. Also take notice of how you feel in the house, whether it needs attention, whether it needs repair, do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Look at the home as you in your entirety, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and see what it is that your higher self is trying to tell you.

Romance with Someone well-known – If the dream is you making love with a well-known person such as a movie star, you are craving more attention, you want to be visible, be recognised. Iit can also mean you admire the qualities within that person or are activating these qualities within yourself, loving yourself or something about yourself that you may have rejected. Sex in dreams is a merging of aspects of yourself, it is an acceptance of yourself. Sex with someone prominent or in a position of power, is to do with you being more effective in the world, having a greater say, being more assertive. Dreaming of a person of a different culture a foreigner, has to do with integration, melding character traits of something entirely different with your own. A dream of sex with someone of the same gender is showing you that you are loving and accepting yourself in an entirely new way, it is also a message of self understanding. A new lover in your dream is new qualities that you are embracing in yourself, it can also mean you are about to discover new qualities.

Losing keys and/or wallet – When you dream of losing something you are being shown that you are too attached and need to let go of something. A lost wallet is to do with your identity, and it being time to look at who you are and what you want. If your car is lost in your dream, you are longing for movement and change, there is a need for freedom and independence. When keys are lost this is to do with authority or an opportunity being blocked or lost. The loss of money in your dream is telling you that are letting go of something that is valuable to you and it is a time for reinvention and re-evaluation, you are being urged to delve into your own center. You are being motivated to look at behaviors and ideas that are outmoded and unnecessary to you. It is time to look closely at who you are and what moves you, where do you need to let go and trust. By letting go of what is no longer needed you provide space for new growth.

Facing an Exam you didn’t study for – You are about to do an exam you didn’t study for, you can’t find the room where the exam is being held, you are late for the exam. In an academic setting you are being shown it is time for new knowledge or there is a lesson to be learned. You are ready to be more effective in the world and to express yourself more fully, you are ready for a growth surge. If you are about to act in a play and forget your lines, you freeze on stage and are unable to perform. When you are unable to perform on cue, this points to areas of your life where you are feeling judged, you are feeling inadequate and unprepared for a challenge. You believe if you don’t do well you’ll be rejected or ridiculed. When you have this dream it is time to look at what new opportunities you would like, but possibly don’t feel ready for. What can you do to feel more prepared? Look at what expectations you have of yourself that you are not living up to, or whether there are people in your life that you feel you are not taking care of, pleasing or making happy.

Money or Jewels being found or given to you – This can be a multi-faceted dream, you may be in debt, have an overblown credit card, or feel overwhelmed and fear losing what you have. You desire more, want something positive to happen, desire abundance, want to be around people who are affluent. Underneath all this your fears lay along with fears of not deserving love, compassion, support, care, tenderness. The inner you is giving you a sense of what it is like to have all that you desire, it is showing you what it is like to feel blessed and prosperous. To gain jewels, money, anything of value in your dreams, you are being shown there is confidence, power, emotional stability and strength coming to you. You are being shown there is more creativity, artistic prowess, understanding and abundance, your life is evolving and you will be embracing more as a normal part of life. Ask yourself the question, where did the valuables or money come from, was it a person, a situation, what part did you play, what do these gifts represent to you? How do you feel, what emotions surface, what is your behavior like, is your life enhanced, how will abundance motivate you, what next?

Surgery on any part of your body – Rarely are these dreams to do with your actual health, unless you have a tendency to have precognitive dreams. The precognitive dreams often point to change in the way you care for your body. Hospital dreams are usually symbolic and are to do with changes you’re making in your day to day life. If you are anaesthetised in your dream there are feelings that you are avoiding, you are not looking at something that is important. Bleeding profusely or feeling pain, there is an area of your life that is out of control, you may feel depleted and need to pay attention to your emotional requirements, you may be overtired and need more rest. You will understand more about what your dream is trying to tell you by relating to how you were feeling during the dream.

Car won’t stop or won’t start – Whenever you dream about a vehicle it is to do with events in your life that feel out of your control, you are unable to make something happen, or unable to stop something that has already started. The brake doesn’t work, the tires go flat, you are unable to get from the back seat to the front seat to steer the car. Seeing a vehicle in your dream is symbolic for the way you move through life, how you handle experiences. Vehicles symbolise physical experiences, boats symbolise emotional experiences, planes have to do with the mind, the connection with mental experience, rockets and UFO’s are a representation of spiritual experiences.

Driving dreams are quite significant, it is important to look at whether you are driving or are the passenger, how you direct your life is being shown. If you are in the back seat you have to take more responsibility for yourself and assert yourself, take charge of your destiny. If you have a flat tire or tires you may feel you are unable to move forward, and need to rethink your direction and motivation. When the car won’t start in your dream you need more motivation and excitement, you need a project, a goal. If the brakes don’t work or you are unable to steer the car and feel you may crash, it is time to rethink your behavior slow down, overview your life and tread cautiously. If someone else is driving it is time for you to take charge and make new decisions that are more effective. You may be giving your power away, or your life is careering along out of control. What do you need to do to improve your life, what steps do you need to take to be more effective?

Dream Exercises – Apart from your dream journal, begin a what if journal, this is a journal about what your life would be like if you could write your own dreams. In your journal write down what you would like your dreams to contain, be as vivid as you can, be as creative as you wish. Write about the life you want to lead, with as much detail as you can and add to this journal every day, feel the things you want, visualise the things you want, hear the sounds you want to hear. Let your imagination run riot, make your life as colourful, loving, abundant, powerful, happy and joyous as your mind will allow it to be. Write about the life you truly want to lead, as you are writing believe you can have anything you desire, believe you will be able to fulfill the destiny you ardently desire. Write down all the qualities you want to have, see yourself possessing them, see yourself living a life you will be proud of. Look at how you want to conduct yourself, do you want to be calmer, more emotionally stable, a clearer thinker? Do you want to study, learn a another language, change careers, move to a different country? In your journal write with certainty and write effectively as each word on paper counts, each word has a vibration that will affect your life.

Add images to your what if journal, such as photographs of countries you want to visit, the type of home you would like to live in. Have images of the landmarks you want to visit. You may want to sketch images of what it is you desire, or have photographs of the people you love to spend time with. If there are activities you enjoy such as painting, ice-skating, snow skiing, writing, building, running, exercising, driving a car, flying a plane, teaching, healing, place images of these activities in your journal. The more explicit and vivid your journal, the more real it will feel to you and the greater your belief will be that this is the life you’ll be leading. Above all believe that you have the ability to create the life you want to live, first with your dreams, then with your actions.


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