Astral Travel

Astral Travel
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Astral Travel

Astral travel, or astral projection, is when the astral body leaves the physical body and travels into astral realms. It stays tethered to the physical body by a fine silver cord that has a limitless reach, when astral travelling you may or may not be aware of your silver cord, just be assured it is there and you will always return to your physical form. When you experience dreams of falling or flying, or have a feeling of crashing back into your body, or when your dreams are especially vivid, you have been astral travelling. Astral travel is part of your psychic makeup, it is something that takes place every night and is an integral part of your being.

The nonphysical dimensions are levels of existence vibrating at a higher frequency than the physical universe, they are invisible to the normal five senses. The astral planes are part of a complex non physical dimension, each dimensional level is completely different and has its own properties and frequencies. Each dimensional level contains a different and quite unique environment. The astral dimension has seven levels, each containing subplanes, it spans the universe, and is related to the physical dimension. The astral plane is inhabited by a variety of beings both human and elemental, and the vibrational energy of the entities on the astral planes vary, from the lowest level to a very high level. These levels have to do with how the souls evolve and  the level of their spiritual awareness. Although the Otherworld realm vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical world, the two surround and interpenetrate each other, allowing communication between the two.

When astral travelling through the various realms, humans communicate with deities, teachers, guides and other entities who are ready to teach ancient wisdoms. It is through the invoking of these deities that you are able to manifest your magic on the physical plane. When travelling through the realms you will not visit the highest level above the seven astral levels, because of the refined vibrations of these levels, this level is accessed only by ascended beings. The astral plane is sensitive to thoughts and emotions, and all thoughts are triggered by emotions. Astral travel can be regarded in two ways, one is where you journey to the Otherworld, and the other is to do with non physical travel in the physical world. Spiritual seekers of all kinds from all cultures, journey through the astral planes with a common goal of spiritual enlightenment and the seeking of wisdom. Astral experiences are often veiled in symbolism that is unique to the individual.

Astral travellers will experience more than one astral realm, and are often attracted to environments in which they feel comfortable, usually with particular themes and structures they are naturally drawn to. Conscious astral travel can be attained through deep meditation, leading to greater control of the astral journey and the opportunity for spiritual advancement. When you meditate and consciously astral travel, you can decide what type of knowledge you require before you begin, thus projecting energy into the astral realms requesting guidance.

Shamans have always known about astral travel and it is an important part of their ceremonies and rituals. Shamans leave their bodies while they are in a trance, in order to communicate with spirits and to gather information. The symbolism of magical flight went beyond shamanism and witchcraft and played an essential part in many religions. There are numerous examples in history and mythology of the astral body travelling beyond time and space, and at one time astral travel was thought to be a vital and necessary part of spiritual development. The ancient Egyptians believed that humankind had seven souls, the khat (physical body), ka (double), ab (heart), ba (soul), khu or aakhua (spirit-soul), khaibit (shadow), sah or sahu (spiritual body), and sekhem (willpower of purpose). They believed the sah held the total of all incarnations and returned to the astral planes upon death of the physical body.


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    I practice pagan Greenwitch I also do Astral travel often while I sleep I do not practice or try to meditate before hand it just tends to happen naturaly with me have been doing this for years I seem to travel every 3 days or so . Some of which the relms I visit some can be not so nice and others are beautiful

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