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Crystal Astrology: Enhancing Your Spiritual Connection with the Power of Crystals

Crystal Astrology: Enhancing Your Spiritual Connection with the Power of Crystals
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Crystal astrology has become an increasingly popular spiritual practice in recent years, as people seek to connect with the power of the universe and promote healing and balance in their lives. Combining the metaphysical properties of crystals with the principles of astrology, crystal astrology offers a unique way to align your energy with the energy of the universe, thus promoting spiritual growth and well-being.

The power of crystals has been recognized for centuries, with many ancient cultures using them for their healing properties. Each crystal is believed to have a unique energy that can be harnessed to promote healing and balance in specific areas of the body, mind, and spirit. For example, amethyst is often used for spiritual awareness and intuition, while rose quartz is believed to aid in matters of the heart, such as love and relationships.

Astrology, on the other hand, is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for gaining insight into human affairs and natural phenomena. Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years, with many different cultures developing their own astrological systems. In Western astrology, the zodiac signs are the twelve astrological signs that represent different energies and personalities.

By combining crystals with astrology, crystal astrology offers a unique way to align your energy with the energy of the universe. Each zodiac sign is associated with specific traits and energies, and by using crystals that resonate with these energies, practitioners can enhance their own energy and promote healing and balance in their lives.

Crystal astrology is a practice that can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of experience with crystals or astrology. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, crystal astrology can help you deepen your spiritual connection and gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses.

There are many different ways to incorporate crystals into your astrological practice. You can wear crystals as jewelry, carry them with you throughout the day, or meditate with them to promote healing and balance. You can also create crystal grids, which are arrangements of crystals that are used to amplify the energy of the crystals and promote healing and balance in specific areas of your life.

Crystal astrology rituals can also be used to deepen your connection with the power of crystals and astrology. New moon rituals, full moon rituals, and sun sign rituals are just a few examples of the many different types of crystal astrology rituals that you can incorporate into your spiritual practice.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating and witchy world of crystal astrology, and how you can use this practice to deepen your spiritual connection and promote healing and balance in your life. We will delve into the properties of different crystals, the energies of the zodiac signs, and how you can use crystals to enhance the energy of your own zodiac sign. We will also explore different crystal astrology rituals and how you can incorporate them into your spiritual practice. So, let’s dive in and explore the power of crystal astrology!

What is Crystal Astrology?

Crystal astrology is a practice that combines the metaphysical properties of crystals with the principles of astrology. It is believed that each crystal has a unique energy that can be used to enhance and balance the energy of the zodiac signs. By using crystals in conjunction with astrology, practitioners can align their energy with the energy of the universe, thus enhancing their spiritual connection and promoting healing.

The Power of Crystals

Crystals are believed to have healing properties that can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Each crystal has a unique energy that can be harnessed to help with specific issues. For example, rose quartz is often used for love and relationships, while amethyst is believed to aid in spiritual awareness and intuition.

Crystals work by interacting with our own energy fields. Our bodies are made up of energy, and crystals have a similar energy pattern. When we come into contact with a crystal, its energy interacts with our own, promoting healing and balance.

The Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs are a way of categorizing the astrological energies that exist in the universe. Each zodiac sign is associated with a specific set of traits, such as Aries being associated with leadership and determination, or Taurus being associated with stability and groundedness. By understanding our own zodiac sign, we can gain insight into our own strengths and weaknesses.

Crystal Astrology Rituals

Crystal astrology rituals can be used to enhance your spiritual connection and promote healing. Here are some crystal astrology rituals you can try:

New Moon Ritual: During the new moon, set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Choose a crystal that resonates with your intention and hold it in your hand while meditating on your intention. Visualize your intention coming to fruition as you hold the crystal.

Full Moon Ritual: During the full moon, release any negative energy or emotions that are holding you back. Choose a crystal that resonates with releasing negativity, such as black tourmaline, and hold it in your hand while meditating on releasing any negative energy. Visualize the negative energy leaving your body and being replaced with positive energy.

Mercury Retrograde Ritual: Mercury retrograde can be a challenging time for communication and technology. Choose a crystal that resonates with clear communication, such as blue lace agate, and carry it with you during this time. You can also meditate with the crystal and focus on clear communication and technology.

Sun Sign Ritual: Create a ritual that is specific to your sun sign. Choose a crystal that resonates with your sign and meditate with it. You can also create an altar with items that represent your sign, such as candles, herbs, or symbols.

Crystal Grid Ritual: Create a crystal grid with crystals that resonate with each zodiac sign. Place the crystals in a pattern that represents the zodiac wheel and meditate on the energy of each sign. This can be a powerful way to connect with the energy of the universe and promote balance and healing.

Using Crystals with Astrology

To use crystals with astrology, you first need to understand the properties of each crystal and how they can be used to enhance the energy of the zodiac signs. For example, if you are an Aries, you might want to use a crystal like carnelian to enhance your leadership qualities. If you are a Taurus, you might want to use a crystal like malachite to enhance your groundedness.

To use crystals with astrology, you can meditate with them, wear them as jewelry, or carry them with you throughout the day. You can also place them on your chakras, which are energy centers located throughout your body. By placing crystals on your chakras, you can promote balance and healing in specific areas of your body.

Your personal birthstone offers protection and positive energy, as a talisman it will draw good fortune and healing. The power of your stone will resonate, enhancing your natural talents and adding positive energy to every area of your life. Planetary influences are enhanced by particular gemstones.

Your Daily Birthstone

The day you were born has a particular birthstone, this stone has a particular vibration and will resonate to your energy.

Monday – Pearl

Tuesday – Garnet

Wednesday – Cat’s Eye

Thursday – Emerald

Friday – Topaz

Saturday – Sapphire

Sunday – Ruby


Your Zodiac Birthstone

Your Zodiac Birthstones are aligned with your zodiac sign, several signs have more than one gemstone linked to them, each sign is different.

Aries – (March 21 – April 20)  Birthstone/Diamond

Taurus – (April 21 – May 21)  Birthstone/Sapphire-Amber-Emerald-Azurite

Gemini – (May 22 – June 21)  Birthstone/Agate-Chrysoprase-Citrine-Moonstone-Pearl

Cancer – (June 22 – July 22)  Birthstone/Emerald-Moonstone-Pearl-Ruby

Leo – (July 23 – August 23)  Birthstone/Onyx-Carnelian-Sardonyx-Tourmaline

Virgo – (August 24 – September 22)  Birthstone/Carnelian-Jade-Jasper-Sapphire

Libra – (September 23 – October 23)  Birthstone/Peridot-Lapis Lazuli-Opal

Scorpio – (October 24 – November 22)  Birthstone/Beryl-Apache Tear-Aquamarine-Topaz

Sagittarius – (November 23 – December 21) – Birthstone/Topaz-Amethyst-Ruby-Sapphire-Turquoise

Capricorn – (December 22 – January 20) – Birthstone/Ruby-Agate-Garnet-Black Onyx

Aquarius – (January 21 – February 18) – Birthstone/Garnet-Amethyst-Moss Agate-Opal

Pisces – (February 19 – March 20) – Birthstone/Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rock Crystal


Metals, Planets and Your Zodiac Sign


You have a metal-planet connection and these are used for healing, homeopathy, astrology, alchemy and combined with Bach flower remedies. Each sign has an affinity with their Crystal Elements.


PlanetMetalZodiac Sign


PlanetMetalZodiac Sign

Birthstone lore offers ancient information and understanding, Crystal Astrology gives you an expanded understanding of life, love, abundance, relationships and your place in the world.

When working with crystals everyone vibrates in an entirely different way to an individual crystal, by learning the nuances of Birthstone lore, your life can be enhanced. The energy of a crystal is unique and no two stones vibrate in the same way, they are as individual as human beings.

With a rudimentary understanding of Crystal Astrology the individual is able to resonate with the unique energies of each Crystal Element. An astrological wheel is 360 degrees, and the 12 individual star signs of the zodiac each have 30 degrees within this circle. For each astrological degree there is one Crystal Element, there are 30 different Crystal Elements for each star sign.

Your natal astrology chart can become a Crystal Astrology chart:

The twelve star signs of the zodiac are, Aries – Taurus – Cancer – Leo – Virgo – Libra – Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces. This relates to 12 universal personality types and energy flows.

The planets, asteroids and nodes are able to describe which energy is being expressed. There are twelve houses in a chart that reveal the energies of the planets and the active star signs. Your natal chart documents where the planets, asteroids and celestial bodies were at the time of birth.

Your traditional astrology chart can be transformed into Crystal Astrology:

The Moon – Emotions (the Crystal Element to balance emotions.)

Mercury – Communication (this Crystal Element enhances your communication skills.)

Venus – Love/relationships (this Crystal Element enhances relationships.)

Mars – Energy/motivation (this Crystal Element will act as a catalyst in your life.)

Jupiter – Career/luck/abundance (the Crystal Element of success.)

Saturn – Learning/experience/growth (draw rewards to you with this Crystal Element.)

Uranus – Surprising talents/awakenings/gifts (glean the best from every life situation with this Crystal Element.

Neptune – Psychic awareness/spirituality/intuition (this Crystal Element is a perfect meditation focus it helps new pathways unfold.)

Pluto – Transformation (this Crystal Element creates balance and helps to harmonise the rocky times in life.)

Chiron – Healing (this Crystal Elements is used for healing.)

North Node – Karmic Future (abilities and talents we acquire in this life.)

South Node – Karmic History (talents carried through into this life.)

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are directly opposite each other, and they are points, or signs for your personal karmic journey.


Crystal Colours And Your Zodiac Sign

Each crystal has a particular colour, and some people have several crystals in their Crystal Astrology that are the same colour. Your crystal colours have a vibration and there is an alchemical reaction that takes place between you and your crystal colour. Also some may find that they have a recurrence of a particular type of crystal, this again creates a particular vibration for the individual.

Color therapy with your crystals can have a significant impact on your life, each colour, just like each crystal has a particular vibration that has an affect on the individual on many different levels. Wearing crystal jewellery can have a particularly therapeutic effect. Crystal jewellery can energise you, and the energy of crystals can relieve stress.

Crystal Astrology helps you to access your own knowing by inspiring heightened intuition. Higher awareness makes for a richer life and a more balanced life path. Crystal Astrology gives you greater access to the universal consciousness. Crystal lore helps you to be more in tune with your own rhythms and helps your universal connection.

Star Signs and Crystal Element Connections


Birthdays: March 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Obsidian
Obsidian is a protective and shielding stone, it brings that which is hidden to the surface, all that has been hidden is revealed. Obsidian draws Faery and Angel energies into your life.

Birthdays: March 21st – 23rd
Crystal Element: Orange Aventurine
Orange Aventurine is quartzite with hematite, it is the crystal of enthusiasm and new beginnings.

Birthdays: March 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Black Onyx
Black Onyx helps you to face life challenges and deal with pressing matters you may have been avoiding, or procrastinating about. With the energy of Onyx you will rid yourself of that which is no longer necessary, leaving a clear pathway for the new.

Birthdays: March 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Chrysoprase
Chrysoprase is a beautiful green quartz crystal, it is life enhancing and the bringer of good luck. Chrysoprase aligns friendships, partnerships and relationships, it is the bringer of happiness and light energy. For those in love, this is an ideal crystal to place in the bedroom. It won’t make someone fall in love, but it will harmonise and balance a relationship. Chrysoprase has a similar energy to the partnership energy emanating from the Viking Rune, for partnership, Gebo, ( X ).

Birthdays: March 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamond is useful for past life recall, it strengthens connection with spirit, and acts as a light to attract Angels. For astral travel it is the ideal crystal.

Birthdays: March 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Galena
Galena awakens us to the realisation that there is so much more than we perceive with our five senses. It acts as a doorway into the unknown and intensifies connection with the Divine.

Birthdays: March 26th –  28th
Crystal Element: Ametrine
Ametrine contain amethyst and citrine, it helps to intensify meditation
while enhancing psychic abilities. Ametrine fosters calm and awakens creativity.

Birthdays: March 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Banded Agate
Banded Agate opens the doorway to astral realms. It clears the mind and helps you to make informed decisions without hesitation.

Birthdays: March 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz is a potent crystal, its energies heighten intuition and psychic ability. This is an exceptional crystal for the novice to use, as it helps strengthen psychic connection.

Birthdays: March 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Fossils
Fossils are part of the interpretation of developing physical and spiritual life on
Earth. Fossils help to enlighten and awaken the spiritual connection with the Universe.

Birthdays: March 30th – April 1st
Crystal Element: Green Aventurine
Use Green Aventurine for clarity of mind, it is used when delicate decisions have to be made with astute precision and sensitivity. If you have an idea, a business plan, a partnership decision, a creative venture, if you work with your hands, are an artist or musician. Keep a piece of Green Aventurine close by, it is the crystal of success. This crystal is often used by brides who are spiritually enlightened, it can be place under the marital bed for everlasting love and longevity.

Birthdays: March 31st – April 2nd
Crystal Element: Barite
This crystal is used by the Native Americans during their shape shifting rituals, it is also used during ceremonies to lift initiates to a higher level of consciousness. Fairies, Angel and Wood Sprites are drawn to it. This crystal has an ambient and peaceful energy, it is often used during group meditations to enhance serenity.

Birthdays: March 1st – April 3rd
Crystal Element: Sodalite
Breaking old patterns, instilling new social behaviour, pulling down emotional walls and enhancing peaceful thoughts, is the task of Sodalite. Its energies are pervasive and calming.

Birthdays: April 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Serpentinite
Use Serpentinite to attract love, money, success, ideas and to enhance psychic ability. Use it when you meditate, it is especially helpful when casting spell. Healers use this stone when doing Reiki healing, it is often used by those performing acupressure.

Birthdays: April 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Agatised or Silicified Dinosaur Bone
Ancient dinosaur fossils are our link to the past, it is also used by hypnotherapists during regression sessions. The calm energy aligns us to the past, present and the future.

Birthdays: April 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Boulder Opal
Use Boulder Opal when you want to let go of the old and soar to greater heights, it allows you to be the best you can be, its energies make you more daring and help to dispel fears. Faery and Angel energy is attracted to this crystal, it also heightens psychic awareness.

Birthdays: April 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Halite
This is a crystal that the Ancient Alchemist used, it is a bringer of knowledge and understanding, its helps us to understand ourselves and all that has been, is and will be.

Birthdays: April 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Cape Amethyst
Cape Amethyst exudes peace, harmony, tranquility, it is used by healers, psychics and spiritual beings the world over. If you want to meditate in a calm and spiritually harmonious environment, this is the crystal to use.

Birthdays: April 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Black Tektite
Use Black Tektite as an amulet and a talisman, use it to create an energy of harmony and   a sense of wellbeing. This crystal creates a positive force field around you. Use it in your home, business, office, it is especially useful in creative arenas. Black Tektite can be used for Astral Travel, Witches use it for flying and healing. It is excellent to use when meditating.

Birthdays: April 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Rhodochrosite
Rhodochrosite creates a sense of wellbeing, it fosters a strong and clear mind, it keeps thoughts positive, it awakens you to all that is beautiful and loving in the world. Rhodochrosite helps us to appreciate the power of love, those who we love, and those  who love us.

Birthdays: April 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Hematite
Hematite is a mind, body and spirit strengthener, it helps to balance and strengthen us on all levels, it awakens us to who we are and what we are here to do.

Birthdays: April 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Faceted Diamond
The Faceted Diamond crystal amplifies love on all levels, love of life, love of family, love of an emotional partner, love of spiritual connection. This crystal awakens us to all that is, can be and will be. With this crystal there is energy of evolution, awakening, invincibility, opportunity and possibility.

Birthdays: April 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Green Hiddenite
Hiddenite is a green crystal that attracts prosperity, it is an emotional stabiliser, and helps us to tune into others. Green Hiddenite creates an aura of calm, it also helps us to trust our own judgement.

Birthdays: April 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Alexandrite
Alexandrite is a crystal of luck and prosperity, it creates abundance, and opportunity. When opportunity presents itself, recognize it and respond, from this you will enhance your life.

Birthdays: April 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Banded Iron Stone
Banded Iron Stone promotes transformation, it reveals information from the past, present and the future. It is a potent crystal to use for psychic awakening, have a piece hand when doing psychic readings, or when having a reading done.

Birthdays: April 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Elbaite
Witches and sorcerers use this crystal when spell casting, it creates a protective barrier and aligns energies. Elbaite inspires writers, actors, designers and builders.

Birthdays: April 15th  – 17th
Crystal Element: Red Garnet (Pyrope)
Red Garnet works a positive energy in relationships, it is perfect for couples to place under the bed, also if there is difficulty, or there are issues in a relationship, this crystal can calm unsettles waters. Red Garnet is a stone of possibility it can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Birthdays: April 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Sard
Sard balances the mind to such a degree it allows a realistic understanding of what is possible in your life. It protects from disappointment by balancing and aligning your expectations with a realistic understanding. Sard is a crystal of spiritual awareness and enlightenment, use it during meditation, spell casting and psychic readings.

Birthdays: April 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Celestite
Celestite opens the connection to higher realms, it attracts Angel energy and helps us to connect with loved ones who have passed over. This crystal is often used by Mediums during séances. Celestite helps you to communication on the Earth plane and with higher realms.

Birthdays: April 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Rhyolite (Rainforest Jasper)
Rhyolite helps to attract joy, prosperity, light and happiness. Positive people are drawn to the energy of this crystal, children especially are attracted to Rhyolite’s by its energy.


Birthdays: April 19th – 20th
Crystal Element: Clear Spinel
Clear Spinel rejuvenates mind, body and spirit, promoting new avenues for success.

Birthdays: April 20th –21st
Fulgurite is a gold silver copper metal, it encourages transformation on all levels.

Birthdays: April 21st–23rd
Crystal Element: Moss Agate
Expression: A white variety of agate, Moss Agate has green manganese and iron
Oxide dendritic inclusions. Moss Agate traditionally promotes abundance,
good health, and prosperity.

Birthday: April 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: Goldstone
Expression: A man-made stone made of glass and copper glitter. Alchemically
symbolising the transmutation of gold process. Goldstone is uplifting,
energising, and increases happiness.

Birthdays: April 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Geode
Expression: Geodes have a crystalline cavity filled with quartz, amethyst, agate,
Jasper. Offering protection, cooperation, purification and harmony, Geodes
Specifically guide the spirit upward.

Birthdays: April 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Astrophyllite
Expression: Astrophyllite is a golden-yellow, titanium mineral. Astrophyllite
reconnects the inner and outer realms, between self and others, the divine and
the mundane.

Birthdays: April 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Soapstone
Expression: Soapstone is a metamorphic rock. Soapstone has hidden power and
strength; it retains and transmits heat, and is physically and spiritually
warming. Goddess Energy.

Birthdays: April 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Larvikite
Expression: Larvikite is a coarse-grained, feldspar-rich rock with blue flash
reflections. Spiritually, Larvikite promotes durability, steadiness and strength,
turning dreams into reality.

Birthdays: April 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Fuchsite
Expression: Fuchsite is chromium-rich, green mica. Spiritually, fuchsite
channels physical and emotional healing; it invites friendliness, compassion
and lightheartedness into the home.

Birthdays: April 29th – May 1st
Crystal Element: Red Calcite
Expression: Iron-stained calcium carbonate is termed Red Calcite. Red Calcite
fortifies courage and strength, reduces physical stress, and increases energy to
handle survival situations.

Birthdays: April 30th – May 2nd
Crystal Element: Rhodonite
Expression: Rhodonite is a red, manganese-rich pyroxene mineral. Traditionally
Rhodonite boosts self esteem, compassion, beauty and kindness, encouraging
gentleness and self care.

Birthdays: May 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Window Quartz Crystal
Expression: Window Quartz Crystals have a rhombic facet below the apex.
Window Quartz Crystals enhance the qualities of any stones positioned close
by, and act as energy amplifiers.

Birthdays: May 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Bauxite
Bauxite absorbs negativity and kick starts natural talents, it awakens spirituality and intensifies intuition.

Birthdays: May 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl emanates an energy of protection, it can be worn as a talisman. Intuition and creativity is heightened by the energy of this gemstone.

Birthdays: May 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Wulfenite
Wulfenite is a crystal that stimulates emotions and inspires action. This crystal warms the heart and lifts the spirit.

Birthdays: May 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Clay (Kaolinite)
Clay aligns and awakens emotions, it activates precision and detail in all things.

Birthdays: May 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Jacinth
Jacinth is a red stone, it harness ancient wisdom and aids deep inner contemplation. The energy of Jacinth helps you to connect to your spirit guides. This stone was often used in Covens during special ceremonies, it was also favored by the Druids.

Birthdays: May 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Anthophyllite
Anthophyllite is used to heal and align the chakras. It is a sensitive stone, spiritualists use it to harmonise energy.

Birthdays: May 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Olivine
Olivine is aligned to the Earth, it has healing properties, it awakens the spiritual and Earthly senses.

Birthdays: May 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Spotted Lapis
Spotted Lapis is a stone of love and light, it helps you to express emotions and alleviates worry and fear.

Birthdays: May 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Slate
Slate acts as a spiritual conduit, it enhances memory, and is used for past life regression.

Birthdays: May 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Dioptase
Dioptase is a stone of happiness, clearing thoughts, dispelling worries and negativity. Diaptase opens the heart and acts as a bonding element in relationships, it also harmonized family relationships.

Birthdays: May 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Emerald
Emeralds aid meditation and spiritual connection, Faeries are magnetized by it, it makes them happy. Emerald aids the intellect and helps you to retain knowledge.

Birthdays: May 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Red Jasper
Red Jasper is a Quartz Crystal, it helps to align and balance you, it encourages independent thought and action.

Birthdays: May 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Brazilianite
Brazilianite is a yellow-green gemstone, it cements friendships and partnerships, it helps to give clarity to aura reading, and is used by healers to balance chakras.

Birthdays: May 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Rubellite
Rubellite strengthens emotions, it will make you more loving, passionate, caring, it is a stone of devotion. Lovers of times gone by often gave Rubellite to their paramour.

Birthdays: May 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Turquoise
Turquoise is used for protection in many cultures, it is an ideal talisman or amulet. It is used in jewellery, it fosters communication universally and individually.

Birthdays: May 17th – 18th
Crystal Element: Morganite
Morganite is an attractive pink gemstone, it fosters commitment and attention to detail. Morganite acts as a catalyst to philanthropic actions, making people more loving, generous, compassionate and empathic.,

Birthdays: May 18th – 19th
Crystal Element: Gabbro
Gabbro helps you to become all you want to be, it inspires and allows you to aspire. Gabbro balances spiritual energies and is a conduit, enhancing metaphysical connections.

Birthdays: May 19th – 20th
Crystal Element: Peacock Ore (Bornite)
Peacock Ore is a beautiful blue, green and purple, just to look at it is calming. Use Peacock Ore to meditate into, it helps to awaken potential, especially creativity. This is an ideal stone for writers to have on their desk when working, not only does it clear the mind, it enhances concentration.


Birthdays: May 21st – 22nd
Crystal Element: Petoskey Stone
Petoskey Stone is a type of coral, it helps to awaken potential. Petoskey Stone also amplifies Angel energy. Petoskey Stone aligns to Aphrodite energy, it intensifies love on all levels.

Birthdays: May 22nd – 23rd
Crystal Element: Red Agate
Red Agate is a stone of the Universe, it helps to maintain balance among human beings. On a personal level it aligns the chakras, and helps the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Birthdays: May 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: Orthoclase
Orthoclase awakens the senses and urges you to embrace and appreciate the arts. Creative energy is enhanced by Orthoclase.

Birthdays: May 24th – 25th
Crystal Element: Watermelon Tourmaline.
Watermelon Tourmaline is much like the Rose Quartz, it is a crystal of love, harmony, anticipation, kindness, compassion, protection and calm. Watermelon Tourmaline helps families to bond. It would bode well for lovers to place this crystal under the bed to strengthen the relationship.

Birthdays: May 25th – 26th
Crystal Element: Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate clears the mind and heightens the senses. Crazy Lace Agate helps communication on all levels, its energies allow the mind to run free and opens you to new opportunities.

Birthday: May 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Augite
Augite is a dark green-black stone, it activates the opportunity for abundance, and leads you to enlightenment.

Birthdays: May 26th – 27th
Crystal Element: Limestone
Limestone exudes a spiritual energy and is an ideal stone to meditate with. Limestone is a connector, it links you to higher realms. Angels especially are attracted to it.

Birthdays: May 27th–29th
Crystal Element: Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz is a grey-brown crystal, it helps to anchor you and to lessen fear, it diffuses difficult situations. Use Smoky Quartz as an amulet, and when meditating, it will help you to connect to spirit.

Birthdays: May 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Flint
Flint was traditionally use during the Stone Age for tools, used for tools, its energy equates to action, the bringing of thought from the ethers to the Earth. Flint encourages spontaneity.

Birthdays: May 30th – 31st
Crystal Element: Eudialyte
Eudialyte is a red, orange, or pink cyclosilicate mineral. This crystal is ideal used in anxiety ridden situations.

Birthdays: May 31st–June 1st
Crystal Element: Tsavorite
Tsavorite is a green garnet, it offers physical, mental and spiritual.

Birthdays: June 1st–3rd
Crystal Element: Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia attracts futuristic concepts, it opens you to new opportunities.

Birthdays: June 2nd  – 4th
Crystal Element: Cinnabar Opal
Cinnabar Opal intensifies the individual’s connection to the collective unconscious. It opens us to new and valuable wisdom.

Birthdays: June 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Tanzanite
Expression: Tanzanite is the popular, blue-purple, gemstone variety of zoisite.
Tanzanite is a blue and purple gemstone, it connects you to Divine energies, and heightens spiritual connections.

Birthdays: June 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Aplite (Dalmatian Stone)
Aplite unites people, it brings likeminded people together. Spiritually, it helps to align you with higher realm, and opens doorways to extraterrestrial energy.

Birthdays: June 5th  – 7th
Crystal Element: Green Calcite
Green Calcite is suitable for the mind, it heals mental, emotionally and psychologically. For those experiencing severe emotional distress, Green Calcite offers a place of calm.

Birthdays: June 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Banded Amethyst or Chevron Amethyst
Banded Amethyst combines purple amethyst and clear quartz, it creates a calm and loving environment. Chevron Amethyst makes you more spiritually alert, and enhances all levels of psychic ability.

Birthdays: June 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Green Jade – Jadeite
Jade is a Universal crystal used over the centuries by many cultures, it promotes good health, prosperity, abundance, psychic awareness and family closeness.

Birthdays: June 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Lavender Quartz
Lavender is a beautiful lilac colour, it enhances all psychic abilities, and is ideal for spell casting. It is used for meditation and during séances.

Birthdays: June 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Tin
Tin is a silvery metal that has been used effectively for centuries. Witches have, do, and will use is as a multipurpose metal. Tin makes you alert and acutely aware of what is going on around you and it helps you to read situation with accuracy.

Birthdays: June 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Bronzite
Bronzite connects disparate groups of people, it has the energy of Universal connectedness.

Birthdays: June 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Clear Apophyllite
Apophyllite is the link between spiritual and physical, Angel energy is attracted to this crystal, it strengthens spiritual channels.

Birthdays: June 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Green Quartz (Nickel Quartz)
Spiritually, Green Quartz changes your thinking enough to allow you to make positive and life enhancing changes in your life.

Birthdays: June 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Siberian Quartz
Siberian Quartz gives your life a lift, it leads you to inspired thought and action. It is a crystal exuding the energy of acceptance.

Birthdays: June 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Petrified Palm or Fern Wood
Petrified Palm or Fern Wood, awakens you to your own strengths and encourages you to set boundaries when and where they are needed. It can be used for meditation to intensify the spiritual connection.

Birthdays: June 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Snow Quartz
Snow Quartz reinforces the individuals need for independence and self worth, its energy is gentle and pure.

Birthdays: June 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Smithsonite
A zinc carbonate, Smithsonite can be found in a variety of colours.
Smithsonite is found in various colours, it attracts karmic links and leads you to your destiny.

Birthdays: June 17th  – 19th
Crystal Element: Nickel
Nickel is a silvery metal, it unites compassion, empathy, understanding and serenity.

Birthdays: June 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Hessonite
Hessonite is a red stone and a member of the garnet family, it energises and removes emotional layers that bind and slow you down. Angels are attracted to Hessonite. Hessonite reinforces connections with higher realms.

Birthdays: June 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Larimar (Blue Pectolite)
Larimar is gemstone with powerful Venusian energy, it harnesses love and creates emotional balance, it strengthens relationships.



Birthday: June 21st  –  23rd
Crystal Element: Sphalerite
Sphalerite is a protection stone. It is a powerful amulet, and encourages compassion, patience and altruism, it heightens spiritual energy and can be used when spell casting.

Birthdays: June 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Muscovite Mica
Muscovite, encourages you to believe in yourself and the life you want to create.

Birthdays: June 23rd  – 25th
Crystal Element: Variscite
Variscitelos is a turquoise coloured crystal, it will make you more daring and compassionate.

Birthdays: June 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Cat’s Eye (Chrysoberyl)
Cat’s Eye, encourages towards believing, the sky’s the limit, it fosters self worth, compassion, and love for others.

Birthdays: June 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Grossular Garnet
Expression: Grossular Garnet is a calcium-aluminium, green garnet. Grossular
Garnet is a green stone, used by homeopaths, massage therapists and psychics. Grossular Garnet enhances mystical and psychic energies, it also attracts extraterrestrial energy.

Birthdays: June 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Ruby in Zoisite
Ruby in Zoisite is an environment stabiliser. Keep one in the car, the home, the bedroom and the office. Use Ruby in Zoisite when meditating, to ensure heightened spiritual connection.

Birthdays: June 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Nebula Stone
A dark black rock with light-green orbicules, Nebula Stone is also
known as Eldarite. This beautiful black and green rock, inspires us to reach for the stars.

Birthdays: June 28th–30th
Crystal Element: Pumice
Expression: Pumice is a light-coloured, porous, volcanic rock. Pumice is a volcanic rock, it repels conflicts of any kind. Particularly useful for relationships.

Birthdays: June 29th – July 1st
Crystal Element: Snowflake Obsidian
Expression: Snowflake Obsidian got its name because it is black with white flecks. If you want to feel more confident as you walk into any situation, carry a Snowflake Obsidian.
Snowflake Obsidian boosts confidence and strengthens self worth.

Birthdays: June 30th – July 2nd
Crystal Element: Uncut Diamond
Diamonds, (from the Ancient Greek (invincible). Use this stone to solidify relationships, it harmonises the Yin, Yang energies.

Birthdays: July 1st  – 3rd
Crystal Element: Chalcopyrite
Chalcopyrite, (Fool’s Gold) assists in past life regression and enhances memory recall.
Chalcopyrite aids in memory recall and concentration.

Birthdays: July 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Chinese Writing Stone
The Chinese Writing Stone, also known as Porphry, is the perfect stone for the ardent writer, it helps information to channel. Faeiries have Chinese Writing Stones in the faery glen, as faeries love to write poetry.

Birthdays: July 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Shattuckite
This blue stone exudes mystical and spiritual energy, it has a vibration that encourages inner communion. Shattuckite emanates spiritual energy.

Birthdays: July 5th  – 7th
Crystal Element: Rainbow Obsidian
A black Rainbow Obsidian is greenish purple, volcanic glass. This stone is used as an amulet and as a talisman, it encourages further study and self development. Rainbow Obsidian is Universally used to enhance meditation sessions.

Birthdays: July 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Vesuvianite (Idocrase)
Vesuvianite is a universal healer, promoting philanthropy, simple acts of kindness, it fosters loyalty and commitment on all levels. Vesuvianite affects the collective unconscious as it exudes an energy of love, peace and harmony.

Birthdays: July 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Bismuth
Bismuth enhances mental clarity and problem solving capabilities, spiritually. Bismuth creates focus and spiritual strength, Bismuth is a catalyst for
identifying and comprehending complexities.

Birthdays: July 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Green Fluorite
Green Fluorite is a fluorescent stone, it helps to strengthen psychic and healing abilities.

Birthdays: July 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Phlogopite
Phlogopite protects, it deflects negative energy, and directs energy to where it is most needed. Phlogopite creates an aura of love within relationships. Venusian energies are aligned with this stone.

Birthdays: July 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Rose Gold
Rose Gold is used to bind partnerships, often used in marriage ceremonies over the centuries. It aligns two souls, reinforcing love.

Birthdays: July 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Ruby
Ruby exudes an energy of love, harmony, gentleness, amiability and sensitivity. Ruby is suitable for lovers, and can be placed in the bedroom to encourage devotion and commitment,

Birthdays: July 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Vanadinite
Vanadinitel is a red stone, it encourages us to focus energies and pay attention to details. Vanadinite heightens all our senses, especially our psychic sense, it connects us with spirit, and strengthens connection with Archangels.

Birthdays: July 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Avalonite
Expression: Avalonite is a trademark name for a natural coral-peach zoisite.
Avalonite encourages and enhances Universal healing, it injects loving energy into the collective unconscious.

Birthdays: July 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Thulite
Expression: Thulite is a pink, manganese-rich variety of Zoisite. Traditionally,
A beautiful pink stone, it encourages clear, balanced thinking, empathy, altruism, creativity and artistic activities.

Birthdays: July 15th  – 17th
Crystal Element: Rutilated Quartz
Use Rutilate Quartz as a powerful amulet, it will dispel negative influences and strengthen psychic channels and contact with the Divine.

Birthdays: July 16th – 8th
Crystal Element: Magnetite
Expression: Magnetite is black iron oxide with magnetic properties. Magnetite is a black stone, its energies align chakras, and encourage spiritual awareness and growth. Magnetite attracts Angel, Faery and giant energy.

Birthdays: July 17th–19th
Crystal Element: Sinhalite
Expression: Sinhalite is a rare gemstone found only in Sri Lanka. Sinhalite is found in Sri Lanka, enhances psychic and mental abilities, it is useful for study.

Birthdays: July 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Jet
Jet is a black stone, it is a stone of protection and is a powerful amulet, wear it or carry it with you. Jet works as a barrier, and deflects negative energies sending them back to the perpetrator. Jet will help you to direct and focus energies where they are needed.

Birthdays: July 19th – 21st
Crystal Element: Scapolite
Scapolite binds the collective unconscious and promotes social unity, it urges positive action, and independent thinking.

Birthdays: 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold, invites Faeries, Angels, Water Spirits, Witches, Wizards and apothecaries. They are drawn to its energies of mental clarity, self-belief, psychic enhancement and spiritual alignment. alchemically

Birthdays: July 21st – 23rd
Crystal Element: Greenstone – Greenschist
Greenstone affects the home, business, relationship, as it emits the energy of love, calm, healing and spirituality. .


Birthdays: July 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Brecciated Jasper
Brecciated Jasper helps focus energies where they are most needed, it aligns and balances.

Birthdays: July 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Green Spinel
Green Spinel aligns Earth and Spirit, it calms emotions and strengthens otherworldly communication.

Birthdays: July 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Pyrolusite
Pyrolusite encourages self love and acceptance, it balances us spiritually and urges inner contemplation.

Birthdays: July 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Hornblende
Hornblende is a black stone, use it in the work place to create ambiance, it build rapport between colleagues, partners and family. Hornblende inspires enthusiasm and amiability.

Birthdays: July 26t h – 28th
Crystal Element: Sandstone
Mental and physical strength is attributed to Sandstone, it emits a gentle, loving energy that is palpable, can be used to enhance meditation practices. Sandstone is a staple in a witch’s arsenal.

Birthdays: July 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Peridot
Peridot promotes attracts goddess energies, especially the love goddesses, it is a bringer of good luck and good help. Peridot attracts prosperity and abundance, animals are attracted to it.

Birthdays; July 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire, protects and enlightens, its energy will lead you where you need to go if you trust and listen. Star Sapphire enhances personal development and spirituality.

Birthdays: July 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Charoite
Charoite is a beautiful purple stone, it is used for and when worn, is a powerful talisman. This stone strengthens us mentally, physically and emotionally, it has a gentle pervasive energy.

Birthdays: July 30th – August 1st
Crystal Element: Prase
Prase brings that which is hidden to the surface, it awakens us to all possibilities and broadens our vision. Prase aligns body, mind and spirit, it is an ideal stone to use for meditation.

LEO 10
Birthdays: August 1st –  3rd
Crystal Element: Cavansite
Expression: Cavansite is a relatively rare, vivid-blue, calcium vanadium silicate.
Cavansite is a blue stone, it awakens, realigns and makes you receptive to unconventional ideas and actions. Cavansite encourages you to take the road less travelled.

LEO 11
Birthdays: August 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Tree Agate / Dendritic Agate
Tree Agate helps you to get in touch with joy and happiness, it reminds you that we all have a purpose.

LEO 12
Birthdays: August 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Richterite
Richterite channels ancient energy, it also aids meditation, this stone will open you to possibilities. Faeries are drawn to the energy of Richterite.

LEO 13
Birthdays: August 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Paua Shell
Paua Shells have been, and still are used to heighten psychic ability, it opens us to the wisdom of the ages.

LEO 14
Birthdays: August 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Kunzite
Kunzite is a pink gemstone, often used in jewellery. Keep a piece in the home to maintain ambient energy, it makes you more loving and understanding, and spiritually open.

LEO 15
Birthdays: August 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Opalite
Opalite is a rock that contains small amounts of opal, or
man-made glass opal, it is used in séances and meditation classes, it is also favored by healers for its gentle and positive energy. As this stone makes us more sensitive to sound, it is ideal for musicians and singers.

LEO 16
Birthdays: August 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Yellow Fluorite
Yellow Fluorite is often used as an amulet, or talisman, it can also be used in the garden to help plants grow. Yellow Fluorite is the stone used by many healers.

LEO 17
Birthdays: August 8th–10th
Crystal Element: Gold Calcite
Gold Calcite helps us to tap the wisdom readily available in the ethers, it helps us to listen with our inner spiritual ear. With the energies of Gold Calcite, we can become more enlightened.

LEO 18
Birthdays: August 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Plasma
Plasma is the bringer of knowledge, it attracts wisdom and opens us to ancient information, it is suitable for regression work. Plasma was favoured by the ancient alchemists.

LEO 19
Birthdays: August 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Green Apatite
Apatite helps us to become strong and sure individuals, it aligns physical, mental and emotional energies. This is an excellent stone for the professional speaker.

LEO 20
Birthdays: August 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Sunstone
Sunstone enhances leadership energy, it aids the company director and the business owner, it intensifies the life force and encourages magick.

LEO 21
Birthdays: August 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Aegirine
Aegirine encourages ambition, creative, goal attainment, unrealised potential and free speech.

LEO 22
Birthdays: August 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Violane
Violane is a blue-violet stone that encourages that enhances spiritual energies and intensifies psychic visions. Angels, especially Archangels and Faeries are attracted to its energies.

LEO 23
Birthdays: August 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Heliodor
Heliodor enhances our physical, mental, emotional, and creative skills, is clears the mind sharpens mental acquity. Animals, especially cat familiars are drawn to its positive and powerful energies.

LEO 24
Birthdays: August 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Sulphur
Sulphur’s energies compel us to become the best we can be and aid us in becoming the best we can be.

LEO 25
Birthdays: August 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Desert Rose
Desert Rose enhances spiritual awakening and growth, it awakens psychic abilities and is a potent spell enhancer.

LEO 26
Birthdays: August 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Fluorite intensifies and enhances spiritual and Angel connection, it is a particularly powerful crystal to use before séances, and meditations that allow spirit connection. Rainbow .Fluorite creates a channel between spirit and Earth, it is especially useful when a séance is being conducted.

LEO 27
Birthdays: August 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Citrine
Citrine is a yellow-orange quartz crystal, it encourages new identities, new behaviours, and encourages us to welcome change. Citrine fosters loyalty in relations, it also strengthens empathy, compassion and understanding.

LEO 28
Birthdays: August 19th  –21st
Crystal Element: Blue Opal
Blue Opal is an idea magnet, it helps to identify our strengths, it heightens intuition and psychic abilities. Angels and spirits are drawn to Blue Opal.

LEO 29
Birthdays: August 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Aqua Aura
Aqua Aura provides a link to ancient information and wisdom, it aids the collective unconscious and is particularly useful when spell casting. Aqua Aura balances Yin and Yang energies. Angels, pixies, giants, mermaids and Faeries are attracted to its energy.

LEO 30
Birthdays: August 21st – 23rd
Crystal Element: Atacamite
Atacamite is a spiritually sensitive stone, it harnesses creativity and social connection.


Birthday: August 22nd – 23rd
Crystal Element: Malachite
Malachite is a green copper stone, it will help concentration during intense study, it also aids focus when precision is necessary. Emotions are balanced with the use of Malachite.

Birthdays: August 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: White Gold
White Gold aligns Universal consciousness, and harmonises the collective unconscious. During meditation, white gold attracts light, it was a favourite crystal of the Ancient Alchemist. When you are ready for transformation in your life, use White Gold.

Birthdays: August 25th – 26th
Crystal Element: Angelite (Blue Anhydrite)
Expression: Angelite is a blue-lilac, calcium sulphate, sedimentary mineral. Use
Angelite is a beautiful blue-lilac crystal and forms a connection to higher realms, it welcomes spirit guides and Archangels have a particular affinity towards its energies.

Birthdays: August 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Black Zebra Marble
Black Zebra Marble is black marble with white veining, it awakens the soul and harnesses understanding between cultures.

Birthdays: August 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite
Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite creates a bridge between the past, present and the future. Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite links, what has been, what is, and what will be.

Birthdays: August 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Cassiterite
Cassiterite opens the mind to opportunity and joy, it is also a useful amulet. Cassiterite protects the mind, body and the soul.

Birthdays: August 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater Pearls are used by aura readers as they intensify colour, pearls are often used in rituals conducted within Covens.

Birthdays: August 30th – September 1st
Crystal Element: Mangano Calcite
Meditate with Mangano Calcite and feel your tensions drop away, it alleviates stress and promotes calm and stillness. This is an ideal crystal to place in a child’s bedroom as it aids sleep, it enhances dreams.

Birthdays: August 31st – September 2nd
Crystal Element: Turritella Agate
Turritella links us to terrestrial energies, it is carried by those who delve alien technology and alien energy. Tuttitella Agate aids the writer, artist and musician.

Birthdays: September 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Iolite
Iolite is a beautiful violet and smoky grey crystal, its gentle energy helps to form a connection with spirit. With this crystal close by, or worn as a piece of jewellery, you will have a powerful talisman that fosters mental clarity, and encourages astute decisions.

Birthdays: September 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Cluster Quartz Crystal
Cluster Quartz Crystals open links and strengthen channels to our spirit guides, they are especially attractive to Angel energies.

Birthdays: September 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Marcasite
Marcasite internally harmonises Yin – Yang energies, it can be used within a relationship, for healing and to quell difficult situations.

Birthdays: September 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Epidote
Epidote is a beautiful green-black crystal that helps you to direct your energies in the most positive way. Epidote leads to understanding and spiritual awareness, its energies can be used to change events in your life and move matters in a new direction.

Birthdays: September 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Pink Fluorite
Pink Fluorite breaks old patterns and aids in reforming new behaviour. Altruistic energies surface with the energy this crystal exudes. dissolves persistent.

Birthdays: September 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Pink Lace Agate
Pink Lace Agate promotes positive and compassionate energy, it invites Angels into our lives.

Birthdays: September 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Crocoite
Expression: Crocoite is lead chromate crystallising in bright red-orange clusters.
Crocoite is identified by its red-orange clusters, its energies activate the mind and strengthen the body. Crocite is particularly helpful for those involved in competitive sports.

Birthdays: September 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Apache Tear
The Apache Tear is a drop-shaped, smoky obsidian. The Apache is a smoky obsidian, it awakens latent emotions and creativity, it dispels negativity and is used as a powerful amulet.

Birthdays: September 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Golden Beryl
Golden beryl intensifies psychic abilities, and awakens senses on all levels. It helps to create a channel between alternate realms of existence.

Birthdays: September 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite soothes frazzled emotions and balances uneven energies, it is used by Feng Shui practioners. Faeries, mermaids, giants, pixies and Angels are drawn to the energy of Blue Calcite.

Birthdays: September 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Elestial Quartz
Elestial Quartz leads you to greatness, it takes you beyond petty trammels and elevates your thinking and actions.

Birthdays: September 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Boji Stones (Pop Rocks)
Boji Stones are used by healers the world over, particularly favourved by witches and sorcerers. For those wishing to be empowered, this is the ideal crystal.

Birthdays: September 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Blue Sapphire
Sapphire is a sacred stone used by the ancients for ceremonial magick, it intensifies psychic awareness.

Birthdays: September 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Yellow Topaz
Yellow Topaz is a powerful crystal, it heightens inner vision, and leads you to spiritual awakening.

Birthdays: September 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Gypsum
Gypsum exudes a light pure energy, it offers balance and leads you to higher understanding.

Birthdays: September 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Black Marble
Black Marble is the crystal of transformation, it opens you up to new dimensions, and helps you to eliminate old patterns.

Birthdays: September 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Moqui Marbles (Limonite Balls)
Moqui Marblesm, also known as “Shaman Stones.” Moqui Marbles empower spiritual connectedness, they align you to higher realms, and enhance astral travel.

Birthdays: September 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Wollastonite
Wollastonite helps you reveal the inner you and allows you to radiate your beauty outwardly. With Wollastonite you awaken to higher realms, and open up to Faery and Angel energies.

Birthdays: September 19th – 21st
Crystal Element: Black Spinel
Black Spinel is a magnesium-rich gemstone, it can be used for magick practices, it is the stone used by sorcerers, wizards, witches and healers.

Birthdays: September 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Heulandite
Heulanditeic opens the doorway to the Akashic Records, offering inspiration and wisdom.

Birthdays: September 21st – 22nd
Crystal Element: Eilat Stone
Eilat Stone is a mix of the copper ores malachite, turquoise
and chrysocolla, use it to align mind, body and spirit. Eilat Stone is a useful meditation tool, and can be used during psychic reading to intensify the energy.


Birthdays: September 22nd – 23rd
Crystal Element: White Opal
White Opal softens strengthens to the Divine, it draws Angels and Faeries.

Birthdays: September 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: Moldavite
Moldavite diffuses difficult situations, and expends consciousness. With this crystal you will be inspired to explore.

Birthdays: September 24th – 25th
Crystal Element: Yellow Rutilated Quartz
Yellow Rutilated Quartz sheds light where there is darkness, it intensifies the natural properties of Quartz..

Birthdays: September 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Fire Opal
Fire Opal enhances communication socially and spiritually, it helps to strengthen the connection with the Divine.

Birthdays: September 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Lithium Quartz
Expression: Lithium Quartz is a pink-purple, opaque variety of
quartz. Lithium Quartz enhances meditation and awakens the
higher self.

Birthdays: September 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Lazulite
Lazulitet clears the mind and clarifies thoughts, it helps those studying and balances the mind when undertaking work that needs deep focus.

Birthdays: September 29th – October 1st
Crystal Element: Hawk’s Eye or Falcon Eye
Hawk’s Eye is your connection to higher realms, it aids communication with spirit.

Birthdays: September 30th – October 2nd
Crystal Element: Fire Agate
Fire Agate ignites passion, it is the crystal of partnership and sharing, it has a balancing effect.

Birthdays: October 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Picasso Jasper
Picasso Jasper is a catalyst for change, it energises the spirit and gives you greater understanding of your place in the world.

Birthdays: October 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Indicolite
Indicolite helps to build psychic energy, it is often used during psychic readings and Reiki healing. If you want to build your psychic muscle, this crystal will be a welcome aid.

Birthdays: October 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Ilmenite Quartz
Ilmenite Quartz is the bringer of knowledge and enlightenment. Every home should have a piece. Spirits are attracted to this crystal.

Birthdays: October 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Azurite-Malachite
The Azurite-Malachite leads you to greater spiritual enlightenment, it helps you to explore other realms. Azurite-Malachite invites Angel energy.

Birthdays: October 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Strawberry Quartz
Strawberry Quartz is a crystal exuding joy, love, light, fun and laughter, keep a piece nearby to enhance your life and create calm.

Birthdays: October 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Green Apophyllite
Green Apophyllite is used by healers the world over, often pregnant women carry this crystal and some like to have Green Apophylite close by during childbirth. Green Apophylite helps insomnia, place a small crystal under your pillow for a peaceful nights sleep.

Birthdays: October 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Ammonite or Ammolite
Ammolite aligns spiritual energy, and generates Universal understanding and compassion. On a personal level it balances Yin and Yang energy and creates flow, where there is blockage, Ammonite releases.

Birthdays: October 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Blue Fluorite
Blue Fluorite enables you to relax and trust, by becoming still and letting ideas surface naturally, you become open to new possibilities.

Birthdays: October 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: White Fluorite
White Fluorite urges you to move forward with a sense of urgency, it enables you to let go of the past and release yourself from ties that bind.

Birthdays: October 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Californite
Californite focuses your mind, aligns your thoughts and helps you to believe in yourself and your ideas. Where there is darkness, Califonite sheds light, dispelling doubts.

Birthdays: October 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline releases blocked energy, and is the ideal gemstone if you have reached a point in your life where you are stymied. Touraline dispels energy that is blocked and injects new energy. Use this crystal with its strong protective properties as an amulet.

Birthdays: October 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Violet Spinel
Violet Spine allows connection with your ancestors and enhances psychic awareness, spirituality and meditative parlances.

Birthdays: October 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Sea Shells
Seashells inspire the imagination and open us to creative thinking and action, it is often used by Aura readers, and psychic artists. Many enlightened musicians keep Sea Shells close by for creative inspiration. Sea Shells help with the written word, whether for personal matters or professional.

Birthdays: October 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Tugtupite
Tugtupite will encourage magic energies into your life, it creates calm and is ideal for meditation sessions.

Birthdays: October 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Mookaite
Mookaite helps the individual pay attention to detail and finish what you started, it inspires active commitment to your own life.

Birthdays: October 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Piemontite Quartz Mica
Piemontite is a spiritual activator, it intensifies the connection between Earth and spirit. Piemntite takes you beyond the Earthly trammels and urges us to reach out to other dimensions.

Birthdays: October 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Unakite Granite
Unakite heightens intuition and perception, it is acts as a psychic trigger and helps to intensify meditation sessions.

Birthdays: October 19th – 20th
Crystal Element: Spectrolite
Spectrolite offers a doorway between Earth and the Astral Planes. This stone helps to integrate, mind, body and spirit.

Birthdays: October 20th – 21st
Crystal Element: Black Hypersthene
Hypersthene is suitable for psychic readings and can be used like a crystal ball, it is a focus for visualisation and acts as a doorway to higher realms. Professional readers often use Black Hypersthene.

Birthdays: October 21st  – 22nd
Crystal Element: Laguna Agate
Angels are attracted to Laguan Agate, it is the crystal of communication, both Earthly and spiritual. Faeries love the energy of this gemstone. Carry one with you next time you walk near flowers and trees, be aware and see the Faeries.

Birthdays: October 22nd – 23rd
Crystal Element: Uvarovite
Uvarovite is a Green Garnet it guides us towards precision and perfection. Use this crystal when precision and attention to detail is needed. Using this crystal during meditation, readings, psychic work and spell casting heightens abilities.

Birthdays: October 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: Amazonite
Amazonite energies will aid the writer, artist, musician and speaker, it promotes wisdom and understanding.


Birthdays: October 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Zebra Rock (printstone)
Zebra Rock stabilises large groups, it is often used during group meditation classes, and during psychic exercises. Use this stone when you are practicing your psychic work and spell casting. Place a piece of Zebra Rock in the center of the table when you next invite guests over for dinner, it helps to create an ambient setting and inspires colourful and invigorating conversation.

Birthdays: October 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Star Ruby
Star Ruby is red and is recognised as a magical stone, it is used as an amulet. This is the gemstone for lovers to place under the bed to inspire fidelity and relationship growth.  Star

Birthdays: October 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Aegerine
Aegerine is a black-to-greenish stone, it takes you beyond your comfort zone and inspires balance and camaraderie in social situations.

Birthdays: October 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Lemurian Seed Crystals (Quartz)
Lemurian opens the doorways to acquired knowledge from past life experiences. Universal knowledge becomes available through the use of Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Birthdays: October 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Stromatolite
Stromatolite creates balance, it attracts Angels and Faeries, the energy it exudes balances and protects.

Birthdays: October 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Gold in quartz:
Gold in quartz exudes an inspired energy, it makes you feel vital and enthusiastic, it is a confidence boosting crystal that lifts the spirits.

Birthdays: October 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Ocean Pearl
Expression: Ocean Pearls are layers of aragonite-calcite and conchiolin. Pearls
bestow limitless spiritual guidance, deep wisdom, and reconnection with
honest emotions.

Birthdays: October 30th – November 1st
Crystal Element: Moonstone
Moonstone does its best work when used in conjunction with the phases of the Moon, it attracts goddess energies and connects us with our past life abilities that have been carried through to this lifetime.

Birthdays: October 31st – November 2nd
Crystal Element: Magnesite
Magnesite is a metamorphic crystal, its energies make us question and delve, it encourages us to persevere and pursue.

Birthdays: November 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Dravite
Dravite opens the channel to Earthly and spiritual communication, it is particularly useful for those embarking on a spiritual path, especially if this entails powerful meditation rituals. Past life recall is enhanced by the energies of Dravite.

Birthdays: November 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Goshenite
Goshenite helps to take us beyond our safe and familiar boundaries and urges us to greater heights, it inspires perseverance mental strength.

Birthdays: November 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Blue Diamond
The Blue Diamond is the gemstone of opulence, it attracts prosperity and abundance.

Birthdays: November 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Strontianite
Strontianite is a rare white, strontium-rich carbonate mineral, it helps us to tap the wisdom within.

Birthdays: November 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Copper
Alchemist throughout time have used Copper for its transformational properties, it encourages honest and ethical behaviour and aids Earthly and spiritual communication.

Birthdays: November 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Sand
Sand is timeless, it breaks down barriers and dispels negative energies.

Birthdays: November 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Albite
Albite is a white feldspar mineral, it is used to harmonise relationships and leads to inspired dialogue. With the energy of this crystal emotions become aligned. Albite fosters warm,

Birthdays: November 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Kimberlite
Kimberlite is a powerful amulet, it protects and is the perfect crystal to wear during hands on healing sessions. This crystal can be worn or held when you are feeling unwell, it helps to balance energies.

Birthdays: November 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Yellow Tourmaline
Yellow Tourmaline heightens intellectual dialogue, it makes you more enthusiastic and helps you to feel capable beyond your normal understanding, it takes you beyond your own self imposed boundaries. intellect.

Birthdays: November 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Wardite
Expression: Wardite is a green to bluish-green, or white, phosphate. Wardite is a blue green, sometimes white crystal, it aids spiritual and Earthly communication, it heightens psychic abilities and intuition.

Birthdays: November 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Vivianite
Vivianite fosters moves us towards greater spiritual connection, it enhances psychic ability, and opens doorways to Faery and Angel energies. Psychics often used this crystal when giving readings. Those interested in Alien activities can use this crystal to encourage first contact.

Birthdays: November 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Zoisite
Zoisite is a beautiful green crystal that enhances astute decisions and awakens the mind to its greater potential. Zoisite makes us morally aware and inspires philanthropic action.

Birthdays: November 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Andradite
Andradite is a green garnet crystal sprinkled with flecks of grey. This crystal attracts success on all levels, it links us to other realms.

Birthdays: November 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Lepidolite
Lepidolite is easily recognised by its glorious violet pink colour. Faeries are attracted to the colour and the energy of this crystal.

Birthdays: November 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Meteorite (Iron-nickel)
Iron-nickel Meteorites are born in outer space, they foster metaphysical reforms and spiritual awakening, they help to form the connection between dimensions. form in outer space.

Birthdays: November 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Quartz, with chlorite inclusions.
Chlorite reinforces personal power, it is also a stone used by healers. If you are unwell, place this crystal under your bed or pillow.

Birthdays: November 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Spessartite
Spessartite is a deep red garnet, it makes you adventurous and awakens spontaneity, it encourages you to dare and to break through self imposed barriers. manganese-rich, orange to reddish-brown garnet.

Birthdays November 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Golden Topaz
Expression: Golden Topaz is a hard, golden-orange, silicate mineral
gemstone. Golden Topazught to action.

Birthdays: November 19th – 21st
Crystal Element: Peruvian Blue Opal (Chrysopal Andean Opal)
Peruvian Blue Opals are peculiar to the Andes mountains, they foster responsible action and stabilise friendships and social consciousness. Faeries are attracted to the energy of  Peruvian Blue Opal.

Birthdays: November 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Nephrite Jade (Actinolite)
Nephrite attracts good luck and prosperity, it leads you to affirmative action.

Birthdays: November 21st – 22nd
Crystal Element: Poppy Jasper
Poppy Jasper urges you to positive and life enhancing action, it is the inspiration behind new beginnings.


Birthdays: November 23rd – 24th
Crystal Element: Tiger Eye with Falcon Eye
This crystal forces you to open your eyes and see things as they really are, rather than the way you want them to be. Use Tiger Eye with Falcon Eye, for protection.

Birthdays: November 24th – 25th
Crystal Element: White Agate (Peace Agate)
White Agate opens you to all that the Universe has to offer. If you have a quest for knowledge this crystal will help you with your pursuits. Peace Agate attracts energies from higher realms, it also draws Faery energy.

Birthdays: November 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Verdite
Verdite inspires mental clarity and astute decisions, good for those who are studying as it aids retention of knowledge. There is an element of the pendantic with this crystal, encouraging you to pay attention to detail.

Birthdays: November 25th – 27th
Crystal Element:
Gaspeite is a crystal of hope and opportunity, it clears your mind and creates calm, with its energies you open up to a multitude of possibilities.

Birthdays: November 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Petrified Wood (opalised)
Petrified wood is grounds you and aligns mind and body, it also helps you to tap inner strength and to believe in yourself.

Birthdays: November 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Blue Aventurine
Blue Aventurine inspires a strict moral code, it creates understanding and an all encompassing attitude to life and people. It helps you to love your neighbour, care for your friends and be compassionate and understanding. It is a crystal that promotes empathy.

Birthdays: November 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline intensifies loving connections, it is the crystal of friends, lovers and spiritual awakening.

Birthdays: November 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian is used as a talisman, it protects during meditation practices, and any occult work. Use when spell casting to strengthen your magick.

Birthdays: November 29th – December 1st
Crystal Element: Lavender Jade
Lavender Jade will attract the right spiritual teacher for you as it aligns and brings two elements together.

Birthdays: November 30th – December 2nd
Crystal Element: Yellow Sapphire
Expression: Yellow Sapphire is gemstone corundum. Yellow Sapphire enhances
expansion and good luck while one is being generous to others, Ceres Energy.

Birthdays; December 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Alabaster (Onyx Marble)
Alabaster helps to create a calm and balanced environment, it can be placed under a baby’s cot to create a gentle and loving energy. Place under your pillow if you have difficulty sleeping. You will find that your dreams are more vivid when Alabaster is near.

Birthdays: December 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Diopside
Diopside enhances spirituality, suitable for the novice and the adept. Use when meditating for heightened spiritual understanding.

Birthdays: December 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Yellow Calcite
Yellow Calcite is an emotional balancer, it helps you to assimilate information on all levels. It is often used for regression and is especially helpful when childhood healing is needed, as is marries the old with the new.

Birthdays: December 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli intensifies intuition, it is a crystal for the mind, it clarifies thinking and aligns thoughts. With this crystal in close proximity decision making is easier.

Birthdays: December 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Siderite
Siderite energies align to animal familiars, it is also suitable for Astral travel, place this crystal under your pillow to enhance your dream state. If you need to feel more courageous, use this crystal.

Birthdays: December 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Hemimorphite
Hemimorphite will energise, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, if you require spiritual fortitude this is an ideal crystal.

Birthdays: December 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Yellow Prehnite
Yellow Prehnite is a crystal of transformation and new beginnings, it helps to shift anything in your life that is stagnant. Those planning a fresh start or new venture should keep this crystal close by.

Birthdays: December 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Sugilite
The energies of Sugilite bring balance, harmony, purity, gentle contemplation and serenity. It can create a sense of bliss when combined with meditation and spiritual stillness.

Birthdays: December 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Water Agate
Expression: Water Agate is an agate geode filled with water. Water Agate
promotes abundance, resilience, self-sufficiency and rejuvenation.

Birthdays: December 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz helps decision making, and enhances leadership qualities.
leadership qualities, willing participation, integrity and trust.

Birthdays: December 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Biotite
Biotite reinforces an iron will, it promotes empathy, and commitment. Biotite calms the mind and assists the thought process.

Birthdays: December 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Water Opal
Water Opal is a transparent opal, it is a hopeful crystal that supports emotional, psychological and mental wellbeing. Water Opal is a crystal of growth and transformation.

Birthdays: December 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Blue Chalcedony (Agate)
Blue Chalcedony is a blue agate crystal, it aligns emotions and creates a spiritual link to higher realms.

Birthdays: December 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate as an Angel frequency, the beings of light readily respond to its energy. When you need spiritual fortitude keep a Blue Lace Agate crystal close by. Use this gemstone to harness the luck of the Irish.

Birthdays: December 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Alunite (Alumstone)
Alunite is a gemstone that earths and balances, stabilizing. Faery energy is drawn to Alumstone.

Birthdays: December 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Rhodolite
Rhodolite is a mix of almandine and pyrope garnets, it energises, boosts confidence and helps you to channel your inner power. If it is time to make your presence known in the world, Rhodolite is the essential crystal to work with.

Birthdays: December 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: White Marble
White Marble is metamorphosed limestone, used for longevity, and to establish that which will stand the test of time. White Marble strengthens your physical body.

Birthdays: December 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Green Opal
Green Opal is a healing crystal, used to integrate mind, body and spirit. Place in close proximity when you want to feel uplifted. Place Green Opal under your pillow at night when you are feeling unwell,

Birthdays: December 19th  – 21st
Crystal Element: Green Sphene
Green Sphene is a titanium-rich gemstone, it radiates positive energy, enhances
spiritual growth and transformation. Use this gemstone when you require an especially positive outlook to help you along the way.

Birthdays: December 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Amethyst (Dark purple)
Amethyst is a purple crystalline quartz, it promotes balance and aids sleep. Place an Amethyst under your pillow for sweet dreams and spiritual connection. Amethyst us often used by those who feel overwhelmed with life. Amethyst aids harmony and brings balance.


Birthdays: December 21st – 22nd
Crystal Element: Limonite
Limonite is iron oxide, it promotes communication both actually and with the Divine. This crystal can be used as a talisman or an amulet, it also helps to earth you when you are feeling scattered.

Birthdays: December 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Serpentine (China Jade)
Serpentine is a green, rock-forming mineral, which enhances altruistism. Serpentine emanates an energy of wisdom and balance, it soothes the soul and clears the mind.

Birthdays: December 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Green Prehnite
Green Prehnite is a pale-green phyllosilicate, this crystal creates forward movement, thus helping you to reach your goals. Green Prehnite works as a catalyst and awakens potential.

Birthdays: December 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Purpurite
Purpurite is a vivid purple, manganese-rich phosphate which emanates a spiritual energy, it fosters spiritual awareness and psychic enhancement.

Birthdays: December 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Red Aventurine
Red Aventurine is quartz with hematite and goethite inclusions, it is the great activator, enhancing personal power, and triggering dramatic change. If your life needs a makeover, this is the crystal for you, it will unearth possibilities.

Birthdays: December 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Black Opal
Black Opal is used as an amulet for protection, especially popular among those involved in occult practices. This stone inspires creative thinking and action, it is the crystal of reinvention, transformation, new pathways, astral travel and Divine connection. This crystal oozes power and should be used with care and reverence. When cleansing this crystal, always use rock salt, leave overnight in moonlight.

Birthdays: December 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Purple Fluorite
Purple Fluorite is a halite mineral, with the energies of truth and honesty, it enhances purposeful spiritual activity. For those attempting to make contact with higher realms, this is the spiritual crystal to work with. Purple Fluorite is infused with spiritual intensity and acts as a supernatural bridge.

Birthdays: December 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Danburite
Danburite is a transparent, borosilicate mineral. Danburite fosters
peace, love, gentleness, higher communication skills, and its ambient energies invite Faeries into your life.

Birthdays: December 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Euclase
Euclase is a blue-green gemstone, it is favoured by creative individuals. Angels and spirit guides are drawn to this crystal.

Birthdays: December 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Chlorite
Chlorite is a green clay mineral crystal that promotes prosperity and abundance. Those involved in healing use this crystal, it is very effective when placed on an area of the body that is causing pain.

Birthdays: December 30th – January 1st
Crystal Element: Eclogite
Eclogite is a brightly coloured metamorphic rock, it exudes a powerful and dramatic energy. Use Eclogite with care and reverence, it is a crystal that will enhance and energise your life.

Birthdays: December 31st – January 2nd
Crystal Element: Chloromelanite
Chloromelanite is a natural blend of jadeite and acmite, it combines awareness, self expression, intelligence and creative expression. Perceptions are heightened.

Birthdays: January 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Pyrite
Pyrite is an iron mineral. Pyrite motivates creation
through ideas, willpower and desire. It enhances psychic and supernatural

Birthdays: January 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Granite
Granite is an igneous rock comprising, plagioclase, orthoclase and muscovite, this crystal aids the integration of mind, body and spirit. Granite enhances spiritual awareness and aids psychic activity.

Birthdays: January 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: White Howlite
White Howlite is an evaporite mineral, it is used to draw abundance, prosperity and opulence. This crystal helps you to create security.

Birthdays: January 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Oolite
Oolite is a sedimentary rock formed from spherical grains, it helps you to create an ordered lifestyle. Oolight helps you to manage all matters in your life, it is the perfect stone to use when there is chaos around you.

Birthdays: January 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Iceland Spar
Iceland Spar calms the mind and fosters relaxation, it is used as a spiritual rejuvenator and an emotional balancer. Many therapists use this crystal in their work, it is a particular favourtie of Reiki healers, it aids relaxation and mental clarity. Often used during spiritual sessions and psychic reading. many Tarot card readers favour this crystal.

Birthdays: January 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Red Spinel
Red Spinel is a rare gemstone, use this when you need strength, it will give you the power you need to move forward. Red Spinel will inspire correct decisions.

Birthdays: January 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Plum Agate
Plum Agate is a type of microcrystalline quartz, it fosters the strength to lead and make commitments. It enhances altruism, and allows leadership qualities to surface.

Birthdays: January 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Petalite
Petalite is a lithium-rich feldspathoid, and a catalyst to spiritual connectedness, it enhances Angel communication. With this crystal higher realms can be reached during meditation.

Birthdays: January 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Covellite
Covellite is an indigo blue, copper sulphide mineral, its energies make you more aware of your body and mind, while enhancing spiritual awareness. If you have a goal that is dear to your heart, this is the crystal for you.

Birthdays: January 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Basalt
Basalt is a black volcanic rock, rich in calcic plagioclase feldspar
and pyroxene. Basalt balances mind, body and spirit, it helps balance you and can be used in any area of your life. is grounding.

Birthdays: January 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Bloodstone
Bloodstone is a red-green variety of cryptocrystalline quartz, this is the perfect crystal when you need to be courageous. If you are called upon to stand up and be counted this is the crystal to use, it inspires the need for adventure.

Birthdays: January 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: White Onyx
White Onyx is a banded variety of cryptocrystalline quartz, it enhances your connection with the divine and intensifies connection with spirit. Use White Onyx during psychic work and psychic development.

Birthdays: January 14th –16th
Crystal Element: Bustamite
Bustamite is a manganese-rich, metamorphic mineral, its energies give you an understanding and appreciation of what life has to offer, making you more aware of all the beauty inherent on earth.

Birthdays: January 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Chrysocolla
Chrysocolla is a blue-green, copper-rich mineraloid, it acts as a catalyst to emotional release, it forces that which is hidden to the surface. This crystal aids those who have difficulty expressing themselves. It awakens and activates.

Birthdays: January 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline is a vanadium-chrome-rich gemstone. Green
Tourmaline is a life enhancing energizer, it helps you to become more in touch with Mother Earth and be more aware of your environment.

Birthdays: January 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: Milk Opal
Milk Opal is a translucent white crystal, it attracts Angels and spirit guides
enhances clairaudience, maintains harmony and fosters good feelings. It is a mellow crystal with a gentle energy, perfect for those whose lives are frenetic.

Birthdays: January 18th – 20th
Crystal Element: Leopard Skin Jasper
Leopard Skin Jasper clears the mind opening you up to greater mental clarity and understanding. Leopard Skin Jasper enhances memory and is often used for past life regression. Leopard Skin Jasper is a catalyst to spiritual awakening and psychic awareness. For those practicing divination it is the ideal crystal.

Birthdays: January 19th – 20th
Crystal Element: Conglomerate
Conglomerate emanates a confidence boosting energy, reinforcing a sense of wellbeing. If a situation seems daunting, holding a piece of Conglomerate will ensure you feel more confident.


Birthdays: January 19th – 20th
Crystal Element: Aragonite
Aragonite is a common carbonate mineral, it aligns spiritual, emotional and religious parlances, it harmonises emotions. Aragonite helps you to tap raw emotion and evolve. Aragonite gives you an appreciation of all that is.

Birthdays: January 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Thunder Egg
Thunder Egg opens you up on every level, it is the great spiritual awakener. It is the crystal that urges you to be limitless.

Birthdays: January 21st – 23rd
Crystal Element: Stibnite
Stibnite grounds you and fosters a realistic approach to life, it helps you to tap your abilities with a sureness of thought and action.

Birthdays: January 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite is particularly useful for healing, many Reiki healers place the Blue Apatite in close proximity to the person they are working on. Psychic healers use Blue Apatite to help them pinpoint areas of disease in the body. It is very effective in creating balance within.

Birthdays: January 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Cacoxenite
Cacoxenite is a rare phosphate mineral which combines its powerful energies to assist astral and time-space travel. Angels are attracted to the energy is exudes, it’s natural vibrational level is in sync with those existing on other planes. For those on a spiritual quest, it is the perfect crystal.

Birthdays: January 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: White Topaz
White Topaz is a natural, transparent to translucent mineral
gemstone. White Topaz promotes the ability to mirror others and our inner self.

Birthdays: January 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Septarian (Dragonstone)
Septarian is a calcite-aragonite-rich geode, the stone of new beginnings, often referred to as “the fertility stone.” Dragonstone is an enriching stone, inspiring creative thought and action, it sharpens the mind and helps you turn thought into definitive action.

Birthdays: January 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Pink Diamond
Pink Diamonds are rare and covetable, they exude an aura of calm, nurturing loving energies. promote inner and outer beauty, open heartedness, and universal

Birthdays: January 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Pietersite (Eagle Eye)
Pietersite is a blue-gold-red crystal, with its energies you will be more courageous, determined, alert, clear headed and sure.

Birthdays: January 28th – 30th
Crystal Element: Ruby in Kyanite
Ruby in Kyanite fosters belief in self, encouraging you to reach for the stars. It brings balance and order into your life, perspective and perception is altered.

Birthdays: January 29th – 31st
Crystal Element: Phenacite
Phenacite is a beryllium, silicate, crystal mineral, which enhances psychic vision and heightens intuition. Fairies and Angels are drawn by the energy of this crystal. Phenacite opens channels to higher realms.

Birthdays: January 30th – February 1st
Crystal Element: Amegreen
Amegreen is purple amethyst, white quartz and
green amethyst, spiritual awakening takes place with the used of this crystal. It is the crystal of evolution.

Birthdays: January 31st  – February 2nd
Crystal Element: Ulexite
Ulexite is a boron-rich carbonate, it is used as an amplifying crystal, it also amplifies other crystal energies. Ulexite is the crystal of manifestation and is used to enhance natural talents.

Birthdays: February 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Black Jasper
Black Jasper is an opaque, impure cryptocrystalline quartz, it is a stone of protection and often used as an amulet. This stone is used to solidify actions and thoughts, it reinforces that which you want to happen.

Birthdays: February 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is pink-coloured quartz, it is the crystal of love, making you more sensitive and receptive to love. Rose quartz enhances spiritual love, often worn or carried by lovers.

Birthdays: February 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Azurite
Azurite is a copper carbonate mineral it promotes the energy of leadership, helping you to focus your strengths and abilities. Azurire fosters determination and urges you to dare, with the energy of this crystal your mind will feel clear enabling you to tap your inner knowing. Angel energies are attracted to Azurite.

Birthdays: February 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye silicified crocidolite, this stone is used as a protective amulet, it is the gemstone of protection. It is the stone of happy endings. It also keeps your moral barometer squeaky clean,

Birthdays: February 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated Quartz is quartz combined with black tourmaline, it fosters harmonious relationships encouraging you to be more daring and break through self imposed barriers.

Birthdays: February 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Amber
Expression: Amber is fossilized resin, containing plant or animal matter. Amber
supports a positive path for change, invites Phoenix energy into your life.

Birthdays: February 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Schalenblende
Schalenblende is sphalerite, galena, zinc, marcasite and wurtzite, it acts as a receptor opening you up to messages from the divine.

Birthdays: February 8th – 10th
Crystal Element: Bixbite
Bixbite is a red gemstone with the power to restore balance and perspective. It is the great motivator and engenders believe in self.

Birthdays: February 9th – 11th
Crystal Element: Dumortierite
Expression: Dumortierite is a blue, boro-silicate mineral. Dumortierite
promotes companionship, tolerance, and reduces hyperactivity.

Birthdays: February 10th – 12th
Crystal Element: Okenite and Mesolite
Okenite is a hydrated calcium silicate, Mesolite is sodiumcalcium
zeolite. These crystal elements enhance natural talents and abilities, opening you up to life potential and spiritual potential.

Birthdays: February 11th – 13th
Crystal Element: Graphite
Expression: Graphite is a platy silver form of carbon. Graphite promotes
eloquent communication, inspiration, and a focus for intention.

Birthdays: February 12th – 14th
Crystal Element: Rosette Chalcedony
Expression: Rosette Chalcedony is natural, cryptocrystalline quartz rosettes.
Rosette Chalcedony highlights individual talents, promoting successful

Birthdays: February 13th – 15th
Crystal Element: Vanadium Beryl
Expression: Vanadium Beryl is a light green mineral gemstone. Vanadium Beryl
promotes prosperity, knowingness, growth and harmony.

Birthdays: February 14th – 16th
Crystal Element: Lavender Sapphire
Lavender Sapphire is lilac-purple corundum, it encourages self-awareness, enlightenment and compassion.

Birthdays: February 15th – 17th
Crystal Element: Buddstone (Quartz)
Buddstone is a green, silica-rich, this rock is peculiar to Africa, it encourages, and leads to spiritual alertness. It is the crystal of hope and fosters spiritual balance and an all encompassing understanding.

Birthdays: February 16th – 18th
Crystal Element: Labradorite
Expression: Labradorite is a calcium-rich plagioclase displaying a colourful
shiller. Labradorite promotes emotional and spiritual awakening, joy and

Birthdays: February 17th – 19th
Crystal Element: White Sapphire
White Sapphire is natural, colourless corundum, it’s energy guides you towards
spiritual illumination leading to transcendence and spiritual awakening.


Birthdays: February 18th – 19th
Crystal Element: Silver
Elemental Silver is a naturally occurring metal, it creates balance and attracts prosperity.

Birthdays: February 19th – 21st
Crystal Element: Psilomelane
Psilomelane contains manganese, aids positive attitude and promotes willpower.

Birthdays: February 20th – 22nd
Crystal Element: Petrified Wood (silicified)
Petrified Wood is fossilized wood, it has a grounding effect, often used to enhance past life recall.

Birthdays: February 21st – 23rd
Crystal Element: Ocean Jasper
Expression: Ocean Jasper is a silica-rich, orbicular rock from Madagascar. Ocean
Jasper focuses information, allowing life patterns and intuitive awareness to

Birthdays: February 22nd – 24th
Crystal Element: Green Kyanite
Green Kyanite is a metamorphic, aluminium silicate, it exudes a gentle energy, bringing out the best in people as is fosters empathy, tenderness, prosperity, stillness and compassion.

Birthdays: February 23rd – 25th
Crystal Element: Sardonyx
Sardonyx is white with speckles of red banded cryptocrystalline
quartz., it balances thought and emotion and enhances promotes self-control, mindfulness and conscientiousness.

Birthdays: February 24th – 26th
Crystal Element: Staurolite
Staurolite can be identified by crystals forming
the shape of a cross, appropriate symbolism as it is known to connect the physical and the spiritual realms. It is a conduit between physical and spiritual.

Birthdays: February 25th – 27th
Crystal Element: Blue Kyanite
Expression: Blue Kyanite is a metamorphic, aluminium silicate mineral. Blue
Kyanite promotes articulate, truthful and confident communication.

Birthdays: February 26th – 28th
Crystal Element: Yellow Jasper
Expression: Yellow Jasper is an opaque variety of coloured quartz, this stone makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Birthdays: February 27th – 29th
Crystal Element: Scolecite
Expression: Scolecite is a zeolite with delicate sprays of acicular crystals.
Scolecite promotes objectivity in progressive and group orientated activities;
elemental air energy.

Birthdays: February 28th – March 1st
Crystal Element: Shiva-Lingham
Shiva-Lingham is a two-toned, cryptocrystalline quartz, it is the stone of psychic awareness and enhancement. It is the light which guides you to greater spiritual awareness.

Birthdays: March 1st – 3rd
Crystal Element: Yttrian Fluorite
Yttrian Fluorite is yttrian-rich, it accesses your strengths especially during times of stress, helping you maintain balance during times of stress. Especially beneficial for the spiritual student.

Birthdays: March 2nd – 4th
Crystal Element: Iron
Iron inspires self-awareness, self expression, creativity and artistic expression.

Birthdays: March 3rd – 5th
Crystal Element: Yellow Diamond
Expression: Yellow Diamonds are also known as fancy coloured diamonds.
Yellow Diamonds promote wealth, natural beauty, determination and ambition.

Birthdays: March 4th – 6th
Crystal Element: Andalusite
Expression: Andalusite is a cognac-coloured, pleochroic mineral. Andalusite
promotes memory recall, order and efficiency, and gallantry.

Birthdays: March 5th – 7th
Crystal Element: Aquamarine
Expression: Aquamarine is a blue variety of beryl. Aquamarine fosters sincerity,
security, peace of mind, happiness, understanding and love.

Birthdays: March 6th – 8th
Crystal Element: Yellow Apatite
Expression: Yellow Apatite is a phosphate mineral. Yellow Apatite promotes
uplifting, cheerful, joyful, happy emotions and invites phoenix energy into
your life.

Birthdays: March 7th – 9th
Crystal Element: Stilbite
Expression: Stilbite is a secondary zeolite mineral. Stilbite creates a loving,
clear space for self-expression and psychic development.

Birthdays: March 8th –10th
Crystal Element: Benitoite
Benitoite is a blue, barium, titanium silicate, it enhances connection to the akashic records and fosters greater spiritual understanding.

Birthdays: March 9th –11th
Crystal Element: Pewter
Expression: Pewter is a metallic alloy of tin and lead. Pewter supports a
balanced appetite, positive conversation and family harmony.

Birthdays: March 10th –12th
Crystal Element: Zircon
Zircon, or Zirconium silicate, is a natural mineral specimen. Zircon
fortifies a sense of purpose and of belonging in life, it inspires your
divine gifts.

Birthdays: March 11th –13th
Crystal Element: Platinum
Platinum is a white metal, it acts as a catalyst and aids the integration of new ideas, it is the crystal of endurance.

Birthdays: March 12th –14th
Crystal Element: Pallasite
Pallasite is a stony, iron meteorite with the power to enhance psychic
channeling and psychic awareness and understanding, it reinforces connection with spirit.

Birthdays: March 13th –15th
Crystal Element: Dolomite
Dolomite contains calcium, magnesium carbonate, it promotes belief in Karma, Kismet, Fate, Destiny.

Birthdays: March 14th –16th
Crystal Element: Chiastolite
Chiastolite, sometimes (Cross Stone,) is a variety of andalusite, it
promotes balance, harmony and understanding especially during times of dramatic change. Chiastolite aids and enhances astral travel.

March 15th –17th
Crystal Element: Selenite
Selenite is a pearl-like, transparent gypsum, it is a catalyst for
new beginnings and the awakening of abilities, it also enhances psychic awareness.

March 16th –18th
Crystal Element: Carnelian
Expression: Carnelian is a brownish orange, translucent, cryptocrystalline
quartz. Carnelian awakens self-wisdom and promotes self-expression.

March 17th  – 19th
Crystal Element: Rainbow Moonstone
Expression: Rainbow Moonstone is colourful Labradorite Feldspar. Rainbow
Moonstone enhances natural abilities, and encourages transformation,
strength and love.

March 18th  – 20th
Crystal Element: Natural Glass (silica)
Glass merges earth, air, fire and water; focuses light, it is imbued with information.

March 20th – 21st
Crystal Element: Gneiss
Gneiss is a metamorphic stone and promotes a strong
sense of self, it enhances your understanding of cause and effect.
Gneiss effects self transformation.

Final Musings

Crystal astrology is a powerful practice that can enhance your spiritual connection and promote healing and balance in your life. By using crystals in conjunction with astrology, you can align your energy with the energy of the universe and gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are new to crystal healing or an experienced practitioner, crystal astrology is a fascinating and witchy way to deepen your spiritual practice. So go ahead and explore the power of crystals and astrology, and see where it takes you on your spiritual journey.

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