Saturn’s Circle

by / 0 Comments / 98 View / March 28, 2010

Spell to help you approach life with more optimism, quell those negative thoughts you have a tendency towards. A spell to protect you from your own negative thinking. Recite the following.

Powerful mind, thoughts secure.

Elves unite, bells ring.

Ancient ways earth wind and fire.

Apothecaries mesmerise.

Fig leaf, lavender, peppermint, rose.

Wizards mix with magic wands.

Power breathed from above.

Moonbeams envelope mind with light.

I do believe I am awakened.

Filled with light, aligned, so strong.

Calm mind, thoughts uplifted.

Projection to a future bright.

Solace found within. Mind protects with magic notions.

Moonbeams envelope mind with light.


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