Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20) Horoscope for February 2017

You will need time alone in your own quiet space there you can make sense of your life, and understand your motivations. Much can be attained behind the scenes and don’t underestimate a dedicated approach to that which you want, and is important to you. This is a very good time for creative projects. Also for those considering going into business together, as long as the finances have been carefully and strategically discussed. 

Over the next two months you will make the decision to embark on something that will continue for several months, choose carefully what you do, and be honest with yourself regarding your capabilities. Make sure that what you do suits your personality and your lifestyle and all should work out very well for you. 

Over the coming months you will be thinking about major changes in your life, these changes will come about, try to be patient as things won’t happen as fast as you would like them to, however they will happen. 

Where love is concerned, relax, indulge, allow yourself to be pampered by the one you love, expect some sizzling moment. If single you will enjoy some passionate flirtation. Be in the moment and enjoy the one you are with. 

Best love days 2, 16, 19.


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