Protection Spells

Protection spell to foster mental strength

Protection spell to foster mental strength

Spell to protect you from the hurtful words of others and to foster mental strength. Recite the following.



I repel all untoward

I call upon wizards three

I ask the elves to wield their magic

Fairies chant of strength and power

I do repel all untoward

Wizards three wave wands and bow

Elves stir cauldron full of power

Power I now draw to me

Mental strength now mine for always

I do feel the power of magic

I do feel my courage build

My mind is calm with joyous thoughts

Mind barrier built by wizards three

Naught untoward can penetrate

A mind so strong I do have

I ask the elves to wield their magic

I enter silver barrier mine

Built with love by wizards three

There now for all eternity

Mental strength will be mine now

My mind is clear my mind is free

All repelled I do not need

My mind is free

It will be

Know that once you have chanted this spell, you can silently create your mind barrier wherever you are, and any negative words will be repelled and sent back to the sender.  Light a candle and sit for a few minutes after you finish chanting, contemplate the beautiful silver light encasing your mind and offering you protection whenever you need it.




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