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Pay Raise Spell

Pay Raise Spell
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 This spell is used to help you get a raise at work.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • 1 White Candle
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Small Bowl of Water
  • Small Bowl of Salt
  • Small Bowl of Rice


1. Place the red candle on your left and the white candle on your right.

2. Light the red candle and say,

“I call upon the powers of the Universe to bring me the abundance of a pay raise at work.”

3. Light the white candle and say,

“I ask for the energy of abundance to bring me a salary increase.”

4. Place the bowl of water in front of you, between the two candles.

5. Add a small pinch of salt to the bowl of water and say,

“I purify my intentions with the power of the sea.”

6. Add a small pinch of rice to the bowl of water and say,

“I call on the powers of the earth to bring my intention to fruition.”

7. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine yourself receiving the pay raise you desire.

8. When you are finished, blow out the candles and thank the Universe for hearing your request.

9. Leave the candles and bowl of water in place until the spell has been fulfilled.

10. Your spell is complete.

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