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Money Blessing Spell

Money Blessing Spell
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This spell is used to bless you and your finances with abundance and prosperity.

Items Needed:

  • One white candle
  • A bowl of coins
  • Sage incense
  • Lavender essential oil
  • A green cloth
  • Anointing oil
  • A piece of paper with your name written on it


1. Begin by cleansing the area with the sage incense and the lavender essential oil.

2. Place the bowl of coins on the green cloth in the center of the space.

3. Take the anointing oil and anoint the candle with it, beginning at the top and rubbing it down the sides of the candle.

4. Place the piece of paper with your name written on it in front of the candle and light the candle.

5. Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

6. State your intention to be blessed with an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

7. Allow the candle to burn out and then gather the ashes and coins in the green cloth and bury them outside.

8. Visualize the abundance and prosperity coming into your life.

9. Thank the Universe for blessing you with abundance and prosperity.

10. Leave the ritual with a feeling of joy and gratitude.

11. Your ritual is complete.

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