Love Spells

Spell to empower the love between two people

Spell to empower the love between two people

Spell to empower the love between two people

Spell to enhance love to make it grow and become stronger.

Items: One small bag of potting mix

One flowerpot (it must be new)

One piece of white paper cut into the shape of a heart

One red thick tipped felt pen

One small packet of fragrant flower seeds

One small Rose Quartz crystal


Ritual: Leave the Rose Quartz in the Moonlight for one night, you may place it inside on a windowsill where is will receive Moonlight through the glass.

The following morning hold the crystal in your right hand arm extended, fingers closed over the crystal. The crystal will have absorbed the Moonbeams, focus on the face of the person you want to become closer to, sending them love as you do this.

Write the word love on the heart shaped piece of paper and place it in the bottom of the flower pot, place the crystal on top of the paper then put the soil in the pot. Recite the following three times.

Our love does grow with strength and purpose

Our love will not be denied

Each passing day our love grows stronger

The light of love is in your eyes

A bond like ours to be forever

Your yearning heart does welcome mine


Sprinkle the flower seeds on the soil and water daily with a small watering can.  As the seeds grow so will the bond between you and the one you love.




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