Love Spells

Spell to help impatient souls find love

Spell to help impatient souls find love

This is a spell for the impatient who want love to arrive immediately.


Items: One moonstone

Two green candles (in candle holder)

Two drops jasmine essence (use dropper)

One bay leaf

One teaspoon of bicarb of soda

Two teaspoons white vinegar

One saucer

One daisy in vase of water


Ritual: Place the moonstone next to the vase with the daisy, make sure it is touching the vase, put the bay leaf in front of the vase and put two drops of jasmine essence on it. Place the two candles in holders behind the vase, six inches from it, light candles. Place the saucer to the far left of the vase and candles, at least twelve inches away, add bicarb to saucer then tip the white vinegar on. Recite the following;

Love to arrive like lightning strike

Love intense I am ready

The power of love wash over me

Let it be done now love is mine

It is now we are to be

Let candles burn for one hour and then blow out.






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