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Spell to encourage the one you are with fall head in love with you

Spell to encourage the one you are with fall head in love with you
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This spell encourages the one you are with to fall deeply in love with you and creates a strong bond of love and devotion between the two of you.


  • a red or pink candle
  • rose petals
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen
  • a bowl of water
  • a piece of jewelry
  • a pink or red ribbon.


1. Light the candle and focus on the flame. Visualize your beloved and how they make you feel.

2. Take the paper and write down the qualities you love about them.

3. Place the paper in the bowl of water and add the rose petals.

4. Place the piece of jewelry on top of the paper and rose petals.

5. Tie the ribbon around the bowl three times.

6. Speak aloud the following words:

“I call upon the powers of love and passion
To bring my beloved closer to me.
Fill their heart with love and devotion
For me and only me.
Let their love for me be unending
And for the bond between us to be strong.
Let our love be deep and true
And forever remain in our hearts.
So mote it be.”

7. Allow the candle to burn out and the water to evaporate.

8. Bury the jewelry in your garden or a special place.

9. Let the spell take effect and enjoy the results.

10. The spell is complete.

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