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Spell to Clear Negative Energy

Spell to Clear Negative Energy
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This spell is designed to clear away negative energy and promote a sense of peace and positivity.

Items needed:

  • Sage bundle or incense
  • A white candle
  • A bowl of water

1. Find a quiet and comfortable space to perform the ritual.
2. Light the sage bundle or incense and let the smoke fill the room.
3. Light the white candle and place it in front of you.
4. Place the bowl of water next to the candle.
5. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind.
6. Visualize the negative energy being absorbed by the smoke and the candle flame.
7. Hold your hands over the bowl of water and imagine the negative energy being released into the water.
8. Say the following incantation:

“Negative energy, begone from me,
I banish you to set my spirit free.
With this ritual, I call upon the light,
To fill my space and make it bright.
I release all that no longer serves,
And welcome positivity to preserve.
May this space be blessed and purified,
And negative energy be nullified.”

9. Allow the candle to burn out on its own and dispose of the water outside.
10. Spell complete.

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