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Ritual for Awakening Psychic Gifts

Ritual for Awakening Psychic Gifts
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This spell is designed to unlock and enhance your natural psychic abilities by awakening your intuition and opening your mind to the spiritual realm.

Items needed:

  • White candle
  • Incense (frankincense or sandalwood)
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Bowl of water
  • Piece of paper and pen

Ritual Steps:

1.Find a quiet and peaceful place where you will not be disturbed.

2. Light the white candle and the incense, and place them in front of you.

3. Hold the clear quartz crystal in your hand and close your eyes.

4. Visualize a white light surrounding you, protecting you and filling you with positive energy.

5. Repeat the following incantation:

“I call upon the power within me,
To awaken my psychic gifts and see what cannot be seen.
Let my intuition guide me,
And my third eye be opened wide.
May my visions be clear,
And my messages be true.
So mote it be.”

6. Place the crystal in the bowl of water and let it sit for a few minutes.

7. Take out the crystal from the water and hold it in your hands.

8. Write down any thoughts or feelings that come to you on the piece of paper.

9. Repeat the incantation again.

10. Blow out the candle and keep the crystal with you.

11. Your spell is complete.

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