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Awaken Your Inner Mystic: A Beginner’s Guide to Discovering Your Psychic Powers

Awaken Your Inner Mystic: A Beginner’s Guide to Discovering Your Psychic Powers
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Anyone wishing to develop their psychic powers can take some simple steps and learn to use their innate gifts. We are born with psychic ability, some use it as naturally as breathing, some work to How to Discover Your Psychic Powersrelease it, within others it lays dormant, and some dismiss the idea completely. Everyone at some time in their life has had, or will have, a moment where they instinctively know something is going to happen, they can’t put their finger on how they know, but it is as strong as the sense of pain that no one can deny. How many times when the phone rings do you know intuitively who is calling? How often have you thought of someone and they visit, or you bump into them, or you have a flash in your mind’s eye that something is going to happen, and it does? Some know from very early in their life they have the gift and use it unconsciously, while others who know they have it choose to pursue a career in occult practices, some have flashes of psychic ability and want to learn more. Many aren’t sure they have the ability but feel they may, and some want to learn more about clairvoyance but don’t know where to begin.

For the curious who have never delved before it can seem a daunting prospect, there are so many books written by adepts giving no inkling about where to start. These books are fascinating to read, but for the willing and eager novice shed no light on what the first step should be, or where and how it can be taken. Before you begin, recognise you are the genie in the bottle, and once the cork is removed you will emerge as the apprentice, eager and ready to wave your magic wand. Your magic wand can be bought, made, or metaphoric, it doesn’t matter because magic begins with thought. If you think you have psychic ability, and believe you have psychic ability, your first magic step has been taken, and with dedicated practice will be enhanced.


Sacred Space:

Your next step is to choose a spot in your home, it may be your bedroom, or a quiet area of your home, it could be a spare room, the only requirement is that it is a place you will not be disturbed, and somewhere that will be dedicated to your practice. This is to be your sacred space where you are going to create a comfortable, ambient environment for yourself. You will need something to sit on, this can be anything on which you can relax and feel comfortable. You will require one lamp and a desk, or small table on which a candle in an appropriate holder, incense, and oil burner can be placed. Decorate your table with crystals, a talisman or amulet, a plant, small vase with flowers, or a statue. The purpose of your sacred space is to allow you to still the mind, body and spirit. Your mind will respond to your sacred space on a subconscious level, and each time you enter your cocoon to rest quietly, your mind will switch off spontaneously. To enhance and release your psychic ability requires a relaxed body, a still mind, and a spiritual connection which leads to an otherworldly portal. Keep this space for meditation purposes only, by doing this you allow the spiritual and psychic energies to be maintained and enhanced.  For a more elaborate ritual you can use coloured candles to represent the archangels Uriel, Raphael,Michael, Gabriel  and their elements Earth, Air, Fire, water, they are placed in the North, East, South and West, of your altar. This is known as calling upon the four Watchtowers for energy and protection.

The Elements and Magic

Element Earth:

Energy: feminine/receptive

Direction: North

Color: green

Elemental: gnomes

Season: winter

Time of Day: midnight

Ritual Tools: pentacles and salt

Tarot: pentacles

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Angel: Uriel

Hermetic Axiom: “To Know”

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Element Air:

Energy: masculine/projective

Direction: East

Color: yellow

Elementals: sylphs and fairies

Season: spring

Time of Day: dawn

Ritual Tools: athame, sword

Tarot: swords

Angel: Raphael

Hermetic Axiom: “To Will”

Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Element  Fire:

Energy: masculine/projective

Direction: South

Color: red

Elemental: salamanders

Season: summer

Time of Day: mid-day

Ritual tools: candle, wand, staff

Tarot: wands

Angel: Michael

Hermetic Axiom: “To Dare”

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Element Water:

Energy: feminine/receptive

Direction: West

Color: blue

Elementals: undines

Season: autumn

Time of Day: sunset

Ritual Tools: chalice and cauldron

Tarot: cups

Angel: Gabriel

Hermetic Axiom: “To Keep Silent”

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Meditation helps to still your mind, opening you up and allowing you to tune into, and release your psychic abilities. Taking you away from distractions such as ringing telephones, television, chatter, both inner and outer, enabling you to block out the day to day hustle and bustle. Before you begin meditating, switch off any mobiles, telephones, radios, computers and televisions, and make sure you will not be disturbed for at least 1/2 an hour. When you offer yourself the gift of meditation, you find that your mind and body begin to relax, and you will find yourself surrendering to the peace spontaneously as time in your sacred space becomes a ritual. Meditation is a wonderful way to alleviate stress, relax muscles, clear the mind, and calm the nervous system. Some people use it to alleviate pain, and it is especially useful for those whose days are high pressure, either on the home front, or in a working environment. Many who suffer from headaches use meditation to relieve the pain, especially those whose headaches are caused by tension. Natural healers often recommend regular meditation for people who suffer from migraines, and anyone any age can benefit from regular meditation. There are simple styles of meditation, and elaborate ones requiring specific rituals. There are many to choose from, adopt the one you feel most comfortable with, or you may like to try different ones, it all depends on the type of meditation experience you want. You will feel the benefits of meditation mentally, physically, and spiritually, it is not unlike the quiet moments of daydreaming we all indulge in.

Meditation is something the individual will put their own stamp on, even when following the same instructions no two people meditate in the same way, or have the same results. In time you will find a style of meditation that works for you and you are comfortable with. The time to meditate is the time that suits you. Some people love to meditate early in the morning, others prefer later in the evening when their home is quiet and still, others will choose a favourite time during the day. Once you begin meditating, aim to continue knowing that the more you do it the easier it will be, in time it will become second nature.  You are aiming for the level of attention and absorption a child at play has, children become so enthralled with what they are involved in, they are unaware of what is taking place around them as they revel in their own world.

Before beginning any meditation you will find that ringing a small hand held bell creates a beautiful vibration, and signifies the beginning of your meditation. Buddhists often use bells when they meditate, a tinkling bell helps to balance our energies. When you meditate you are opening yourself up to cosmic energies, this is necessary while you are doing psychic work in order for you to be more receptive. However once the psychic work is complete it is necessary to close yourself off until the next time you meditate

Silver light Meditation:

Step into your sacred space and light your candle, oil burner, incense, and sit comfortably with your back straight, both feet flat on the ground, with hands placed palms up on your knees. If you are sitting on a bed, or a cushion, stretch your legs out in front of you, placing your hands palms up on your legs.


Close your eyes, relax, breath in deeply and exhale slowly, do this several times then resume your normal breathing, let your breathing become rhythmic. In your sacred space time stands still and you learn to be in the moment, thinking of nothing but your gentle breathing in and out, and the sense of peace filling you. If your mind wonders, consciously bring yourself back into the moment and continue relaxing into your breathing, as the tension leaves your body and the spiritual energies heighten you will feel a little floaty.


While sitting in your blissful state, visualise a silvery white light beginning at the base of your spine and flowing upwards, reaching your head and spilling out from the top of your head like sparkling stars soaring upwards into the universe.


Remain still, breathing rhythmically and thinking of nothing, feel the inner energy flow and meditate for 15 minutes,  if you are able remain like this for longer, meditate for up to 1/2 an hour, then silently count down from ten to  one and open your eyes. Remain seated and allow yourself to be still for several minutes. When you open your eyes after meditating take notice of your senses. Take notice of whether you feel different, are your senses heightened, are colours appearing brighter as you look around, or is the candle flame appearing more intense? Is the scent of incense stronger, or the fragrance of essential oil more potent, are you more aware of the texture of your clothes and their feel against your skin? Touch the cushion or chair you are sitting on with your fingertips, noticing if your touch is more sensitive. The five senses that are normally taken for granted, taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing, will be heightened after meditating, from here you are ready to begin your psychic work.

Once your work is complete it is necessary to close yourself off, you do this by sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and visualising the silver/white light moving downwards. See it moving down from the top of your head until it reaches the base of the spine where it forms a small cloudy silver/white ball, visualise the ball reducing in size until it disappears. Open your eyes, clap your hands or ring your bell. You have now closed yourself off.

Candle Meditation:

When you are comfortable and settled, gaze at the flame of the candle, breathe deeply and let your breath become rhythmic, keep focusing on the candle in a relaxed manner. Keep your focus on the flame for a few minutes, you will become very peaceful, and once you feel totally relaxed close your eyes, you will continue to see the flame of the candle in your mind’s eye. Open your eyes again and focus on the candles flame for a few more minutes, then close your eyes and keep them closed. With your eyes closed and your breathing relaxed, visualise the candle at the base of your spine and the flame glowing and moving upwards, filling you with warmth and peace. Stay like this for 15 minutes, or up to 1/2 an hour if you can. When you are ready to finish your meditation, take three deep breaths, then exhale slowly. Resume normal breathing, and silently count down from one to ten, open your eyes. Allow yourself to remain seated and give yourself time for contemplation, you are now ready to begin your psychic work.

To close yourself off, sit comfortably, close your eyes and visualise the candle slowly reducing until it is a tiny barely discernible flame, imagine yourself blowing it out with one puff of air. Then silently count down from five to one and open your eyes. You are now closed off.

Chakra Meditation:

The chakras are your seven inner energy centers, these are the points where the energy flows through our body, once the chakras are open energy surges upwards from the base chakra and out through the crown chakra, opening you up to cosmic energy. The base and crown chakras are always open, allowing energy to move through the body gently and slowly. When all the chakras are open they vibrate at a higher speed, this is needed to open you up to cosmic energies in preparation for your psychic work. It is also necessary to close the chakras when you have finished your psychic work, bearing in mind that the base and crown chakras will always remain open. When all the chakras are open, the crown chakra is the doorway for energy to be channelled through from the cosmos. When the chakras are closed the vibrational energy of all the chakras slows to a gentle pace.

The Seven Chakras:

(1) base, (2) navel, (3) solar plexus, (4) heart, (5) throat, (6) third eye, (7) crown.

Base – first chakra – base of the spine – colour red.

Navel – second chakra – navel or sacral, just under the navel – colour orange.

Solar plexus – third chakra – below the breastbone – colour yellow.

Heart – fourth chakra – center of the breastbone.

Throat – fifth chakra – hollow of the throat – colour blue.

Third eye – sixth chakra – middle of the forehead – colour purple.

Crown chakra – seventh chakra – top of the head – colour violet.

Once you familiarise yourself with the colour of each chakra, you are ready to begin meditating. Prepare your sacred space, sit down relax and make yourself comfortable. Give yourself a few minutes to regulate your breathing, allowing your body and mind to become still. Place your hands palms up on your knees if you are sitting on a chair, or on your thighs if you are sitting on a bed, or on the floor, close your eyes and focus on your breathing only, sit like this for a few minutes.

When you are ready, begin your meditation by focusing on the red glow of the base chakra, visualise the light moving upwards until it meets the orange glow of the sacrum/navel chakra, visualise the two lights merging and continuing upwards. The light reaches the yellow glow of the solar plexus chakra, and moves upwards to the green heart chakra, it continues to the blue throat chakra, merging with the purple third-eye chakra.  The light continues up to the violet crown chakra, spilling out through the crown and surging up into the universe, opening you to the white cosmic light. You are now at one with the universe in a place of bliss, a part of the cosmic energy, you have opened the doorway, allowing the glowing white light of the cosmos to stream down and fill you. Meditate for 15 minutes, and if you are able up to 1/2 an hour, then when you are ready bring your consciousness back to your breathing, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly, do this three more times. Relax into your normal breathing, count backwards from ten to one and open your eyes. After you have finished meditating and given yourself time to sit and feel, you may begin your psychic work.

Upon completion of your work it is necessary to close the chakras (the base red and the crown chakras will remain open and vibrate more slowly). Sit comfortably, close your eyes and beginning with the violet crown chakra, visualise the light moving downwards, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and merging into the base chakra red. Open your eyes and clap your hands together once, or ring your bell, your chakras will then be closed, although the crown and base will remain open.

Beyond the five Senses:

After meditating you become more aware not only of your five senses, but of your sixth sense, your intuition, knowing, gut instinct, whatever you want to call it. It is that feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, the knowing you find hard to define, the feeling that sends shivers down your spine. The indefinable something that is difficult to put into words, you can’t taste it, touch, smell, see, or hear it, but you know with every fiber of your being it’s there. It’s the premonition that tells you something is wrong, or you know something unpleasant is about to happen. Have you had the vague sense that something wonderful was going to unfold, yet you had no reason for your sense of wellbeing. Do you ever know what someone is going to say before they say it? Are you sometimes certain you know what someone is thinking, without them having to utter a word? When you have these feelings and there is no logical explanation, you are tapping into the energies that are swirling around us all the time. Psychic information is readily available, it’s just a matter of using your psychic abilities to tap it. Intuition is called the sixth sense because it is inherent in everyone. We each have intuitive abilities, just as everyone has artistic or athletic abilities to greater or lesser degrees. Everyone can draw a picture or throw a ball, but some people are naturally more gifted in these areas, and once they hone and develop these gifts, they can become professional artists or athletes. The same is true of intuition, some people are naturally gifted intuitively, and once they focus and develop these gifts, they can become professional psychics. Just as everyone can become a better artist or athlete through training and practice, you can develop and improve your natural ability and benefit from your intuition and psychic powers.

Psychic powers can be developed and intuition sharpened, it’s all a matter of becoming aware and being able to tell the difference between what you think will be, and what you feel will be. Your thoughts come from your conscious logical mind, and intuition is your non logical sixth sense working for you. Also don’t expect to be right all the time, the important part of developing your psychic ability, is the belief that it is there in a nascent state, it just needs to be awakened. You will find that your intuition is sometimes very strong, and other times barely discernible.

Once you harness your psychic awareness you will have a deep understanding of how it feels, you will know you can communicate on another level without conscious thought, and without doubts. This sense of knowing is like the beating of your heart, it just is, it has no relation to your physical senses, it is channelled from a higher realm. It is like the understanding you have with some people you meet, and without any logic you know and understand them. This understanding goes beyond the earth plane and is coming from a place of spiritual awareness, the more you accept this higher sense, the easier it is to understand.

When you are using your psychic ability you are looking into the soul of a person, the physical manifestation you look at is very different to the spiritual core of that person. When using your psychic ability for another person you are looking inside them. You learn to accept that people are who they are, people are capable of changing their behaviour but they cannot change their nature. Learning to develop your psychic powers takes faith, the kind of faith that Christopher Columbus had in believing that the world was round. Or the faith Nostradamus had when he documented his predictions, done at a time when people were being accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. People believe there is a higher power watching over them, they make offerings to the omnipresent being, they chant and hold religious gatherings, they worship this power. They can’t smell, taste, touch, see or hear it, but from the depths of their being they know it is there. Your psychic powers cannot be seen, they are intangible, indefinable, yet they are there, and by acknowledging the gift within you, infinite possibilities will be unearthed.

The words “life force,” we hear often, do you know what is it? Can you describe it? Can you harness it, if so how? Can you see it? Although it is difficult to explain or describe, we believe it is there and it is quite natural for us to use the term “life force,” without fully understanding what it is, we simply believe. You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Centuries ago people were more in touch with their intuition and their faith and psychic powers helped them to survive. Their instincts were heightened because they had to be, they were more in tune with the weather, the seasons and all that grows. They learned how to be in harmony with the earth, with nature, with their intuition and their knowing. Maybe they didn’t call it psychic powers, or even refer to it, but they certainly used it, because their lives depended on it. With heightened psychic powers you are in a better position to help yourself and those close to you, loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues. Psychic awareness will assist you in your working life and your love life, it will help you to develop an intuitive understanding of the inner workings of your body, and the messages your body sends. As you become more in tune and responsive, you will attain a greater level of understanding and be able to unleash your potential, leading to more flexibility, acceptance and understanding of others.

Awaken your Psychic Powers:

When you begin psychically reading the energy from someone or something, it is necessary to put aside your thoughts and your ego, ego has no place in psychic work, think of yourself as an instrument through which information channels. When using your psychic powers it is necessary to let go of all the things concerning you in your life, and to step beyond your problems or worries. By doing this you are preparing to open yourself up to information and energy vibrations emanating from people, objects and places. Meditation allows you to bring yourself into balance, mind, body and spirit, making you a clear channel receptive to information. For you to be a successful psychic tool, being in balance is a necessary part, hence the more work you do on yourself, the more finely tuned you will be as a psychic instrument. Developing your psychic powers is a lifelong journey, and there will always be something new to learn, to help yourself develop you can work on your own energies and learn how to make them flow easily.

When you enter your sacred space to begin your psychic work, it is necessary to consciously leave all your troubles behind. By allowing yourself the freedom to meditate without any distracting thoughts, you enable yourself to become a more powerful psychic. To work to the best of your ability, leave your conscious earthly thoughts behind and surrender to a higher consciousness. It is absolutely necessary to be open to the information you are receiving, and not to be ruminating about any number of earthly activities. It will not help you, or the person you are reading for if you are distracted about what time the gardener is coming, or if you are wondering whether you remembered to cancel your dental appointment, or if you will make the theater on time. Psychic work requires attention and intention.


The term psychometry, was first used by an American professor of physiology, Joseph R. Buchanan in 1842, one of the first people to experiment with psychometry. His inspiration for the name came from the Greek words psyche, meaning soul, and metron, meaning measure.  The results of Professor Buchanan’s experiments with his students were beyond coincidence, and his compelling theory was that all objects have souls that retain a memory. He wrote a book, Journal of Man, in this he documented the results of his extraordinary experiments. Recorded in an object’s aura, is its past, and like people an object has a field of auric energy surrounding it, objects contain within them the mental aura of the person possessing the object. Someone with psychometric abilities is able to hold an item that is quite old and access the emotions of the person who owned it. An antique has hidden within, emotions, experiences, and the life path of the owner, a gifted reader will be able to perceive the life and death of the person.

Psychometry is the reading of an object through touch, within an object there is a history, a store of information left by those associated with it, a blueprint. A sense of its history and the person, or people associated with it, can be perceived through impressions emanating from it. An item is imbued with vibrations from emotions and actions from the past. Some psychics will put the item down and touch it, others like to hold it in one or both hands, often the psychic reader will close their eyes and touch the item to their third eye.  Psychic readers will use their own discretion depending on what they are most comfortable with, seeing things that are not perceived using normal vision. Emotions are powerfully contained within an object, and the reader will be able to tune into these emotions which reveal something about the person being read for. With this type of reading you will be using your intuition, your psychic awareness, and learning how to read the energy patterns that are imprinted on all objects. Of course there are various other ways to do readings and it is entirely up to the individual.

Automatic Writing:

To do automatic writing the psychic must sit down with a blank piece of white paper in front of them, while holding a pen, or they may sit at a typewriter or computer screen, and then begin writing without conscious thought. The conscious mind recedes into the background, so that wisdom from other realms of consciousness many be channeled through and handwritten, or typed. Often those who do automatic writing have no idea what they have written until they read over their notes.


When a psychic is channelling, they are receiving messages from another plane of existence, as though words are pouring into them and through them, to then be spoken out loud. The practice of psychometry can lead to channelling especially with those who have a natural ability.


A reader who is clairaudient, is hearing messages and receiving guidance from a higher energy, as though there are voices that the ears are perceiving, yet no one is around, it is usually soundless with words forming in the mind, to then be spoken out loud.


The more empathetic individuals are the ones who seem to have the ability of clairsentience, they naturally pick up emotions and energies from others, they can tell what people are feeling without any outward signs of stress, emotional upheaval, sadness or anger. Someone with this ability will feel things wherever they go, this may be a dinner party, a park, a shop, the doctor or dentist. Their ability will read atmosphere very easily, and they often have a very good understanding of others.


“Clear seeing”, those with this ability see that which is not there, they can perceive images from the past, present and the future. The images can be floaty and ethereal or vivid and clear. They are not seeing with their two eyes, they are seeing with their inner eye.


When hearing the word dowsing people automatically think of dowsing for water with a stick. A crystal on a leather, or silver necklace, can be used to answer questions or locate lost objects, or give a psychic reading by helping us to access our own intuition with great clarity, allowing us to see, hear and feel things, beyond the earthly.


This is a term that was used all the time and it encompasses psychic powers, and the ability to tune into the energy waves that are bouncing around the cosmos all the time. Those with a heightened sixth sense are able to do this quite naturally without any effort at all. With others it takes time to develop the gift, ESP stands for extra sensory perception, making you privy to information that goes beyond the five senses.


An intuitive is someone with an exceptional intuitive ability, this goes far beyond a hunch or gut feeling, they are able to tap information available in higher realms, allowing them to gain and offer wisdom to others.


Our higher self is constantly trying to help us in every way imaginable, it is always sending messages and communicating with us, offering knowing and understanding. It is the voice within that always has the answers, but is not always listened to.

Medical Intuitive:

Someone who is a medical intuitive usually becomes involved in work as a healer and is drawn to the natural health industry, this person is a psychic with the gift of tuning into health issues. Often a medical intuitive will become a hands on healer, using reiki, therapeutic massage, acupressure, acupuncture, or become involved in homeopathy or Bach flower remedies.


A medium is someone who is able to commune with spirits, they have the psychic skill to connect with someone who has passed over and relay messages to their loved ones. Often those who follow this path usually have a natural gift they cannot deny and seem to gravitate into this field.


A psychic receives guidance from higher realms and on different levels, their powers are honed to the point they work without any tools, they have the ability to look at a person and read them, or to tune in and receive higher guidance. They receive psychic information in various ways and their powers are highly developed.

Psychic Detective:

A psychic detective can be a valuable asset especially when using their ability to assist the police, they have the ability to find lost children and to solve crimes. Scotland Yard in London often used the famous clairvoyant Doris Stokes, she documented some of the work she did for them in her book ‘I Hear voices in my Ears.’


Someone can be a reader whether they are psychic or not, there are many tools to choose from, others combine their psychic ability and use psychic aids, for some it is tarot cards, others read palms, tea leaves, runes, or do astrology or numerology charts. Many try various styles until they find the right one for them.

Remote Viewing:

This is the unique ability to be able to see places and people that are far away, they are able to see beyond time and space.


The psychic gazes into shiny surfaces, such as water, clear mirrors, black mirrors, and is able to see images and glean psychic information.

Sixth Sense:

ESP, extra sensory perception, the ability to receive information as it rockets around the cosmos and pluck it from the ether, the senses are heightened to receive information that is not perceived by the earthly senses.


Someone who is telepathic has the ability to read information from the mind of others without them speaking, telepaths are able to read people minds.

Trance Channel:

A trance channel has the ability to enter into an altered state of awareness, to go into a trance and channel another entity through them, when doing this they often speak in a different voice. The entity who speaks through them is highly evolved and from another realm of existence. It is a fascinating experience to watch someone work with this gift.

Beginning Psychometry:

Psychometry is something you can practice on your own, you don’t need to have anyone there with you to read for, as you can touch or hold any item and read the energy from it. This way you are able to practice whenever you choose and you don’t have to rely on someone being there. Although when you first begin you may find it helpful if there is someone to give you some feedback after you have read an object belonging to them. This is one of the most practical ways to develop your psychic abilities, and is often the catalyst to an understanding of how your particular psychic powers work. Once you work in this way you will be able to decide what your particular psychic strengths are, then make choices that complement your unique abilities.

(1) You will first require an item such as a piece of jewellery, a watch, a pair of sunglasses or glasses, or any small item belonging to someone else. You place the item on your altar, table, or desk in your sacred space, before you begin to meditate.

(2) Follow the step by step techniques you have learned about meditating, light your candles, incense, fragrant oil, sit comfortably in your sacred space begin a simple meditation with your eyes closed.

(3) The person whose object you will be reading can place the object in your hand, or you can read the item while they are not there and write down what you see, hear, feel, sense and smell. If you are writing, make sure you document everything no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, to the person you are reading for it may have enormous significance. If you are speaking directly to the person and revealing what vibrations you are picking up, relay everything as it may have profound meaning for the owner of the object, the small details can at times be immensely relevant. The longer the person has had the object the easier it will be to read.

(4) In a calm, still, and relaxed manner, begin reading the object you are holding or touching, images may pop into your mind, take notice of everything you are seeing, describe what you are seeing. If words pop into your mind, say them, you may have a feeling of sadness or happiness, describe it, if there is a fragrance, acknowledge it. Notice also how your body is feeling and whether you are suddenly tired, happy, agitated, enthusiastic, feeling unwell, emotional, in love, out of love, loving, angry or sad, whatever it is speak aloud and be descriptive.

(5) There is no need to try and interpret, analyse or judge your impressions, allow yourself to flow with the energy while the information is accessible, interpretation will come to you through practice. When reading psychically you are working with energies that you have no control over, it’s a little like holding onto a balloon and flying through the air with it. Observe and listen to what the object is trying to say, what you see does not need to make sense, it just is. Psychic readings are different every time, and it is something that requires flexibility, and adaptability. When you are reading, information will sometimes be revealed through symbolism, and it will take time for you to understand what the symbols mean to you. Each person has a different way of reading and a different framework from which to read symbols, it is something the individual psychic learns over time.

When reading an object stay with the images, feelings, or words that are coming to you, it is like being drawn along a path by a gentle magnetic pull and as you move along the path you see, hear, and feel things to do with the object’s owner. You will also notice with practice that some objects are easier to read than others, sometimes it feels as though an item simply oozes information, other times it is like getting blood from a stone. This is the way of any psychic work, blame it on the planets, the weather, your moods, there will without doubt be days when everything seems to be working, and other days when you feel entirely blocked. Do not concern yourself with the ebbs and flows of psychic work, it is the same as anything in life, ever changing, and accuracy will be something that improves with time and practice.

You can also read a photograph in the same way that you read an object, the same principle applies, this is also a very good way to help you develop and enhance your psychic powers. It is only through trying again and again, either by holding an object, touching an object, such as a statue, or vase, an umbrella, a piece of furniture, anything that you wish to try and read, that you will notice how you are growing. You will notice that it becomes easier the more times you try, and working with a friend is a good way to begin so you can help gauge each others progress and offer encouragement. From the very beginning of your psychic discovery journey you can start your ‘Book of Shadows,’ this is the book in which you will document everything you do and learn pertaining to occult and esoteric matters, it will be a record of your evolution. Above all believe in yourself and know that everyone is psychic, we are all born with this natural gift, don’t push yourself too far too fast, take your time and enjoy the journey, it will be a never ending adventure full of  magic and enlightenment.


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