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200+ Witch Names and Their Meanings

200+ Witch Names and Their Meanings
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Welcome to the mystical and enchanting world of witchcraft! The world of witches and magic has always captivated the imagination of many, from the stories of the old hags in fairy tales to the modern-day witches casting spells in their covens. One of the most important aspects of being a witch is choosing a magical name that embodies your inner spirit and reflects your connection to the universe.

Choosing the right witch name can be a daunting task, as it is a reflection of your magical identity. It is a name that you will use to cast spells, perform rituals, and connect with your fellow witches. It is a name that will become a part of your magical persona and shape the way you interact with the world around you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of over 200 witch names and their meanings to help you find the perfect name for your magical journey. From powerful goddesses to mystical creatures and ancient deities, these names are steeped in history and are sure to resonate with your inner witch.

So, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious novice, we invite you to explore this list of magical names and discover the one that speaks to your soul. Let your intuition guide you, and choose a name that feels right for you. Embrace your inner witch and let the magic unfold!

Remember, the power of a witch name is in its meaning and the intention behind it. Your name is a reflection of your connection to the universe and the magic that flows through you. So, take your time, explore the names, and find the one that resonates with you on a deep level. Embrace your inner magic and let your witch name be a reflection of the powerful and enchanting person you truly are.

Acantha – Thorn or Prickly Plant.
Aderyn – Bird.
Adira – Strong and powerful.
Aelwen – Fair brow or white brow.
Aelwyd – Home or hearth.
Aife – A warrior woman of great beauty.
Airmed – A goddess of healing and medicine.
Aine – Radiance, joy, or splendor.
Alarice – All ruler or ruler of all.
Alba – White, bright or dawn.
Althaea – The healing herb marshmallow.
Amara – Eternal or unfading.
Anwen – Very fair or beautiful.
Aradia – Queen of the witches or daughter of the goddess Diana.
Aria – Melody or song.
Ariadne – Most holy.
Arianrhod – Silver wheel or the goddess of fertility and rebirth.
Arin – Enlightened.
Amaris – Child of the moon.
Anthea – Flowery or blooming.
Aradia – A goddess of witchcraft and the moon.
Ariadne – Very holy or most sacred.
Arin – Mountain of strength.
Arlene – Oath or promise.
Arianrhod – Silver wheel or round.
Astara – A goddess of fertility and the dawn.
Astra – Of the stars.
Aurora – Goddess of the dawn.
Awen – Divine inspiration or poetic inspiration.
Beatrix – Bringer of joy or happiness.
Belladonna – Beautiful lady.
Branwen – Blessed raven.
Briar – A thorny bush or plant.
Brigid – A goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft.
Calantha – Beautiful flower or blossom.
Calypso – Concealment or hiding.
Cassandra – Prophetess or one who entangles men.
Circe – Sorceress or enchantress.
Cordelia – Heart or daughter of the sea.
Calliope – Beautiful voice or muse of epic poetry.
Camilla – Young ceremonial attendant or helper.
Candace – Glowing or shining.
Cassiopeia – Queen of the throne or queen of the north.
Celandine – Swallow.
Cerridwen – A goddess of transformation and change.
Charis – Graceful or kindness.
Chloe – Blooming or young green shoot.
Circe – A goddess of magic and sorcery.
Cordelia – Heart or daughter of the sea.
Crescentia – Growing or increasing.
Cybele – A goddess of nature and fertility.
Daphne – Laurel tree or bay tree.
Danica – Morning star or dawn.
Danu – Mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann or divine waters.
Diantha – Divine flower or flower of the gods.
Dara – Oak tree or wisdom.
Davina – Beloved or cherished.
Deirdre – Sorrowful or painful.
Delia – Of Delos or born on the island of Delos.
Demeter – A goddess of agriculture and harvest.
Desdemona – Unlucky or ill-fated.
Diana – A goddess of the moon and hunting.
Dione – A goddess of love and beauty.
Drusilla – Fruitful or dewy-eyed.
Echo – Repeating sound or nymph.
Eira – Snow or mercy.
Elspeth – Consecrated to God or oath of God.
Elvira – Truth or white.
Embla – The first woman created by the gods.
Ember – Spark or fiery woman.
Enid – Soul or life force.
Eris – Goddess of discord or strife.
Eos – Goddess of the dawn.
Epona – A goddess of horses and fertility.
Erin – Peace or Ireland.
Eryndor – From the enchanted forest.
Estrella – Star or celestial.
Eudora – Generous gift.
Eurydice – Wide justice or wide ruling.
Evangeline – Good news or bringer of good tidings.
Fauna – A goddess of wildlife and fertility.
Faye – Fairy or enchantress.
Freya – A goddess of love, fertility and war.
Gaia – A goddess of the earth and nature.
Galatea – White as milk or ivory.
Genevieve – White wave or fair maiden.
Ginevra – White shadow or fair one.
Giselle – Hostage or pledge.
Glinda – Fair or good.
Gwendolyn – Blessed ring or white ring.
Hazel – Hazelnut tree or “the color of hazel eyes.”
Hecate – A goddess of witchcraft, magic and the underworld.
Hedwig – Battle strife or fight.
Helene – Torch or bright one.
Hera – A goddess of marriage and childbirth.
Hermione – Messenger or earthly.
Hestia – A goddess of the hearth and home.
Hilda – Battle or war.
Ida – Active or industrious.
Idunn – A goddess of youth and apples.
Imogen – Innocent or maiden.
Inanna – A goddess of love, fertility and war.
Indira – Splendid or beautiful.
Ingrid – Beautiful or fair.
Ione – Violet flower or purple gemstone.
Iris – Rainbow or messenger of the gods.
Isadora – Gift of the goddess or gift of the moon.
Isolde – Ice ruler or fair one.
Jadis – Witch or enchantress.
Jocasta – Shining moon or bright one.
Juniper – A small evergreen shrub.
Kaida – Little dragon or little helper.
Kali – A goddess of death and destruction.
Kalinda – The sun or the moon.
Kari – Wind or storm.
Keira – Dark-haired or dark lady.
Kelda – Spring or fountain.
Kerensa – Love or affection.
Kestrel – A small falcon.
Kiara – Dark-haired or small and dark.
Kiran – Ray of light or sunbeam.
Lachesis – A goddess of fate and destiny.
Lamia – A serpent or monster in Greek mythology.
Leda – A queen of Sparta and mother of Helen of Troy.
Lila – Night or play.
Lilith – A female demon or vampire in Jewish folklore.
Lorelei – Alluring enchantress or temptress.
Luna – Goddess of the moon.
Lyra – A small constellation or musical instrument.
Maeve – Intoxicating or enchanting.
Magdalena – Of Magdala or tower.
Maren – Of the sea or from the sea.
Matilda – Battle-mighty or powerful in battle.
Medea – A sorceress in Greek mythology.
Meliora – Better or superior.
Melisande – Strong worker or beekeeper.
Meridian – Midday or highest point.
Meriel – Sea nymph or shining sea.
Meridian – Midday or highest point.
Mina – Love or will.
Morgana – A sorceress or enchantress in Arthurian legend.
Morrigan – A goddess of fate, war and death in Irish mythology.
Nadia – Hope or beginning.
Niamh – Bright or radiant.
Nimue – Lady of the lake or enchantress.
Ondine – Water spirit or little wave.
Ophelia – Help or aid.
Oriana – Golden or sunrise.
Orla – Golden princess or golden ruler.
Paloma – Dove or pigeon.
Pandora – All-gifted or all-giving.
Penelope – Weaver or duck.
Persephone – Queen of the underworld and goddess of spring.
Phoenix – A mythological bird associated with fire and rebirth.
Piper – A musician or flute player.
Rhiannon – Great queen or divine queen.
Rosalind – Pretty rose or gentle horse.
Portia – Pig or hog; this name was popularized by Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice”.
Rowan – Tree or red-haired.
Primrose – First rose or early rose.
Raven – A large black bird associated with death and magic.
Rowan – A type of tree with red berries; it is believed to have magical properties in some cultures.
Sabrina – From the River Severn or from the name of a Celtic goddess.
Salem – Peaceful or safe; this name is associated with the town in Massachusetts known for its infamous witch trials.
Salome – Peace or welcomed.
Samara – A winged seed or a name of a city in Russia.
Selene – Goddess of the moon; this name means “moon” in Greek.
Seraphina – Burning ones or fiery ones; this name is associated with angels in some religious traditions.
Sibyl – Prophetess or oracle.
Siren – Enchantress or seductress.
Siren – A creature from Greek mythology that lured sailors to their death with its beautiful singing.
Skye – Island off the west coast of Scotland; this name is associated with the natural beauty of Scotland.
Soleil – Sun in French; this name is associated with warmth and light.
Solstice – A term for the two times a year when the sun is at its highest or lowest point; this name is associated with the changing of seasons.
Star – A celestial body that shines in the sky; this name is associated with light and guidance.
Storm – A violent disturbance in the atmosphere; this name is associated with power and unpredictability.
Suri – A red rose; this name is associated with beauty and passion.
Sybil – Prophetess or oracle; this name is associated with ancient Greek mythology.
Tabitha – Gazelle; this name is associated with grace and beauty.
Tara – Star or goddess of peace and protection.
Titania – Queen of the fairies or giantess.
Trinity – Threefold or triad.
Ursula – Little bear or she-bear.
Vesper – Evening star or evening prayer.
Vivienne – Life or lively.
Willow – A type of tree with slender branches; this name is associated with flexibility and resilience.
Winifred – Reconciled friend; this name is associated with Welsh mythology and Saint Winifred.
Wisteria – A type of flowering plant; this name is associated with beauty and grace.
Xanthe – Yellow or golden; this name is associated with the ancient Greek goddess of the sun.
Yara – Water lady or small butterfly; this name is associated with Brazilian mythology.
Ysabel – Variant of Isabel or Elizabeth; this name means “pledged to God”.
Zara – Princess or shining star; this name is associated with Arabic origin.
Zephyr – West wind or gentle breeze.
Zillah – Shade or shadow.
Zora – Dawn or golden.
Zella – Short form of Marcella or Estella; this name means “little girl” or “humble”.
Zenobia – Life of Zeus or Zeus’s gift; this name is associated with ancient Greek history and mythology.
Zephyr – A gentle breeze from the west; this name is associated with the Greek god of the west wind.
Zinnia – A type of flower; this name is associated with beauty and happiness.

Final Musings

As we come to the end of our journey through 200+ Pagan and Witch names and their meanings, we hope you have found a name that speaks to your soul and reflects your magical identity. Whether you are a practitioner of witchcraft or simply someone who is drawn to the mystery and wonder of the natural world, these names are a testament to the enduring power and beauty of the pagan and witchcraft traditions.

Remember, the name you choose is more than just a label – it is a statement of your connection to the divine and a reflection of your innermost self. It is a reminder of your own magic and the infinite possibilities that lie within you. So, embrace your name and let it guide you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Finally, we want to remind you that witchcraft and paganism are not just about names or labels – they are about living in harmony with the natural world, honoring the sacredness of all things, and connecting with the divine within and without. They are about embracing your power and using it for good, to heal, to manifest, and to create a better world.

We hope that this article has served as a source of inspiration and empowerment for you, and we invite you to continue exploring the magical world of witchcraft and paganism with an open heart and an open mind. May the magic of these names guide you on your journey and may you always remember the power and beauty of your own divine nature. Blessed be.

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