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How to Cast a Love Spell

How to Cast a Love Spell
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Do you find yourself longing for love but unable to attract the partner of your dreams? Through the ages, witches have possessed a secret power to stir even the coldest of hearts. With just a few common items and the focus of your intent, you can work magic to draw true romance to you. I will share with you a charm I’ve successfully used time and again to call affection my way. Perform this rite of attraction beneath the light of a full moon, visualize your desire with clarity, and trust that destiny may soon have your fated love in sight. Are you ready to weave a spell and see what love you can unfurl? Then let me teach you the art of romance through the craft of an old yet effective enchantment.

Gather your tools – you’ll need a red candle, a lock of your own hair, and a picture of your beloved. Carve their full name into the candle with an athame. Anoint with your oil of choice – rose or jasmine work especially well for matters of the heart.

When the moon is full and high, it is time for your ritual. Cleanse your space and yourself. Cast a circle to keep out unwanted energies. Light the candle and hold the lock of hair over the flame to charge it with your intent. Focus your will on your desire to attract your love’s affection.

Say these words three times:
“By the light of this flame so bright,
Bring [their name] to me this very night.
With this spell so carefully spun,
May our hearts beat as one.”

Visualize them seeing only you, thinking only of you, longing to be near you. Place the hair and picture before the candle. Let it burn down completely to fully release your magic into the universe.

Have faith, my sister, that the old magic is at work. Keep yourself open to serendipitous encounters. A chance meeting, a delayed journey, a shared interest could bring you together. The seeds have been sown – now you must tend to love’s young blossoms with kindness and care.

May the Goddess bless your spell and guide your feet down the moonlit path to passion and romance. Now go in love, power, and light!

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