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Gods and Angels for Invocation

Sybil (Greek prophet)

Sybil, her name means (cave dweller) was one of ten well known prophets from the ancient world, she was from Cumae, a place near Naples, there she lived in an enormous cave with a 375 foot Angels for Invocationentranceway and a 60 foot ceiling. Sybil wrote her prophecies on leaves, these prophecies she placed at the mouth of her cave, if her messages were unread they were scattered by the winds, sometimes the leaves were bound into books. On one occasion Sybil attempted to sell nine volumes of her prophecies to Tarquin II of Rome at an exorbitant price. Sybil then burned three volumes and offered the remaining six volumes at the same price, Taquin again refused and Sybil burned another three volumes, again asking the original price for the remaining three. The king felt he may be missing out on something and paid Sybil the original asking price for the last three volumes. These prophecies were treated with great reverence, being kept carefully in the Capitol and the Senate consulted them only when there was a great need. Sybil used her feminine wiles to enamour the sun god Apollo, the powerful god offered her anything she wanted if she would spend one night with him. She asked for as many years of life as grains of sand she could hold in her hand. Apollo granted her wish, Sybil then refused to sleep with him, he gave her the gift of eternal life but not eternal youth, turning her wish into a curse. The sacred cave of Cumae was an entrance to the underworld, a place where a succession of priestesses used necromancy to call upon the dead for information.

Sybil can be invoked to enhance and empower your life, she offers wisdom and insightful guidance, she will speak to you and use her knowing to light the way for you, leading you to tap your inner knowing. Sybil encourages self esteem and fosters belief in nascent abilities, her energies permeate and enhance untapped strengths, leading you to self enlightenment. She lights the path on your life journey encouraging you to be the best you can be.

Thoth (Egyptian Deity)

Thoth, the son of Ra, messenger of the gods, bestowed with the magical properties of the universe, inventor or writing, patron of scribes, divine mediator, keeper of the divine wisdoms, god of love and gratitude. Writer of the Book of Thoth, it was believed that those who read his sacred book would become the most powerful magicians in the world. There was danger inherent in the reading of this book, especially if the reader did not have the wherewithal to comprehend the wisdoms within. Tragedy would befall those without understanding, but if the reader understood the message within the sacred text, their lives would be transformed and become a life of miracles. Thoth spreads the message of life being a divine gift, and if a person understands its wisdom it helps to deepen their connection with their spirit.

Thoth will lead you to enlightenment and help to enhance your creativity and heighten your intuition, ensuring your message goes out to the universe, leading you to divine wisdom and attracting magic into your life.

Invoke Thoth, ask for his divine guidance, stand outside in the moonlight and imagine your message being carried by the moonbeams while you absorb the power of the Moon. Lift your hands upwards and visualise divine energy entering your fingertips, sending out beams of light and energy, feel it fill you completely. As you do this call Thoth’s name out loud and feel his wisdom and knowledge permeating your psyche. Thoth will help you find the answers you are searching for.

Hestia (goddess of the hearth)

Hestia is the daughter of Cronos and Rhea and sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and one of twelve Olympians. She was the originator of the family concept, at all public ceremonies Hestia was invoked at the opening and closing of all public ceremonies in ancient Greece. Within the temple of Delphi was her sacred fire which was at the center of Greek religious lore, those wishing for immunity from the government would present themselves at her sacrificial fire and request assistance. Hestia reminds us of the wonder the power of the universe and the magic and mystery within. Anyone interested in matters political can ask for divine guidance from Hestia, she also creates balance and harmony within the home. Place a statue of Hestia in your home for good luck, wise guidance and balance in your life. For those interested in healing she is the deity to call upon, and if you are involved in politics where there is corruption she is the one to call upon to unearth the imbalance. Hestia is a patron of the arts and a lover of all that is beautiful and creative.

If there are matters to be resolved within the home Hestia’s energies will dissolve disharmony, if there is a solemn ceremony of any sought Hestia’s benevolent presence will enhance the proceedings. She will also help you to deepen your connection to the divine and the higher realms.

Invoke Hestia, make an offering to her, a small gift of food or flowers, call upon her for guidance, talk to her, tell her how you are feeling, sense her presence and trust that she will lead you in the right direction. Summon Hestia when you wish to talk to archangels, angels, deities, spirits and divine guides.

Zachriel (Angel)

Zachriel is a record keeper, helping you to maintain your memories, he will bring you calm by filling your heart with contentment, bringing ease and joy into your life. Zachriel will help your life to flow, reminding you of your life’s experiences and helping you to understand the choices you make in life, he will realign you to your important relationships. He wears a purple robe and carries a gilded sword, his sword is used to cut through illusion and allow you to see clearly all aspects of your life. Zachriel is tall and slim with a long flowing beard, over his purple robe he wears a silver belt and a silver ring with a dragon carved into it, he is known to stroke his beard when he is in deep thought.

When your mind is feeling sluggish Zachriel’s energies strengthen your thought process, when you have difficulty making a decision his energies offer clarity. When something is lost Zachriel will help you find it, balancing your budget is easier with Zachriel’s assistance. Before any form of study his energies will enhance your mind power and strengthen familial ties.

Invoke Zachriel before any mind work, hypnosis, study, exams. Purple is his colour, light a purple candle and call his name three times with your eyes closed, ask him to strengthen the power of your mind. Ask Zachriel to make you more decisive, insightful and certain, he will guide you to your highest path if you ask him and listen carefully. Value his wisdom and he will assist you in resolving issues in your life. Zachriel is dignity, he is grace he is wisdom and he is love, he will enhance all areas of your life. Speak to him in a voice filled with love and acceptance, ask him how to bring magic and miracles into your life.

Gabriel (Archangel)

Archangel Gabriel is a high ranking Angel who stands in the presence of God, he is a messenger who carries a trumpet, Gabriel is a healer of mankind spreading the word of love and harmony. He is associated with the Moon and is the ruler of the element of water, he assists with intuition and insight. Gabriel guides the newborn souls, as a child is born Gabriel prepares the babe for its life on Earth. Gabriel brings wishes to fruition, and protects us from the elements, he is the patron of travel ensuring a safe journey, he is also a fulfiller of wishes. He enhances intuition and knowing, he empowers psychic energy.

Gabriel will help you to tap into your intuition and assists both sexes in getting in touch with their feminine side. He enhances the channel to your spirit, he encourages you to appreciate life and to manifest your deepest most ardent desires. Gabriel’s energies will guide you to cleanse body, mind and spirit, he will protect you from inclement weather, he helps parents to communicate with their unborn child.

Invoke Gabriel to bring peace, joy and love into your life, see him in the moonlight and feel his blessings. Whenever you need his assistance call his name and ask for his guidance his energies will permeate your entire being, when you want understanding invoke his divine presence and you will feel better instantly. He will listen to all your requests and worries, and you will feel his divine presence enhance your life. After you have made your request thank Gabriel for his assistance.

Uriel (Archangel)

Uriel is an archangel of prophecy and creativity, he is known as “regent of the Sun” and “angel of presence.” He is a lover of music and a gifted prophet, he finds solutions to problems in most unusual ways, he has dominion over thunder and terror. Uriel teaches people to understand love and see life through the eyes of love, he imparts profound insights. He is the angel of transformation, he is also the angel of overcoming, helping you to find the blessing in your life. Uriel loves mortals and understands the trammels of being human, his assistance in any way he can, he helps us to get in touch with spirit and guides us to be limitless.

Uriel will lead you to tap your creativity, while helping you to be more insightful as you gain greater perspective, he helps you to tap into your own future by enhancing intuition. He fosters a loving heart and gentle spirit, he will guide you towards transformation.

Invoke Uriel if you are involved in any form of creativity, art, writing, music, design. He encourages humans to write to release all that is within, it is a way to greater understanding of self. He encourages treasure maps with pictures and words describing in detail the life you want to lead and what you want to attain during your lifetime. Write his name to empower your wishes and desires, he believes in positive thoughts and actions. Call upon Uriel to help you to create the life you want to lead, spend time each day looking at your treasure map while you are thinking of Uriel he will help your most ardent desires come to be.

Miniel (Angel)

Miniel is the angel of love, If you are ready to fall in love call upon the angel Miniel, he will help you send out the energy of love to draw a loving partner into your life. Miniel will help you understand the power of love, he is the preserver of life and cares for the environment and for animals. Miniel is an angel of love and beauty bringing more of both into your life, he will teach you how to live, love and give love to others and to the world.

With the energy of Miniel you can bring newness into your life, he will help you to recreate, relocate, find new work, a new career, tune into nature and care for nature. Miniel will help you to go beyond your fears and break down barriers that are stopping your from progressing.

Invoke Miniel when you are ready for love, be very clear about who and what you want in your life, be concise, direct and description about the type of relationship you want. Be specific about the type of love you wish for, such as marriage, partnership, companionship, friendship, soul mate. When invoking Miniel draw upon the energy of the Moon, it helps to gaze at the Moon as you invoke Miniel, he will also help you to change and align your behaviour so that your life can be more fulfilling.


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