TAURUS (April 21 – May 21) Horoscope for January 2017

The beginning of the month you will feel the need to spend more time with friends, you will be very social, wanting to have friends over for dinner or organizing outings. There will also be the want to make new acquaintances, go with this feeling and see where it leads you.

Being yourself is most important, let the real you surface and aim for your goals, especially those you have put on hold. You are in a position to experience success and fulfillment, pay attention to short and long term plans, pay attention to the details, try not to skip any steps. As the month progresses you will need time to yourself as you will want to objectively look at your plans for your future.

This is a good month to relieve yourself of that which is no longer necessary, you will do this, mentally, physically and emotionally. Those in love will want to build on that love, those in a relationship will aim for a deeper spiritual connection. Singles will want to take things slowly.

Best love days 6, 12, 27.

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