TAURUS (April 21 – May 21) Horoscope for December 2016

You’ve had a breakthrough and can enjoy working towards that which drives you, you will be motivated and productive, there may be someone you want to impress, this you will do effortlessly. It is a though you have found your rhythm and can proceed without impediments, you will be responsible and disciplined.

Moving beyond your comfort zone is always testing, but by doing this you will achieve a great deal, it will allow you to become aware that you are more accomplished than you realise. For others to view you in a new light, you must first view yourself differently, this will allow room for expansion and exploration.

Break through your logical thinking and step outside the box, being focused and driven is a good thing, however it is important to give yourself time to play and to wind down. There is creativity within you, now is the time to let it surface, the possibilities are endless.

Those of you who are single are drawn towards someone with status, there is a sense of quiet power. Those who are in a relationship will be listening closely to their loved one allowing them to tune in on a deeper level.

Best love days 1, 14, 16.

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