TAURUS (April 21 – May 21) Horoscope for February 2017

You will be focussing on your plans, both long and short term, you will also let go of certain plans that have not been working for you. Be honest with yourself and this will create more balance and harmony in your life. Details are important this month, pay attention to them. Your outlook is to be more pragmatic and disciplined.

It is possible you could be leading the way for others, this could be in the way of a promotion or new idea you are sharing with others. Friendships and your social circle are important to you, it is likely you will be pushing yourself past your comfort zone where friendships are concerned, and inviting new people into your life. 

Changing your perspective can be difficult, however in your case it will be worth the effort, learning something new will propel you forward to a place you really want to be. Health and wellbeing is very important, make sure you get adequate exercise, it is possible you will be changing your dietary routine. 

In love you will be creative, sensuous and will listen to what your partner needs from you. Singles could at last gain the attention of that special person you have a crush on. 

Best love days 4, 9, 13.


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