Love Spells

True love spell

True love spell

True love spell

This is a spell to bring true love into your life.

You will need:
Two red candles.
A rose scented candle.
Sweet basil.
Cast this spell after 8pm

Place the rose scented candle in the center of a table or altar, and place the red candles either side of it, sprinkle the basil around the base of each candle, then light the three candles.
Sit for 5 minutes gazing at the candle flames.

Recite the following twice:

The ether sends true love to me. Candle flame will let this be. May love blossom and grow strong. Inflame my heart and love me do. And it harm no one. Let it be done.

Put the two red candles out and let the scented one burn for at least two hours. Repeat this ritual over two nights.

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