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Spell to maintain unconditional love

Spell to maintain unconditional love
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This spell will help maintain a loving relationship.


  • a pink candle
  • a small bowl of rose petals
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen, and matches/a lighter.


1. Set up a comfortable space to perform the ritual, and light the pink candle.

2. Take a few moments to clear your mind and focus your energy on unconditional love.

3. On the piece of paper, write:

“I dedicate this love spell to the unconditional love and connection between <partner’s name> and me.”

4. Place the paper in the bowl of rose petals and light it with the matches/lighter.

5. Visualize a white light of unconditional love and connection radiating from the candle to the bowl of rose petals, and then to you and your partner.

6. Chant the following words:

“I invoke the power of unconditional love,

and bring it forth in this moment and all moments hereafter.

Our connection is strong and unbroken,

and our love grows ever stronger.”

7. Take a few moments to focus on the feeling of unconditional love, and then thank the universe for its blessings.

8. When you are finished, blow out the candle and dispose of the ashes and paper in a safe manner.

9. The spell is complete.


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