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Love Protection Spell

Love Protection Spell
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This spell is used to protect your relationship from any external influences.



  • A Rose Quartz crystal
  • A piece of Red string
  • A white candle



  1. Begin by holding the Rose Quartz crystal in your dominant hand.
  2. Visualize a protective white light surrounding you and your partner.
  3. Tie the red string around the crystal and say:

    “I bind myself and my partner together in love and protection.”

  4. Light the candle and say:

    “This flame will burn away all negative energies and keep us safe in our love.”

  5. Place the crystal on the table and say:

    “This Rose Quartz will protect our love and keep us safe.”

  6. Allow the candle to burn until it is fully extinguished.
  7. When the candle is out, leave the crystal on the table and say:

    “So mote it be.”

  8. Close the ritual by thanking the elements and the universe for their protection.
  9. This ritual is now complete.

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