The Sacred Futhork Runes

The Sacred Futhork Runes
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The Sacred Futhork Runes

One of the most popular runic practises is Ralf Blum’s runes, 25 runes are used, 24 have a symbol on them and one is blank (this is considered the most powerful rune).  The Eighteen Armanen Sacred Futhork Runes provide a different approach to rune energy.

The runes connect with the creative energies of the universe. Each rune helps you to align with a mystical power thus helping you to mould your universe. You will learn which creative energies are the greatest catalysts upon your life. The rune is not an inanimate object, it pulses with a palpable energy which cannot help but affect the individual. When you draw a rune and visualise its symbol you are melding with the creative energies of the universe. Each rune connects with a word, this is a power word that can be used as a mantra. By focusing on the rune’s word and using it as a mantra, the sound frequency enables you to heal yourself or others, allows you to balance the chakras and unlocks your natural abilities. Runes will enhance your psychic energy, helping to clear your third eye and allowing in depth psychic vision which in turn enhances your life by giving you greater understanding.

Runic practise will help your self worth, add to your spiritual development, further oneness with the higher self, release your healing energy and increase your psychic power. Once you start using the Sacred Futhork Runes you will feel the energy and power of this ancient system, your runic knowledge will offer you psychic protection. Your ultimate aim is to be at one with all things.

When working with the Sacred Futhork Runes, always have a crystal close by, think of it as the spark that ignites the magic. Before you begin working with the runes you will need to create a sacred space, this can be created with candles, stones, crystals, statues, and anything with an esoteric vibe can be used. This will be known as your outer space and this is where you will always practise your magic. Your circle is a place of protection and before you begin use either a smudge stick or incense to symbolically draw your circle clockwise. Imagine you are sealed into your sacred space and when you have finished your magic work use the smudge stick or incense to draw a circle anti-clockwise to open the circle.

To create your inner rune realm you sit calmly within your protected circle, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place of utter stillness and bliss, you could be sitting under a tree next to a lake, you could be atop a snow covered mountain, you could be in a room full of esoteric symbols. As long as it is a space where you feel entirely safe and comfortable, go to this place whenever you are working within your circle, this place can be whatever your imagination can create.

You can purchase your runes from an occult outlet or make them yourself, you can also use rune cards by cutting eighteen pieces of cardboard and inscribing them with a rune marking in black pen.

Three Rune Spread:

One of the simplest rune spreads is the three rune spread, with an issue clearly in mind, you then select three runes and lay them out from right to left in order of selection. The first rune gives you the situation the second rune reveals the challenge and the third rune advises the course of action.







Five Rune Spread:

With five rune spread you again formulate your issue, you then draw five runes and place them one at a time in a vertical line one below the other.

1      Overview of the situation

2      Challenge

3      Course of action called for

4     Sacrifice (that which has to be peeled away)

5    New Situation


The Runic Cross

With this reading you will lay six runes in the shape of a cross, the first rune represents the past, the second rune represents you now. The third rune is the future rune and what lies ahead of you, the fourth rune looks at the unconscious elements. The fifth rune shows you the obstacles in your way, the sixth and final rune shows what to expect as you evolve and overcome challenges. A great deal of information is revealed within the Runic Cross, if however you feel you want more information you can draw a single rune to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

                      6. New situation

3. Future             5. Challenge               1. Past

                      2. You now

                      4. Foundation

Sacred Futhork Runes

Rune FA (1)Futhork Runes - FA

Fa is the rune that symbolises the cosmos, the universe and the creative energy of fire, fire burns after which there is new growth. It is the will that is the catalyst that triggers manifestation down to the material level. Fa inspires change and creativity from within the creative levels, it is tantamount to the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Fa affects karma, destiny, action and wealth. Fa strengthens personal magnetism, spiritual powers and is used as a prelude to healing, it attracts and absorbs solar energy and the energies of the planets.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Fa.”

Rune UR (2)Futhork Runes - Ur

Ur is the rune to do with time, past, present and future, it is associated with creation, it’s vibration is to do with the laws of the universe and knowledge.

The roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, are in Ur, here the tree Goddesses of fate and destiny weave the threads into the web of time that determines the fates of humans and gods, it is here knowledge and wisdom are gained. Ur represents a new way of being both earthly and spiritually, it strengthens healing and psychic hearing (clairaudience.) This rune helps you to better understand your place in the world. By meditating into the symbol the mind and spirit clear as if by magic. Ur is the rune of change, it is that which is ever shifting in your life bringing about a new existence. Before any healing practise meditate into the symbol of this rune.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Ur.”

Rune THORN (3)Futhork Runes - Thorn

Thorn is the rune of action and the active mind, it is the rune of spirited exchange and communication, this rune represents Thor’s hammer. Thorn symbolises polarities, opposing forces. Thorn represents life and death, hot and cold, black and white, it is an awakening rune, and it forces choice. Thorn is the rune of ongoing creation and change, it awakens that which is new. Thorn is the rune of mental telepathy, all things become clearer with the help of Thorn, and it plumbs the psyche. Thorn brings about the will to act, it helps us  adjust to continuous change and protects against psychic attack. Thorn awakens in us the will to take charge and to creatively act upon our universe. A person’s aura will be strengthened by meditating into the Thorn symbol.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Thorn.”

The Rune OS (4)Futhork Runes - OS

Os is the Rune of conscious manifestation, it’s energy frees us from the constraints of the material world, powerful magick is wielded by this rune. Os allows us to gain a greater understanding of the magical universe. Meditate into the symbol of Os to strengthen your spiritual powers. Before attempting to contact the higher realms or call upon the energies of a god or goddess, meditate into the Os rune and use the mantra.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Os.”

RUNE RIT (5)Futhork Runes - Rit

Rit is the Rune of law and balance, it signifies inner strength, ritual and cosmic rhythm. Rit symbolises movement and change, it represents that which unfolds, it represents rhythm and dance. Rit accesses higher power and promotes inner guidance. Use Rit to help you receive messages from the ether, it will help to direct inner guidance. Rit will enhance your own power and psychic abilities as it enables the third eye to see more clearly.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Rit.”

RUNE KA (6)Futhork Runes - Ka

Ka is the rune associated with the libido, it is the sexual energy rune. Ka helps you manage and organise your life. Ka is associated with the occult and strengthens the connection with higher realms, it empowers your links beyond the Earth plane. Ka is the great protector against magical attacks, it inspires and nurtures, it deepens intuition and your link with the universe. With Ka you become more daring and courageous, it urges you to further yourself in all things.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Ka.”

THE RUNE HAGAL (7)Futhork Runes - Hagal

Hagal is a mixture of Man, Yr, Nod and Eh, it is the rune of creativity it fans the fire of expression. It is the symbol of the builder, the architect, it is the rune of the world tree. Hagal is the rune that inspires care of the universe. Hagal signifies perpetual change, it represents man and the universe. Use Hagal for protection, balance and harmony, it helps you release that which is unnecessary in your life. Hagal helps you connect with the Divine and enhances your spiritual powers.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Hagal.”

Rune NOD (8)Futhork Runes - Nod

Nod is the Rune of karma, it signifies karmic law and represents Divine justice, Nod helps you to accept and master your karma. Nod enhances and strengthens your connection with the Divine. Nod brings about awareness of karmic debts and helps to dissipate your karma. It guides you to find your place in the cosmos and creates understanding of that which is beyond earthly machinations. Nod helps you to invoke high spiritual beings to inspire and guide you.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Hagal.”

Rune IS (9)Futhork Runes - IS

This is the rune of discipline and of the personality, it is associated with will and power, it connects you with all things. It is the rune of the ego, of self-discipline and self-awareness. This rune evolves beyond the lower ego, it is Divine love. The rune of completion and of Moon magic. When you meditate into this rune, the personality is strengthened and the emotional tides of thoughts are calmed. Is enhances psychic powers through self-awareness and self-discipline, helping you to rid yourself of that which is not necessary. When working with Is you are working with Divine magic.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Is.”

Rune AR (10)Futhork Runes - AR

Art is the rune of the initiate, of the light, the Sun, beauty, virtue, wisdom, honour, fame and trust. The symbolism of this rune is moving from darkness to light. Ar assists the initiate in controlling thought patters. Ar is the rune of re-aligning your life and life issues, it fosters change from within. Ar lifts you beyond your doubts and uncertainties. Ar attracts magical energy.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Ar.”

Rune SIG (11)Futhork Runes - SIG

Sig is the Rune of success, of the light, the Sun, good luck, overcoming and victory. Sig represents the journey of the soul and the path it takes. Sig represents Solar light and is the rune of inspiration. It assists you in overcoming limitations and strengthens the power of the spirit. From this rune you attain knowledge, wisdom, and your ability to visualise is increased.  Sig guides you to recognise the light within, it provides illumination and increases psychic powers.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Sig.”

Rune TYR (12)Futhork Runes - Tyr

Tyr is the rune of the god/goddess who sacrifices himself/herself, certain he/she will rise above the ashes to be born again. Tyr is the rune of reincarnation, of awakening, of coming to be. Because Tyr is associated with the hammer of Thor, it can help you to overcome in the material world. By meditating into the symbol of Tyr you will be able to recall past lives. Tyr is associated with rebirth on all levels, it breaks down barriers. Tyr connects with the Hanged Man card 12 in the Tarot, this card is associated with initiation.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Tyr.”

Rune BAR (13)Futhork Runes - BAR

Bar is the rune of continuous transformation, death and rebirth, revelation, spirit overcoming and spiritual rebirth. Bar is associated with your dreams, hopes and wishes. By meditating into this rune you will attain a higher level of spiritual awareness, understanding, psychic ability, mysticism and metamorphosis. It is the rune of the independent soul who wishes to attain inner and outer freedom, Bar leads to spiritual birth and awakening. Bar connects to the Death card 13 in the Tarot, it represents transformation.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Bar.”

Rune LAF (14)Futhork Runes - LAF

Laf gives you deeper understanding of the process of life, the ancients used it  spiritually, psychologically and psychically. Laf is associated with life and the law of life, it goes back to the original laws of the universe. Laf is the rune of initiation in the world in which you live, a rune of the sea and the etheric body. By meditating into the Laf symbol you will be imbued with a deeper understanding of the life process, birth, death and reincarnation. Laf connects to the Temperance card 14 in the Tarot, it represents balance, stillness and calm.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Laf.”

Rune MAN (15)Futhork Runes - MAN

This is the symbol of Man, mankind, humanity and of resurrection, it is associated with the world tree Yggdrasil. It is also the rune of spiritual powers  and of directing these powers. Man is a rune of protection both spiritually and physically and of life unfolding. Man is used to enhance the aura. Man awakens memories from this life and past lives. Use this rune for connection with the Divine. Man connects to the Devil card 15 in the tarot, it represents strength, the will and confrontation.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Man.”

Rune YR (16)Futhork Runes - YR

This rune urges you to complete that which you started, it is the rune of perfection and beauty, it is the rune of night and the Moon, this rune enhances meditation. Yr is the rune of karmic tests, it helps you undergo that which is most difficult. Yr is the counterpart of Man, it is associated with the roots of the world tree, and it signifies strength. Yr is a rune of overcoming, especially when sudden unexpected changes take place, it helps you find a spiritual place of calm when the waters of life are inclement. Yr connects to the Citadel, Lightning card 16 in the Tarot, it represents change being forced upon you. How you respond to this change is all important.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Yr.”

Rune EH (17)Futhork Runes - EH

Eh is the rune of love, of soul mates, it is a rune of cosmic union which transcends the earthly trammels, it is the connection of the soul and the cosmic. Eh is perfect love. With this rune connections are made, two become one, soul mates are brought together. Eh is associated with abundance and success in the material world and spiritually.

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Eh.”

Rune GIBOR (18)Futhork Runes - GIBOR

Gibor is the world card and associated with the wheel of life and all creation. This rune balances and unifies the soulmate relationship, it harmonises and enlightens. GIBOR harmonises the relations of twin souls and unifies the energies. Gibor enhances spiritual understanding. This is the rune to meditate into regarding a relationship it will offer clarity

As a mantra you will sound out and repeat “Gibor.”

The runes offer a gentle way to decipher what is, was and will take place in your life, allowing you to receive information from higher realms and you will find using them very comforting

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