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Born Michel de Nostradame, in San Remy on the 14th December 1503, around midday, his parents were Jacques and Renee de Nostradame. Michel de Nostradame was born with the gift of prophecy. Doctor of theology Jean-Ayme de Chavigny, magistrate of Beaune, was a pupil and close friend who documented the journey of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus’s, paternal and maternal grandfathers were known as savants in medicine and mathematics, one a physician to Rene’, King of Jerusalem and Sicily, and Count of Provence, the other, of Jean, Duke of Calabria, son of King Rene’. Due to the acclaim and position of his family, Nostradamus was invited to the court of Henry II, as the king’s guest, and lodged in the palace of a prince-cardinal of the blood.

Michel’s maternal grandfather, Doctor De Re’my, was responsible for his early education, which even by today’s standards would seem extraordinary. Nostradamus was an eager pupil and gained great joy from his learning. Dr de Re’my taught his beloved grandson, Latin, mathematics, astronomy, and the balance of nature. In the 16th century, Latin was the language of scholars, it was used at court, and it was imperative for those of any note to be fluent in speaking and writing Latin. Due to their exceptional abilities in astronomy and mathematics, and Michel’s eagerness to learn, his savant grandfathers imbued in Nostradamus knowledge beyond his years, and light years beyond the time in which he was born.

Sadly doctor de Nostradame did not live to see his beloved prodigy reach manhood, he died while Michel was in his teens. During Nostradamus’s lifetime there were five kings of France, the reign of Louis XII ended in 1515, he was one of the most popular monarchs.

After the death of Michel’s tutor grandfather, he was sent to Avignon University, to take his Philosophia, the equivalent of today’s Bachelor of Arts. Here he studied philosophy, astronomy, Latin and mathematics. Nostradamus proved himself to be a more than adept pupil, astounding his teachers with his photographic memory, and ability to retain everything he learned. Apart from what Nostradamus learned at university, he had an astounding cache’ of stored knowledge which entranced his fellow students. One of his favourite subjects was astronomy for which he had an uncanny knowing. He was nicknamed “the young astronomer.” Because of his exceptional abilities, Nostradamus was given the traditional honor of being put in charge of the astronomy class as a student teacher.

After completing his humanities at Avignon University Nostradamus decided he wanted to be an astronomer, believing this to be his calling, his father had other ideas and wanted him to become a doctor. Michel began study at the Faculte’ de Me’decin in Montpellier, which was the most esteemed university in France, known for its scientific study.

The professors who knew Nostradamus’s grandfathers, vied to be the tutor to this astonishing young man, each hoping he would enroll in their class. No salaries were received by professors at Montpellier at this time, making competition keen between professors, as students chose and paid their chosen masters. The amphitheater was the first to be built in France, no operations were performed on living persons, it was built purely for anatomical dissection of corpses.

In later years Nostradamus paid tribute to three tutors, in particular, Guillaume Rondelet, the foremost anatomist in France and a devote’ of the new Greek ideas which the Renaissance was introducing. The others were Antoine Saporta and Honore’ Castelin.

Nostradamus’s student days came to a sudden end when a virulent plague broke out devastating most of southern France, causing the Faculte’ de Me’decin to close, along with all other schools in Montpellier.  “The black plague,” was so devastating was that burials could not keep pace with the deaths. Doctors treating patients attempted to protect themselves with special oils, garlic, cotton gloves and goggles, this was to no avail.

The plague was the first of three similar battles Nostradamus was to wage and be victorious, his ability to accomplish this is shrouded in mystery. Like a fearless angel of mercy, Nostradamus travelled to the countryside, he travelled the roads of southern France, Narbonne, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Nimes and Toulouse. Where he went people recovered, everyone came to know him as the man who could cure the plague, a task thought to be impossible. Everyone who heard of the miracle worker, Michel de Nostradame, sought his services, he worked ceaselessly, the plague lasted four years, thus Nostradamus became a legend in his own time.

Due to the closure of the university Nostradamus had no formal diploma at this time, the required time for the course that was interrupted two years into his study, was meant to be six years. HeNostradamus was allowed to take his final examination due to his spectacular field work during the four years of the plague. The examinations were oral and public, presented rapid fire by the faculty and representative of the Church, it was a long and arduous process which he excelled in. From this Nostradamus was formally invested with the four cornered hat, the ermine trimmed rob, the golden girdle and ring of the brotherhood of Hippocrates. Doctor de Nostradame was born this day, he was twenty six years old and in his graduating class was fifty-one year old Jacques Dubois, (Sylvius). Jacques was to become the foremost anatomist in Paris. Both the older and the younger scholar were to attain greatness as one foretold the future, the other defied age.

The university readily offered Nostradamus a position as tutor, a most coveted position in this time. Nostradamus however wanted to further explore the world and surprised all when he declined this revered post to travel where the fates took him. Due to his brilliance and his celebrity, Nostradamus was offered invitations from all corners of the world, this way he was able to combine love of work with travel from place to place. During his journeying he became aware of political uncertainty in the world which led him to a study of destinies, this is when he began channeling information from another plane of existence. The collective unconscious was inundated with new and dramatic information, Leonardo Da Vinci was designing aircraft and hydraulic pumps, while at the same time producing extraordinary works of art. Rabelais and others of his ilk were fighting sedition laws, Martin Luther was presenting his ideology of Reformation and Utopia was being published by Sir Thomas More.

Eventually another savant, Julius Caesar Scaliger, invited Nostradamus to visit him. Scaliger was himself a savant, a man of letters, a genius, a man with a mind to equal Michel de Nostradame. He was a man of medicine, a revered philosopher, he had a keen interest and knowledge of botany, a writer on the arts and a recognized poet. Here were two great men each eager to explore the mind of the other, their mutual admiration and eagerness to learn made for hours of intense and amiable conversation between the two brilliant men.  Unfortunately Scaliger, who was at first pleased to show off his much admired guest, became jealous of Nostradamus. Especially as invitations for Michel poured in, many from fathers and mothers with daughters, ear marking the great Nostradamus as their future son in law.

While in Agen, Doctor Nostramus fell irrevocably and deeply in love, although there is no documentation of the woman he married, only speculation. Nostradamus settled in Agen with his new wife and there he assumed his family coat of arms, described as showing in the first and fourth quartering, gules and two silver crosses arranged to form an eight spoked wheel. Within the second and third quartering there was an eagle and sable on gold ground. After his marriage Doctor Nostradamus resumed his medical practice, people from far and wide consulted him. Over time his friendship with Julius Caesar Scaliger ended, they were philosophical opposites and Scaliger’s resentments irrevocably damaged the friendship.

Great happiness was bestowed upon Nostradamus with the birth of his two sons, then the fickle hand of fate snatched his beloved wife and two sons when they were struck with a fatal illness. At the age of thirty Nostradamus was left bereft, he spent the next ten years of his life travelling and there is very little known of this time. It does appear that through his suffering and heartache due to the loss of his family, Nostradamus’s prophetic abilities began to surface, becoming more prolific over time. Over this lost decade Nostradamus focused on pharmacy, hospital work and medical practice. Nostradamus thought little of the practices of big business and believed most doctors and pharmacies to exploit the people. Michele was quite vocal and because of this made enemies who falsely accused him of being a spy associated with secret societies.

Nostradamus studied exhaustively in France, then Italy, where he spent several years. After the tragic death of his wife and children Nostradamus became exceptionally secretive giving away little concerning himself and his life. He did find solace in monastic contemplation, where the Monks offered an extreme and austere setting in which Dr Nostradamus could involve himself in deep worship and find some solace.

Nostradamus believed he was born with his seer’s gift, he knew from a young age he had the ability and was able to use it subtlety. While out one day during his stay in Italy, Nostradamus dismounted from his mule, he approached a group of Franciscan Friars, dropping to his knees before a young man who had recently joined the order. The flabbergasted Monks asked Dr Nostradamus why he had done such a thing, and he answered. “Because I must kneel before his Holiness.” This was a prophetic moment, as the young country boy before whom Nostradamus had bowed, was in fact Fellice Peretti, a young man destined to become better known as, Pope Sixtus V.

Two men whose lives were uncannily intertwined with Michel de Nostradame, were Henry II, who summoned Nostradamus to Paris, and had the same degree of Capricorn on the zenith of his horoscope, and Sixtus V. All three men shared the same birthday, with the Sun in the second degree of Capricorn.

Given the superstitious nature of the people of the time, and the fears of satanic possession and witchcraft, it was an overwhelmingly daunting prospect for Nostradamus to go from, general Nostradamuspsychic images, to a vivid imagery of the future world and life for human beings. Nostradamus, during his ten year retreat in severe monastic contemplation, aligned himself with his prophetic abilities and it is here his writings began. Within a rigid religious routine and behind consecrated walls, Nostradamus was able to receive counsel regarding his life altering gift of foresight. Dr Nostradamus found solace and acceptance within the walls of the Monastery, and here he was able to adjust to his life altering, and astonishing ability. In his writings he used analogy, symbolism, allegory and peppered his work with his love of myths and mythology, often reverting to mythological idiom to create a picture of his thoughts. In this way he took people to the highest point of their imagination. Nostradamus told his son in a letter, that the knowledge of events was acquired through divine inspiration and astrology.

For a man of such power, Nostradamus believed that human beings had the ability to take control of their destiny and create changes. The cry of sorcery, magick and witchcraft was hurled at Nostradamus yet surprisingly the inquisition took no notice of these accusations. Nostradamus was faithful to the Catholic Church throughout his life, he committed the writings in the Bible to memory. When Nostradamus left the monastery he returned to Provence and settled in the old town of Salon. It is here he met and married his second wife, Anne Ponsart Jumelle, and within their new home he resumed his medical practice. It was here his son Ce’sar was born, bringing Nostradamus great happiness, he practiced medicine and lived contentedly with his family.

In May 1544, his peaceful life was again shattered when a second plague broke out, this particular plague was named the carbon scourge, because those afflicted turned completely black. At first Nostradamus was not called upon to assist, must to the relief of his wife. However after several weeks of futile attempts by doctors to fight the plague, a delegation of men from the town council of Aix, appeared outside the home of Dr Nostradamus. They begged Nostradamus to help the powerless doctors attempting to fight the plague, telling him the entire city was affected. Their hope was that Nostradamus may be able to stop it spreading beyond Aix.

Dr Nostradame put together a few medical requirements, bade a sad farewell to his wife and baby son, then rode with the others towards Aix. During a refreshment stop at an inn one of the councilors told him the cemeteries were choked with bodies, and they had run out of space in consecrated ground. Death found those infected within two days. Through fear of the future, sadness and loss, crime sky rocketed. Many doctors succumbed to the plague, while others, too fearful to attend the sick, fled the horror attempting to save themselves and their families. Those who remained faced a hopeless battle to save the victims, this was a replay of what doctor Nostradamus faced fifteen years earlier, and the prospect of what he now faced was overwhelming. The year was 1546, and this outbreak of the plague seemed even more virulent than the last. Desperate women sewed themselves into shrouds when first infected by the virus, they did this so their naked corpses would not be on public view when carted through the city.

The reason no answers were found to cure the plague was because fearful doctors did not spend enough time with patients infected with the virus, thus they were unable to understand the disease or its cause. Nostradamus changed this pattern by fearlessly spending hours at the bedside of the ailing and studying the course of their illness. Nostradamus used botanical remedies to treat the sick and dying, he concocted rose cordials, and used rose leaves, mixing them just as the apothecaries of times gone by did. Roses were a staple of his healing practice.

When the plague had been overcome in 1544, the City of Aix offered Nostradamus a pension for life, they and he acknowledged that people of the world had been saved. Dr Nostradame returned after one year away from his family, a hero, a star, feted by rich and poor alike. As always there was the underlying jealously from members of his own profession, who failed often with their use of more orthodox methods of medical treatments. Nostradamus’s peers began to accuse him of heresy.

Apart from the behavior of other doctors, Dr Nostradame lived a quiet and peaceful life with his wife and son. His idyllic life was again disturbed by another plague outbreak, this time in Lyons, he was called to assist during the first outbreak. The political dynamics were entirely different this time and the officious overseers of the Sorbonne kept an eagle eye on the practices of all doctors, especially Nostradamus. Some years earlier Etienne Do’le, a friend, and physician was burned at the stake by order of the Sorbonne. Nostradamus was a practiced apothecary and alchemist, using his own form of herbal medicine as a staple when he tended the sick.

Meanwhile a doctor by the name of Sarrazin, who was jealous of Nostradamus, was killing more patients than he was healing. People then began flocking to Doctor de Nostradame, and avoiding Doctor Sarrazin. Sarrazin then accused Nostradamus of witchcraft and branded him a charlatan.

After this episode of the plague, Nostradamus again returned home in the hope of leading a simple and peaceful life with his much loved family. He settled in Salon seeking to attend to his studies once again. The top floor of his home was turned into a laboratory, filled with books, instruments, and copious bits and pieces of paraphernalia. He had an old glass mirror placed on the wall, this was the magick mirror in which he saw his visions. Nostradamus practiced scrying, he spent hours gazing into water, seeing and documenting his visions of the future of the world.

In this place of solace, Nostradamus lived with his wife and his five children, born after Ce’sar came, Michel, Charles, Magdaleine, Diane and Anne. With his acclaim, and notoriety, Nostradamus was considered a person of High Magic, he believed that mankind was subject to an overwhelming fate, and that there were no coincidences. He believed that destinies were written and it was just a matter of opening the psychic doors to reveal the information.

Nostradamus received a request from Doctor Jean-Ayme de Chavigny, who wanted to become his student. It was during his tutoring of Doctor de Chavigny that Nostradamus studied astrology extensively. Astrology was called “The Celestial Science”, and was more acceptable than predicting through psychically seeing into the future. It may be that Nostradamus cloaked his prophecies for a time under the safer, and more acceptable title of astrology. In the Centuries Nostradamus used his knowledge as an astronomer, predicting events by astronomical positions. Nostradamus published his astrological Alamanchs, and the astrologers of the time were up in arms, sorcerer, witch and charlatan were some of the names hurled at him. No healer or wise woman was safe from the cry of witchcraft, and many lived in fear.

Accusations of witchcraft were rife during Nostradamus’s lifetime, and anyone accused of being a witch faced torture and death. It was believed that sorcerers and witches, a name given to anyone who practiced alternate therapies, was labeled a witch and accused of being in league with the Satan. Witches were burned at the stake for over two hundred years, fire was believed to be the only way to fight the Devil.

Those who treated the sick were the Doctors, all men, and the healers, all women. Plants were used to treat illness and Dr Nostradamus believed in the efficacy of this. There was a controversial book of the time titled, Concerning Demons.  One of the few books of its type, accessible to people. The author was named Michael Psellus. Psellus documented ways to conduct particular rites and he was considered an evil doer.

Nostradamus was encouraged by Chavigny to publish his works, this he did and received rave reviews. His work was enjoyed all the more because of its cryptic nature, people had to work hard to understand the messages within. Nostradamus became a great celebrity, feted by Kings, Queens, politicians and the Clergy, much was offered to him and many gifts bestowed upon him.

Nostradamus told Chavigny he would complete his prophetic work in twelve divisions, each a century containing a hundred Quatrains. He decided to make his work somewhat ambiguous, with hidden clues pointing to certain dates and events in time. He wanted his work to puzzle.

Dr Michel de Nostradame lived until July 2 1566, after two years of ill health which even his magical remedies could not cure. He died exactly as he predicted he would, surrounded by his adored family.

Prophecies of Michel de Nostradame;

From 1550 Nostradamus published almanacs containing astrological material, one of these writings was published in English as the Almanac. In 1955 Nostradamus published the Centuries, it contained 400 quatrains, within it, the death of King Henri II of France was predicted, an event to take place in 1559, four years later.

Nostradamus wrote the Centuries, predictions for each century, there was much attention given to these writings, many considered Nostradamus a mad man. It was in 1559 the people began to pay him more attention and recognise that he did indeed have an astonishing gift of prophecy.


Prelude to World War III

Nostradamus believed the beginning of the twentieth century would herald World War III. He wrote, “The events which will take place at the beginning of the seventh millennia (the third millennia A.D.J. when, so far as my profound astronomical circulations and other knowledge have been able to make out, the adversaries of Jesus Christ and His Church will begin to multiply greatly.”

Nostradamus writes about the armies of three allies, the Arab Anti-Christ of Iran (Xerxes) and of Russia, Central Asia (Attila), all will join forces and invade Europe. He wrote, “Then the great Empire of the Anti-Christ will begin in ‘Attila’ and ‘Xerxes’ and come down with great and countless numbers, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree (France?), will transmigrate, chasing out the abomination of the Anti-Christ, who made war against the Royal who is the great Vicar of Jesus Christ, and against his Church, and whose reign will be for a time and to the end of time.”

Nostradamus wrote “The Third Anti Christ, will march his forces toward the circuit East of Europe, at Lower and Upper Pannanonia, (Yugoslavia and Hungary), where he is defeated, and by sea will reach Trinacria (Sicily), and by way of Myrmidons (Macedonia) into the Adriatic and Germany. He will be defeated from all, and the Barbarian sect will be greatly afflicted and driven out from among the Latins (Italians).”


World War III

Nostradamus describes World War III, he uses astrological symbolism in his writing, it reads. “A scythe joined with a pond in Sagittarius.” “At its highest ascendant.” “Plague, famine, death from military hands.” “The century approaches its renewal.”

Nostradamus wrote;

At the completion of the great seventh number,

And at the time of the slaughter games,

Not far from the great age of the millennium,

It will appear that the dead have risen from their graves.

Interpretation: The seventh millennium, the great seventh number, the creation of Adam, corresponds to the third millennium, from the birth of Christ. A time of slaughter games, is a time of global warfare. The dead rising from the graves, is the coming of judgment day, at this time many will die and their bodies left behind.


A Letter from Nostradamus to Caesar (his son)

“As to visible heavenly judgment, when we (mankind) are at the seventh millennia number, which completes all. We will be approaching the eighth sphere, where is located the firmament of the eighth sphere in latitudinal dimension, where the great eternal God will come to complete the revolution. Where the heavenly bodies will return to their movement and the superior movement (orbit) will render the earth stable and firm, not inclining from age to age, unless God wills it otherwise.”

War between Greece and Turkey;

The alien nation will divide the spoils.

Saturn in Mars its aspect furious.

The horrible slaughter will astonish the Tuscans and Latins.

The Greeks will be provoked to strike.

Interpretation: The alien nation, is Turkey. The spoils, the Greek islands. Saturn, the archetypal leader among the planets.

A Burning heat in Greece;

Because of the solar heat upon the sea.

At Negropont the fishes will be half cooked.

The inhabitants will come to dress and eat them.

While in Rhodes and Genoa the crop will fall.

Interpretation: Negropont, the ancient name for Eugoea, one of the largest islands of Greece. Rhodes, a large island in the south-east Aegean Sea. Genoa, a maritime city in Italy.


The Wolf and the Bear to defy each other; ( Conflict Between the West and Russia )

The gross mastiff is driven out of the city.

He will be vexed by the strange alliance.

After having chased the deer to the fields.

The wolf and the bear will defy each other.

Interpretation: The gross mastiff, is Boris Yeltsin. The city, is Kremlin. The strange alliance, is the nationalist and communist powers in the new Russian parliament. Chase the deer, the fields, is depicting a belligerent Russia, chasing the deer, symbolizing meekness. The wolf, refers to the West, the bear, Russia as a new world power.


Europe is in Turmoil;

A year before the Italian conflict.

The Germans, the French, and the Spanish are in darkness.

The republican school house is closed.

Where, except for the few, the rest will suffocate to death.

Interpretation: Being in darkness, signifies being in a forest, locked away. Meaning, the Germans, French and the Spaniards are going to be in political darkness one year before the war (conflict) in Italy.

A Drought in Italy and a Military Intervention in Bosnia;

Between Campania, Siena, Florence and Tuscany.

It will not rain a drop for six month and nine days.

The strange language in the land of Dalmatia.

Will run throughout, devastating the whole earth.

Interpretation: Campania, a fertile region in central Italy. Tuscany, a west central region, north of Rome. Dalmatia, a region in Croatia. The strange language, refers to military intervention, leading to global warfare.


Invasion Turkey and Egypt;

The Arab prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo.

The kingdom of the Church will succumb by the sea.

Toward Persia a sizable army of a million.

“Versus Serpens” will invade Byzantium and Egypt.

Interpretation: Persia, is modern Iran. Byzantium, is modern Turkey. Versus Serpens, is Latin for a serpent coiled upon itself. Interpreted as, as Islamic takeover in Turkey and Egypt, and war between Turkey and Iran.


The Emergence of the Warmonger;

When in fish iron and letter are enclosed.

Then the one who will make war shall emerge.

He will have his fleet well staked by sea.

Appearing near Italian land.

Interpretation: Fish, refers to the Catholic Church, in Italy. The interpretation of this writing is the use of submarines, and influence of Mars/Mercury in Pisces.


Anger of the Impotent Prince;

The impotent prince is angry. There are complaints and quarrels,

Of rapes and pillages committed by the cocks and by Libyans.

The land army is great, by sea the sails are numberless.

Only from Italy the French will be driven away.

Interpretation: The impotent prince, is the Arab Anti-Christ. The Libyans are the Arabs of North Africa. The Egyptians, are the cocks.


A Big War in Europe in the summer of two Eclipses;

Toward Aquilon the great efforts by massed troops.

Almost to vex Europe and the Universe.

The two eclipses will follow to close.

And reinforce life and death in Pannonia.

Interpretation: Aquilon, is the North wind. The, two eclipses, are the two in 1999. A July 28 lunar eclipse and an August 11 solar eclipse. Pannanonia, was the name of the Roman province that included territory which is now in the former Yugoslavia and Hungary.


The King of the Orient to subjugate the West;

Of the seventh house, followed by mortal death, will issue.

Hail, tempest, pestilence, evil furies.

All the West is put to flight by the King of the Orient.

Who will subjugate (the Orient’s) former conquerors.

Interpretation: The ups and downs of life, in astrology, are divided into twelve sections, called the Twelve Houses. The seventh, is the house of marriage and partnership. The eighth, is the house of death and regeneration. The interpretation of Nostradamus’s writing, refers to the breakdown of alliance between East and West, followed by death, hail, tempest and evil furies.


The Coming of the Third Anti-Christ;

Nostradamus mentioned three Anti-Christs in his writings, who would ravage France. The first, Napoleon Bonaparte, who after ruling France, planned to rule the world, but failed. The second , Anti-Christ, was Hitler, he had a short reign encompassing, madness, ruthlessness and torture and death. Catapulting the world into World War II, his one aim, to rule the world, he failed just as Napoleon did. The third Anti-Christ, Nostradamus predicted, is described as an Arab despot, from the Middle East. Someone who will plunge the world into World War III, his ultimate goal, to rule the world. Nostradamus predicted that the third Anti-Christ, will fail.

Nostradamus wrote that the third Anti-Christ will first appear as a political leader in Egypt in order to rationalise his actions, as though spoken by God, through the prophet. Nostradamus wrote that he will consider himself the true Messiah.


The Coming Back;

No longer will the great one be in false sleep.

His solicitude will give way to easiness.

Raising an army of gold, azure and vermillion.

He will subjugate Africa and eat her up to the bone.

Interpretation: False sleep, means a period of inactivity. His solicitude will give way to easiness, means the Anti-Christ will carry away hesitation and worry. He will raise a strong, heavy and Islamic (golden, azure) army and conquer Africa.


Anti-Christ to Reign less than 29 1/2 years;

The King with the azure turban will enter Foix,

And reign less than one revolution of Saturn.

The turbaned king will banish the white and Byzantium from his heart.

Sun, Mars, Mercury are together near the urn.

Interpretation: The king with the azure turban, is the Moslem Arab Anti-Christ. Foix is a small town near Toulouse in France, this line also has an association with the Tarot card, the tower. Saturn, is the sixth planet from the Sun, it takes 29 1/2 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. The white and Byzantium, refers to Christians whom the Anti-Christ will despise.


The Wars of Anti-Christ to last for 27 years;

Very soon the Anti-Christ will destroy three.

His war will last for twenty seven bloody years.

The dissenters are put to death, taken prisoners and are exiled.

Blood, human corpses, water reddened, earth ravaged by hail.

Interpretation: Soon after coming to power in Egypt, the Anti-Christ, will destroy three countries, possibly, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, the wars lasting, 27 years. The Anti-Christ’s opponents, are killed, imprisoned, exiled, and human blood is shed copiously.


Brothers and Sisters are marked by the Beast;

Brothers and sisters, who are held captive in diverse places,

Will find themselves passing by the monarch.

And being contemplated by his attentive branches.

It is pleasing to see them being marked on their chins, foreheads and noses.

Interpretation: Brothers and sisters, are Jews or Christians, taken captive in diverse places, and brought before, the Anti-Christ, (the monarch), whose followers (branches) will be watching attentively while a mark of ownership is stamped on their faces.


The Coming of the Floods;

At the place where Hieron had the ship built.

All of a sudden there will be a flood so great.

That there will be neither spot nor land to set upon.

The waves are going even to mount the Fesuian Olympic.

Interpretation: Hieron, was an Italian leader who, at the time of the Etruscans, conquered Sicily, and built temples there. The place, is Etruris, the ancient country of the Etruscans, in central Italy. Fesuian Olympic, is mainland Italy. The floods, means, human upheaval, rioting, chaos, anarchy and war.


The Death of the Anti-Christ and the end of the War;

For a long time a gray bird will be seen in the sky.

Near Dole and the land of Tuscany.

Holding in its beak a green sprig.

The great one will die soon and the war will end.

Interpretation: The cause of the flood, is to do with the shifting of the poles of earth. The bird with the green sprig is from the Bible, Genesis. “And the dove came to him toward evening, and behold, in her beak was a freshly picked olive leaf. So Noah knew that the water was abated from the earth.” In his writing to the King, Nostradamus wrote, “And it will be in the month of October that some great dislocation of the poles, will transpire and it will be such that one will think the mass of the earth has lost its nature movement.” Dole is a mountain peak in Switzerland.


The Appearance of Two Suns;

The great star will scorch for seven days.

Cloud will cause two suns to appear.

The dark blue mastiff will howl all night.

While the great pontiff will change his abode.

Interpretation: The great star, is our Sun. Cloud, is a Biblical term for spaceship. The dark blue mastiff is a reference to the Anti-Christ, who will remain sleepless. The great pontiff, forced to change his residency from Vatican to another land, is the last pope. Cloud, is an indication of the presence of God. The two suns, a reference to the two popes.


The Last Three Popes;

Before the conflict the great wall will fall.

The great one will die a hasty and lamented death.

Born imperfect, he will swim most of the time.

By the river, while the earth will be tainted with blood.

Interpretation: The great wall, if Pope John Paul II, referred to in this way by Nostradamus, because of his conservatism. He will die before the war (conflict) commences. The great one, is his successor, will die unexpectedly and be lamented. The last Pope, who is born with a physical defect, will survive, (swim by the river) while the earth will be tainted by blood, due to a great war.


The Penultimate Pope;

The penultimate of surname of the prophet.

Will take Diana for his day and rest.

He will be far from idleness because of his zeal,

In delivering a great people from subjugation.

Interpretation: The penultimate, is the Pope who will act like goddess Diana, active by day and resting at night. The great people, means, the Pope will work hard to deliver the people from the control of the Arab Anti-Christ. Vaquera, French (“to be idle.”)


The Short Tenure of the Penultimate Pope;

He will acquire the prelacy only for seven months.

Because of his death a great schism will arise.

For seven months another will hold the praetorship.

Near Venice peace and union is re-established.

Interpretation: Prelacy, the rank of a high ranking ecclesiastic. Praetoor was the name given to a magistrate of ancient Rome. Venice, a famous seaport in northeastern Italy. This is Nostradamus’s prediction of the schism, arising in the Catholic hierarchy following the penultimate Pope’s death.


The Death of the Penultimate Pope;

In a short tie the Physician of great evil,

And the leech of unequal order and rank,

Will put the Olive Branch on fire.

His post will be moved from one coast to another,

And by so great fire their Empire will be accosted

That the heat will evaporate the saliva in the mouth.

Interpretation: The poisoning of the penultimate Pope, known as the, Olive Branch, he is visited by fever (fire), being his enemies. The post, refers to the papal see. The fire, and heat, refers to the coming of war.


The Last Pope to dishonor the papal see;

Through the death of the very old Pontiff

The Roman of good age will be elected.

Of him it will be said he dishonors the see,

And he will sit long and his deeds will sting.

Interpretation: The, very old Pontiff, is the penultimate Pope. The, Roman of good age, is the last Pope.


The last Pope to become Wolfish;

First great fruits of the Prince of the fishermen,

But then his very cruel evils will come.

He will lose his precious glory in Venice,

And be made to fall by the more youthful Selin.

Interpretation: The Prince of the fisherman, refers to the last Pope, who will soon become wolfish and do evil. The, youthful Selin, is the Arab Anti-Christ.


The Death of the last Pope;

Roman Pontiff beware of approaching

The city that two rivers run through.

Near there your blood will spill.

Yours and that of your retinue, when the rose blooms

Interpretation: The Roman Pontiff, is the last Pope, who, along with his entourage, would be in danger of being killed, in Spring when the roses bloom, this taking place while approaching a city that two rivers flow through. The Rose, a symbol of Mother Mary. The rose blooms, is a reference to the culture and civilization in France, blooming.


The last Pope is born in France;

Not from Spain, but the one of ancient France,

Born, will be elected for the trembling wherry (gondola).

A “fiance” of the enemy he (the Pope) will be.

Who (the enemy) in his (Pope’s) kingdom will be a cruel pest.

Interpretation: The trembling wherry, refers to the last papal chair being in turmoil. The enemy, is the Arab Anti-Christ, the last Pope will be in league with.


The War in France, Germany and Switzerland, The Anti-Christ Invades South France;

Toward the Douro, from the enclosure of Tyrrhenian

He will come in order to pierce the great Pyrenees mountains,

His hand too short and his advance being observed,

He will conduct his scheming to Carcassone.

Interpretation: The river Douro, is being invaded by the Arab Anti-Christ, approaching from the Tyrrhenian Sea. His hand too short, refers to his movements being discovered by the Spaniards. Carcassone, refers to plans being altered and the assault coming from south France. Tyrrhenian Sea, is part of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Italian mainland. Carcassone, is a French town north of the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees is a mountain range along the French Spanish border.


The devastation of the French Riviera;

Frejus, Antibe, town around Nice,

Will be devastated by sword, from sea and land.

The wind being propitious, the locusts are on land and sea,

Captured, killed, bound, pillaged without regard to laws of war.

Interpretation: Nice, an historical region in southeastern France. Frejus, a town in southeastern France. Antibe, is a seaport in southeastern France. Sword, is a reference to war. The locusts, a reference to North Africa and the locusts that originate from there and are carried along by the hot winds of the African desert, to South Europe.


An Oriental Ruler comes to France;

The Oriental leaving his headquarters

Will pass the Apennines Mountains and come to France.

He will traverse the sky, the waters and the snow,

And in each will strike with his rod.

Interpretation: The Oriental, is referring to the Anti-Christ. The Apennines, are a mountain range in central Italy.


Russia’s last dash to the South and to West;

From the Black Sea and the great Tartary,

A would be king will come to see France.

He will transpire Alania and Armenia,

And in Byzantium will leave his bloody rod.

Interpretation: The great Tartary, an indication of the Russian Federation and her allies. The king, is the Russian leader. Alania is an ancient name for lands inhabited by the Alans in north Caucasus and Armenia.


The Holy Empire will come to Germany;

The holy Empire will come to Germany.

The Ishmaelites will find the sites open.

The donkeys shall want also Carmania.

The supporters are all covered by earth.

Interpretation: The holy Empire, is Russia. The sites, the holy sites in Jerusalem and Modern Israel. The Ishmaelites, are the northern Arabs, Ishmael’s, descendants. Carmania, an ancient name for a region in modern Iran. The supporter, this is a reference to the allies of Germany, Israel and Turkey.


Anti-Christ to reign in Avignon;

The King of Bois to reign in Avignon.

From Amboise and Nime he will come the length of Indre,

He will be scratched at Poitiers and his wings ruined at Saintes,

Before Boni (this line was not completed by Nostradamus).

Interpretation: Biois, is a city in Central France. Avignon, a city in southeast France. Amboise, a town in northwest France. Poiters, a city in west central France. Saintes, an industrial city in west France. Boni, Bonifacio, is a town in the south point of Corsica, France. Fortress like, with its steep cliffs on three sides. The Arab Anti-Christ, will choose this place for his headquarters.


The Inhabitants of Geneva are Destroyed;

The child will be killed in front of his dad,

Afterward the father will be seized.

The people of Geneva will be destroyed,

The leader lying dead in the middle like a trunk.

Interpretation: The child, and the father, are metaphors, referencing the Swiss people/army and the country of Switzerland. Esvertue, derived from Latin “everto”, (I destroy). The trunk, from the Latin word, “truncus,” (a mutilated body).


The Arab Anti-Christ to Vex Spain;

Of the pleasant land of Arabia,

The strong one of the Muhammadan law will be born.

He will vex Spain and conquer Granada

And the Ligurian people also from the sea.

Interpretation: The pleasant land, is the promised land. The strong one, is the Arab Anti-Christ. Granada, is a province in southern Spain. The Ligurians, are pre-indo-European stock, who lived in southwest Europe. The Ligurian people were mentioned by Nostradamus, encompassing all Italy.


French Royal Family

Catherine de’ Medici, the mother of Henri II’s seven children, changed her heraldic emblem after her husband’s death. The emblem was a serpent with its tail in its mouth. One of Nostradamus’s prophecies began with “When the snakes encircle the altar, and the Trojan blood is troubled. ”  Many times written in the Centuries the phrase “Trojan blood,” was written, this alluding to the French royal family. Nostradamus also made predictions about Catherine de’ Medici and her family, he wrote, “The seven branches will be reduced to three.” “The older ones will surprised by death.” “The two will be seduced towards fratricide.” “The conspirators will die while asleep.”


Henri of Navarre’s accession to the throne of France

Nostradamus predicted Henri of Navarre’s accession to the throne of France.

Mary Queen of Scots

Nostradamus accurately predicted the brief marriage of Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots, the marriage ended in her widowhood. Nostradamus also foresaw the second and third marriages of Mary Queen of Scots, both were unfortunate. Due to Mary Queen of Scots machinations to claim her genealogical right to the English throne, she became a prisoner of Queen Elizabeth who had her beheaded in 1587.

American Civil War.

The First and second Civil Wars were predicted by Michel de Nostradame, he also predicted the 1921 Kronstadt revolt against the Bolshevik government led by Lenin, and the battle of Culloden.

Bubonic plague and the great fire of London:

The bubonic plague that wiped London out in 1665 and the Great Fire of London the following year, were prophesied by Nostradamus.  He wrote, “The Great Plague of the maritime city shall not lessen until death has taken vengeance.” “For the blood of the just condemned for no crime.” “The great Dame is outraged by pretenders.” “Of the fire he wrote, “The blood of the just shall be required of London, burned by fire in thrice twenty and six.” “The ancient Dame shall fall from her high place, and many of the same sect shall fall.”

Louis XIV dispute Catholic Church

Nostradamus prophesied the dispute between Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, and the Catholic Church. The ensuing infighting weakened both state and Church, with the Church refusing to authorise the consecration of bishops nominated by Louis.

World Predictions:

Although Nostradamus lived in a time where monarchs ruled the world and the only means of transport was by horse or horse and carriage. He was awakened enough to confidently predict, space travel, the positives and negatives of technology, the atomic bomb, republican revolution, Adolph Hitler and the rise and fall of the Napoleanic Empire. Interpretation of Nostradamus’s prophecies is difficult because of his ambiguous use of words, symbols, metaphors, analogies and anagrams.

Persecution of the Catholic clergy France

Nostradamus’s prophesied the persecution of the Catholic clergy of France during the late 18th century were accurate. He wrote, “In a short time sacrifices will be revived, those opposed will be martyred.” “There will no longer be monks, abbots or novices.” “Honey will cost more than beeswax.”

War Germany,  against France and Britain

Nostradamus wrote, “Seven times you will see the British nation change.” “Tinged with blood for two hundred and ninety years.” “Not at all free through German support.” “Aries fears for his ‘pole’ Bastarnien.” Interpreters of Nostradamus’s writings, believe this to be a prediction of Germany going to war with France and Britain over Poland in 1939.

Hitler, France, Spain, World War II

It is also thought that the following is a prediction of the emergence of Hitler, “This man will be called by a barbaric name which the three sisters will have received.” “He will speak to a great people in words and actions.” “He will have fame and renown beyond any other man of his time.” Nostradamus predicted the fear it induced and the notoriety of the swastika, which was in its original form, a symbol of the god Thor. He wrote, “The great Priest of the Party of Mars who will subjugate the Danube.” “The cross harried by the crook.” Nostradamus wrote, “The bird of prey flying to the left makes preparations before combating the French.” “Some will regard him as good, some as evil, some as ambiguous.” “The weaker party will regard him as a good augury.” This was Nostradamus’s depiction of Adolf Hitler in the period 1933-1939 . Nostradamus said that the German, the one man who will tear down the realm of France. He said, “I have identified him by the position of Saturn at the time of his birth, for in that day he is the government of Germany.” Nostradamus said, “the powerful German, one who has Saturn at birth in the thirteenth degree of Leo, will ravish that government of France which will have Mars in Cancer.”

Mars was transiting the position Mars held in Cancer at the birth of the Third Republic, September 4th, 1870. Saturn was in thirteen degrees of Leo when Adolf Hitler was born. All this was foreseen and documented by Nostradamus. Nostradamus predicted the holocaust.

The Holocaust;

The Nero in the furnaces the three young

Boys will hurl live in order to burn them.

Not approved of such undertakings,

Three of his kind will plot to kill him.

Interpretation: Nostradamus referred to Hilter as Nero, Nero was the infamous Roman emperor, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, who persecuted and massacred the Christians. Karl Goerdeler, General Beck and Colonel Von Stauffen Berg, were the three men who did not approve of Hitler’s extreme behavior and attempted to assassinate him. The bomb that injured Hitler was planted by General Beck and Colonel Von Staffen Berg.


The Occupation of a New Land;

New law to occupy new land

Toward Syria, Judea and Palestine.

The great barbarian empire to fall down,

Before the Moon finishes its cycle.

Interpretation: There is reference to the birth of the modern state of Israel, after World War II. The great barbarian empire, from the Latin Phoebe, the Moon. Nostradamus correctly predicted World War II not lasting beyond infancy. The great barbarian empire, is the short span of time the Nazi empire of Hitler, existed. Before the Moon finishes its cycle, is referring to the death of the empire in the early stages. The Moon’s cycle is divided into three phases, waxing, full and waning.


The Furnaces are Rebuilt;

The Third does worse than the first Nero,

Lacking gallantry, will cause human blood to flow copiously.

He will rebuild the furnaces.

A golden period is dead, the new King will make a great scene.

Interpretation: The Third, is the, Arab Anti-Christ. The first Nero, the first Emperor, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, who tortured and massacred the Christians. The furnaces, refer to the Holocaust, perpetrated by Hitler. The golden cycle, is a time of peace. The new King, is the Arab Anti-Christ.


Those of the Arctic Pole are United;

When those of the arctic pole are united together,

In the Orient there will be great fear and dread.

A newly appointed one will sustain a great deal of damage.

Rhodes, Byzantium are tainted with Barbarian blood.

Interpretation: Those of the arctic pole, are the USA, Canada, Russia and north Europe, United against the Arab Anti-Christ. A newly appointed one, refers to a military position by the Anti-Christ. Barbaria blood, signifies Greece (Rhodes) and Turkey (Byzantium).


Flying Machines

Nostradamus foresaw airplanes and didn’t think much of them, saying they were, “worse  than all the plagues of Pharaoh.” In one of his predictions Nostradamus had a vision of war with planes fighting in the sky, he wrote  “At night they will think that they have seen the sun, when they see the pig like half man.” “Noise, shouts, battles seen in the heavens.” “Brute beasts will be heard speaking.” Nostradamus had difficulty describing the flying machines he saw, describing them as “piglike men.”

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nostradamus predicted the event orchestrated to bring about the surrender of the Japanese in 1945, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It reads, “Near the harbor and in two cities, will be two scourges never previously witnessed.” “Hunger and plague, those thrown down by the weapon, will cry to Immortal God for succour.”

Influenza and Aids

Nostradamus’s prediction of the influenza epidemic that hit Europe in 1917-1918, and the current AIDS epidemic reads, “The dreadful war which is prepared in the west, the following year the pestilence will come.” “So horrible that neither young nor old will survive.”

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses were described by Nostradamus,  “A thing existing without any senses will cause its own death to happen through artifice.” The modern interpretation of this, is that a thing that exists is capable of causing its own death, yet has no senses, is a computer. And that a “senseless savant,” as Nostradamus wrote, can destroy itself with a program carrying a hidden virus that instructs the machine to wipe out its own memory.

Lenin and Stalin

The era of Lenin and Stalin reads, “The blood of the innocents, of widow and virgin, so many evils committed by the Great Red.” “Holy icons placed over burning candles, terrified by fright everyone will be afraid to move.”

The downfall of Communism – Russia

Nostradamus wrote about the downfall of communism in “The Marxist way of life will be seen to fail and will be succeeded by one that is more pleasing.” “Russia will be the first to abandon communism as a consequence of outside influences upon it.”

Gulf War

The following noted are interpreted as referring to the Gulf War. “When iron and letters are enclosed in a fish, from it will come a man who will make war.” “His fleet will have journeyed across the sea, to appear near the Latin shore.”

Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy

The Cuban missile crisis and assassination of President John F. Kennedy, reads, “Before the conflict the great man will fall.” “The lamented great one will fall to sudden death.” “Born imperfect, he will go the greater part of the way.” “Near the river of blood the ground is stained.”

The assassination of Robert Kennedy

Nostradamus wrote about the assassination of John Kennedy’s brother, Robert. “The successor will avenge his handsome brother and occupy the realm under the shadow of revenge.” “He, killed the obstacle of the guilty dead his blood.”

Islam and the West

The conflict between Islam and the West is prophesied. “The Legion in the sea fleet will burn, lime, magnetic ore, sulphur and tar.” “The long rest in a safe place, Port Selyn and Hercle will be consumed by the fire.”

The Destruction Of Monte Carlo

Interpreters believe that the destruction of Monte Carlo is prophesied. “Three times the marine tower will be captured and recaptured by the Spaniards, Barbarians and Italians.” “Marseilles and Aix, Arles by Pisans, laid waste by fire and sword, Avignon pillaged by the Turines.” Century I Quatrai 91 reads, “The gods will make it apparent to humanity that they are the devisers of a great war.” “Prior to this the heavens were free of espe’e et lance.” “The greatest damage will be imposed upon the left.”

“The dwellers in Marseilles changed utterly, in flight, pursued as far as Lyons.” “Narbonne and Toulouse outraged by Bordeaux, dead and imprisoned, almost a million.”

Atomic And Germ Warfare

There is a chilling prediction pertaining to atomic and germ warfare, it reads. “The Antichrist very soon annihilates the three, seven and twenty years his war will endure.” “The heretics are dead, imprisoned, exiled, red hail, water, blood and corpses cover the Earth.”

Famine And Plague

Nostradamus predicted that the opening decades of the third millennium would be characterized by famine, wars, plague, an upsurge of militant Islam and the appearance of a religion-political leader of such malignancy that he was identified with the Antichrist.

Religious Upheaval

There are predictions of severe uncertainty and disruption regarding religion. “Mars threatens us with warlike force, seventy times this will cause the spilling of blood. ” “The clergy will be both exalted and dragged down by those who wish to learn nothing from them.” Nostradamus wrote, “The Church of God will be persecuted.” “The sacred temples will be despoiled.” “The child shall strip the mother of everything.” “The Arabs will join the Jews.” “The rule of the Church will succumb by sea.” “To the Prince of Arabia when Mars, Sun and Venus are conjoined in Leo.” “Across Persia will come full near a million troops.” “The true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.” “The date of this conjunction is August 21, 1987.

Birth Of A New Age

Nostradamus prophesied that the birth of a new age, giving way to a new type of civilization would be marked by the downfall of old Europe, he said there would be earthquakes and eclipses.

Nostradamus’s View Of The Twentieth Century

Prophecies by Nostradamus pertaining to the twentieth century. “In the last period all the Christian kingdoms, and those of the infidels, will be shaken for twenty five years. The wars and battles will be more injurious. Towns, cities, castles, and other buildings will be burned, laid waste, and destroyed, with great bloodshed of vestals, violation of wives and widows, and children at the beast dashed and broken against the walls of the towns. Satan, the prince infernal, will commit so many evils that nearly the whole world will be afflicted and desolated.” “After this has endured for a certain length of time, Saturn will almost renew his cycle, (twenty nine years), but God the Creator will bring an age of gold.” “He will heed the affliction of his people, and he will bind Satan and throw him into the abyss.” “Then shall begin between God and man a universal peace, and Satan will be bound for a thousand years.” “Then the cycle will return in grand power, Satan will be once more unbound against the Church.”

Nostradamus prophesied, “Those whose bones of hands and feet were shut up in a dwelling long uninhabited by noise, will be disinherited while they are in the depths of their dream and translated to a house that is salutary and calm.”

Turmoil For People Of The Earth

Nostradamus prophesied that after 2000 AD, the people of Earth will endure religious, political and social turmoil, wars, chemical and biological warfare, affecting the world economy and life as we know it. He predicted famine, plague, disease and death for hundreds of millions of human beings.

An Iranian Famine

An Iranian famine is predicted. “Rain, famine and war will be ceaseless in Persia.” “Too great trustfulness will betray the monarch.” “The matters begun in Gaul will also end there.” “A secret augury for one to be sparing.”

Monster Reincarnated

Other predictions by Nostradamus are that long dead monsters will again return to walk the Earth and stalk mankind, such as Genghis Khan.

A New Religious Faith

Nostradamus spoke of the three great religious faiths, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, with their holy days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  “From the Watery Triplicity will be born.” “One who will celebrate Thursday as his holy day.” “His fame, acclamation and power will grow.” “On land and sea causing Eastern tempests.” Interpreters of this believe it to mean the astrological influences fated to be prominent in the horoscope of the person about whom it is written, will choose Thursday as his holy day. It is thought that Nostradamus was prophesying the resurgence of an ancient cult of the dead.

Chemical Warfare

There is a frightening prophesy by Nostradamus pertaining to chemical warfare. “In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come a great King of Terror.” “He will resurrect the King of Angolmois.” “Before and afterwards Mars rules happily.”

Space Travel

Nostradamus foresees space travel. “The Eastern man shall come forth from his seat.” “Passing the Apennine mountains to France.” “He will cross through the sky the seas and the snow.” “And he will strike everyone with his rod.” “He will be taken to the corner of Luna, where he will be placed on foreign land.”


Nostradamus refers to Aliens. “Legis cantio contra ineptos criticos, “the Song of the Law Against Unintelligent Critics.” It reads, “Let those who read this verse ponder its meaning.” “Let the common crowd and the unlearned leave it alone. “All of them, Idiot Astrologers and Barbarians, keep off.” “He who does the other thing let him be a priest for the rite.”

Mention of angels with wings appeared in many of Nostradamus’s writings, he also said that these beings would appear in physical form, with wings. He wrote about interdimensional beings with different genetic heredity to humans. Nostradamus prophesied “Galactic Wars.”

Because of the dire nature of Nostradamus’s prophecies, many English printers were fined for selling the predictions of Nostradamus. He influenced the Church and the Clergy, royalty, politicians, and any person he met. Nostradamus had a profound affect and influenced the people of his time, while his writings have intrigued scholars and laymen for centuries and will for centuries to come. Nostradamus made many astrological predictions of certain planetary alignments that came to be. So many of his predictions have proved to be uncannily accurate. Does this mean that past, present and future, is recorded in the Akashic Records and we have no say? Or can we take steps to change our future by taking action to influence events occurring in our life?


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