Spell to win someone’s affections

Spell to win someone’s affections

This is a spell to win the affections of a particular person.

You will need:
Two glasses.
A small gold item such as a ring.
One red candle and a table to place your items on.
Cast this spell on a Friday night after 8pm.

Place the candle to the North of your table and light it. Place the glasses to the South and put the gold item in one. Run your finger around the rim of the glass, three times. Tip the item into the other glass and repeat. Pick up both glasses and touch them together as if making a toast, place them back in the South of the table.

Recite the following twice:

Romance for me it will be. Someone caring come to me. I am ready let this be. And it harm no one. It will be done.

Allow the candle to burn for exactly half an hour then extinguish it.

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