Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Horoscope for March 2017

The past may be tapping you on the shoulder, you may be focusing on old loves, old friendships, and laying matters to rest that you have carried for a long time. It can be very healing to look at matters from the past, then to resolve and let go of them. You will feel lighter after doing this. You will let someone back in your life that you closed the door on some years ago, a new and strong bond will be formed, you are both different people now.

This month you may find matters on the home front weighing heavily on you, and it may be time to take a different approach towards someone close to you, you will be rethinking your behaviour, this will help to lighten the load. Try not let your stubborn streak cloud your judgement, look at a situation objectively and less emotionally.

From mid-month you will be feeling creative and feel the urge to take up a hobby you let go of long ago, this will be very fulfilling for you and you will notice how your approach to this hobby and the way you pursue it has changed for the better. You will be more confident about your abilities, and realise you do have talent.

Let love into your life, be open hearted.

Best love days 15, 19, 21.


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