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Spell for those recovering from heartache, and are ready to try again

Spell for those recovering from heartache, and are ready to try again

A spell for those who are recovering from heartbreak and are ready to try again.


Items: Two pink candles

Two candle holders

Rose essence two drops

One small glass or bowl with water in it

One small piece of ginger

One small white handkerchief

One small clear quartz crystal

One white ribbon

Two cinnamon sticks

On stick of rose scented incense

Ritual: Place the quartz crystal in the center of the handkerchief, put two drops of rose essence on the handkerchief, bring together the four corners and tie with the white ribbon making a bow. Put the ginger into the glass of water, place the candles in the candle holders and arrange either side of the water then light. Light the incense last. Wash your hands with warm water and rose scented soap, rinse in warm water, massage rose scented hand cream into your hands. Recite the following;



My heart is offered to gentle love

I am open to love’s touch

Lover new with kindly manner

Come to me caress with care

North wind carry love’s message sure

I offer now my hand outstretched

My call for love I know is heard

Love is mine I am now ready

It is to be


Let the pink candles and the incense burn down completely, empty the incense ash into the sink, turn on the cold tap and wash down the sink. This is symbolic for your sadness being washed away and your heart healing.




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