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Spell to win the love of the one you desire

Spell to win the love of the one you desire
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This spell can be used to win the love of someone you desire.


  • A red candle
  • A picture of the person you desire
  • A pink or red rose
  • A pen and paper


1. Light the red candle and place it near the picture of your desired person.

2. Put the rose in a vase near the candle.

3. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, envisioning a warm and fuzzy feeling of love and joy.

4. On the paper, write your desired person’s name and your name in a heart shape.

5. Hold the paper in both hands and chant the following 3 times:

“My love for you is strong and pure,
Let it enchant you and make you sure
Of the depth of my love, that I can’t deny
Let it draw you to me and make you mine”

6. Visualize the person you desire in your arms, radiating love and passion.

7. When you are done, place the paper in the vase with the rose, allowing it to remain until the rose wilts.

8. Let the candle burn out naturally and take the remains of the paper and rose outside and bury them in the ground.

9. Visualize your desired person loving you and accepting your love, as you say:

“My love is true and honest,
This is the love that I want to share with you.
So mote it be.”

10. The ritual is complete.

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