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Spell to let a lover go

Spell to let a lover go
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Spell to help you let go and move on from your ex-lover.


  • a small bowl
  • a piece of paper
  • a lighter.


1. On the piece of paper, write the name of your lover.

2. Place the piece of paper in the bowl.

3. Light the piece of paper with the lighter.

4. Close your eyes and envision the love you share with your partner fading away.

5. Speak aloud the following words:

“As this flame burns, I release all ties and connections between our hearts. The love we shared will always be a part of me, but our relationship is no longer meant to be. I wish you the best, and I let you go with love and gratitude.”

6. When the paper has burned away, take the bowl outside and let the ashes be carried away by the wind.

7. Return inside, and take a moment to feel the new space you have created.

8. Spell complete.


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