Love Spells

Spell to heal a broken heart

Spell to heal a broken heart

Spell to help you get over a broken heart. Recite the following.


 Glowing moonbeams night-time shadows

Let my broken heart heal this night

Ether welcomes keeps loving heart safe

Cobwebs glisten spiders weave

Senses settle dreams predict

Beyond shadows true love waits

Behold no more past love’s entrapment

Prepare anew secure of heart

Love is promised hereafter

Entrapped heart now released

Scent of roses night-time sky

Moonbeams cluster

Knowing dreams kindle

Old bridges crumble

Ether cradles memories old

Lost love entrusted released freely

Knowing heart bleeds no more

I defy all that did once seem daunting

A new knowing grows within

Glowing moonbeams shadows fall

Behold no more past loves entrapment

Heartbeat promises love hereafter

Beyond shadows new love waits

My heart is free

So be it






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