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Re-kindling Love Spell

Re-kindling Love Spell
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Spell is used to re-ignite an old flame or bring back an ex-partner.


  • Two red candles
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A few drops of sandalwood or jasmine essential oil



  1. Start by lighting both red candles. Visualize the flame of the candles as the flame of your love.
  2. Write down on the piece of paper the name of the person you wish to reunite with, and say out loud their name three times.
  3. Anoint each candle with a few drops of the essential oil, and then recite the following words:


“Bring back the flames of our love,

Burn bright and never dull.

Bring back the passion we once shared,

And make our love anew.”


  1. Focus on the flame of the candles and visualize your love for the person and the hopeful reconnection you desire.
  2. When you feel that the ritual is complete, extinguish the candles, thanking the Powers that Be for their help.
  3. Fold up the paper with the name on it, and keep it with you as a reminder of your intention.
  4. You have now completed the ritual.

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