Love Spells

Spell to attract love

Spell to attract love

Spell to attract love

This spell is for the person who wants to draw love into their life and wants to feel loving. Recite the following.

Giving receiving

Senses heighten love profound

Gods and goddesses heed my call

I am enlightened

I am love

My garden Earth with seeds of love

With open arms I do await

Magical beings bind this spell

Infinite pleasures await

Elves scatter fairy’s breath

Guiding wizard chant for me

Unearth love in nascent state

A single rose one lucky penny

Cauldron stirred by hands of wisdom

One eagle feather oil essence

Fragrant scent potent magic

Love felt love waiting

Rose petals scattered

Magic encircles magic dictates

Possibilities unearthed

One moonbeam captured

Intuitive wisdom does guide me now

Love awaits




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