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What Type of Witch Are You? – Take the Quiz

What Type of Witch Are You? – Take the Quiz
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Embark on a thrilling journey through the mystical world of witchcraft with our captivating quiz. Delve into the enchanting unknown as you answer spellbinding questions designed to unveil your true witchy nature. Are you a cosmic conjurer, drawing power from the stars and moon? Or perhaps a green witch, deeply attuned to the secrets of the natural world? Let the magic within you awaken, and discover your unique path in the realm of spells and enchantment. Unveil your inner witch and embrace the adventure of self-discovery on this whimsical journey into the mystical unknown!

What Type of Witch Are You? – Take the Quiz

What time of day do you feel most connected to your magical energy?


Which element resonates with you the most?


What’s your ideal magical setting?


How do you feel about incorporating technology into your witchcraft?


Which moon phase speaks to your soul the most?


If you were to have a familiar, which animal would it be?


How do you approach spellcasting and rituals?


What is your favorite type of magic to work with?


Which color speaks to your magical personality?


How do you feel about sharing your magical knowledge and practices with others?


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