70 Fruits and their Magical Uses

70 Fruits and their Magical Uses
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Explore the mystic world of ’70 Fruits and Their Magical Uses.’ Uncover the unique enchantments woven into each fruit, from Kiwi’s protective aura to Persimmon’s transformative energy. This compendium unveils nature’s hidden powers, offering a pathway to a deeper connection with the mystical tapestry of life.

Acerola Cherry – Protection, healing, vitality.

Ackee – Transformation, intuition, spiritual growth.

Apple – Love, healing, fertility, divination.

Apricot – Love, creativity, health.

Avocado – Love, fertility, beauty.

Banana – Fertility, prosperity, luck.

Barbados Cherry – Protection, love, vitality.

Blackberry – Protection, healing, abundance.

Blackcurrant – Prosperity, health, divination.

Blueberry – Wisdom, clarity, psychic abilities.

Boysenberry – Healing, protection, psychic awareness.

Camu Camu – Energy, health, positivity.

Carambola (Star Fruit) – Luck, divination, guidance.

Cherry – Love, divination, healing.

Coconut – Protection, purification, banishing.

Cranberry – Protection, healing, balance.

Dragon Fruit – Fertility, strength, courage.

Elderberry – Protection, healing, prosperity.

Elderflower – Protection, transformation, healing.

Feijoa – Love, fertility, abundance.

Fig – Fertility, abundance, divination.

Gooseberry – Protection, love, psychic abilities.

Grape – Fertility, abundance, psychic enhancement.

Grapefruit – Cleansing, purification, vitality.

Guanabana (Soursop) – Healing, relaxation, positivity.

Guava – Protection, psychic awareness, healing.

Huckleberry – Luck, protection, psychic abilities.

Jabuticaba – Manifestation, spiritual growth, divination.

Jackfruit – Abundance, fertility, protection.

Jujube – Energy, clarity, wisdom.

Kiwi – Protection, communication, fertility.

Kiwifruit – Protection, communication, balance.

Kumquat – Prosperity, abundance, communication.

Lemon – Purification, cleansing, positivity.

Lime – Purification, healing, protection.

Loganberry – Love, healing, transformation.

Loquat – Health, protection, creativity.

Lychee – Strength, beauty, positive energy.

Mango – Love, passion, success.

Mangosteen – Intuition, spiritual awareness, healing.

Melon – Healing, fertility, prosperity.

Mulberry – Wisdom, divination, protection.

Nectarine – Intuition, communication, joy.

Olive – Peace, wisdom, prosperity.

Orange – Joy, abundance, prosperity.

Papaya – Love, transformation, healing.

Passion Fruit – Passion, desire, love.

Passionflower (fruit of the passion vine) – Calmness, sleep, dreamwork.

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) – Protection, purification, love.

Peach – Love, longevity, immortality.

Pear – Wealth, abundance, comfort.

Persimmon – Divination, luck, transformation.

Persimmon – Wisdom, transformation, balance.

Physalis (Cape Gooseberry) – Creativity, divination, inspiration.

Pineapple – Hospitality, protection, prosperity.

Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit) – Fertility, strength, courage.

Plantain – Healing, protection, strength.

Plum – Transformation, healing, renewal.

Pomegranate – Fertility, abundance, spiritual growth.

Pomelo – Purification, clarity, abundance.

Quince – Protection, love, happiness.

Raspberry – Protection, healing, communication.

Rose Hip – Love, healing, divination.

Saskatoon Berry – Psychic abilities, protection, guidance.

Sloe (Blackthorn Berry) – Protection, boundaries, transformation.

Star Fruit – Luck, divination, guidance.

Strawberry – Love, romance, attraction.

Tangerine – Energy, vitality, communication.

Ugli Fruit – Harmony, positivity, confidence.

Watermelon – Healing, love, relaxation.

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