Love’s Glow

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A spell for new love to come into your life, this spell will make you receptive and open to love.

Items: Two red ribbons tied in a knot

Red paper cut into the shape of a heart

One red rose


Ritual: Before climbing into bed at night kiss the red rose and place it under the pillow. Put the heart next to the rose and place the two ribbons on top. Before going to sleep recite the following;

Red ribbon binds two hearts as one

Red rose does promise love’s sweet kiss

Pitter patter my heart pounds

Sound of love invites love pure

Red love ribbon binds you to me

This is to be the Angels sing

When you awaken remove the rose, the ribbon and the heart shaped paper. Keep the rose petals, the ribbons and the heart shape in a small box in your bedroom. Keep the items for the minimum of a month.

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