Taurus (April 21 – May 21) Horoscope for May 2017

You may have been daydreaming a great deal lately, and been pondering about how you can make specific changes to your life and lifestyle, I would suggest that any changes you do make, are considered carefully and executed thoughtfully, don’t make a change just for the sake of it. There are many ideas tumbling around in your head, be realistic about what you are capable of and realise that timing is important, there are good ideas you will be able to put into practice immediately, and others realised at a later date.

Finances will be at the top of your priority list, investments will be changed and a new type of financial security will be implemented. You will at last be able to plan that holiday that keeps being put off. Many of you will be hitting the ski fields, while others will choose a warmer environment.

Family will want your attention and a younger person in particular will need your wise counsel, try to be objective and to the point, above all be honest. Your practical outlook is valued by others, make sure you use this ability for yourself.

Listen to the one you love and hear what they are saying, try not to jump to conclusions and above all be patient. Singles will value communication above all else.

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