Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20) Horoscope for May 2018

Listen to what others have to say and be sure you are hearing them, this will avoid miscommunication. You have certain ideas about how things should be done, you are very wise but s is someone close to you and what they say should be valued. On a purely practical level create a budget for yourself, this will allow you to do the things you want to do, such as, buy a car, take an overseas holiday, put a deposit on a home.

It is time to put the talents you have to good use, allow your creative energy free reign and see what happens, be honest with yourself about what is working in your life, it may be time to make adjustments to flow in the direction you want to.

You are very psychic and have been receiving a lot of information lately, take note of the messages you have been receiving and put this knowing to good use. There is a situation where it will come in very handy and you will be glad you listened. Allow the right people into your life, those that want the best for you.


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