Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20) Horoscope for April 2018

Financial issues will be dealt with, the best time to do this is from the 15th April onwards as Mercury ends his retrograde in Aries, something that seemed insurmountable is to be resolved relatively easily. Try to stop worrying and letting your mind run away on tangents, don’t be stubborn regarding a matter you may be wrong about, and be kind to others, it may be time to approach something from a different angle.

Plan your finances and rethink your saving style, it may be necessary to consult a financial expert and to adopt a new pattern regarding money. This will allow you to make a purchase you have wanted to make for a long time, this could be property, a car, or shares. The written word can help you, read books that are uplifting about those who have achieved in their lives and how they did it.

An emotional connection in love is as important to you as a physical one, tell the one you love how you feel. If single you will be looking for someone accepting and easy going. On 29th April a full moon occurs in Scorpio, settle legal matters during this time and think about learning something new.


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