Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for April 2017

Be aware of your communication skills, everyone does not know what is going on in your head, use your words. Don’t let stubbornness stop you from doing something you really want to do, at times you can be an immoveable object. You will be looking at your spending habits and ways to save more money. Sometimes positive action is needed to make the things you want to happen, happen.

You may be craving change, be patient, the change you want will take place, just not in the time frame you anticipated. You will be feeling more sensitive than usual, try not to overreact to perceived slights, this is a good time to turn to family for support. Family is very important to you and you ardently support those you love, in return they do the same for you, keeping family balance is very important.

There is the need to change the layout in your home, this is a Feng Shui exercise that will create a beautiful flow to your home, it is probably long overdue. It will only take some minor changes to make all the difference to how you feel in your home.

It’s time to pick up the creative projects you put on hold, create the time and space to renew that which you put aside, it will energise you. You have an exceptional sense of fun, let the inner child run free.

There are to be some romantic moments, filled with tenderness, relax and enjoy.

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