Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for February 2017

You will find that you are more open and expressive, and at last understand what it is you really want out of life. Once recognising where your passions lie, you will have no trouble surging forward and making things happen just as you would want them to. You are bubbling over with creative ideas. 

Time alone is most important, it is your way of de-stressing, you are a finely tuned instrument and need to pay attention to your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, this you do when you are alone 

There is to be a new approach to your finances, this will help you to feel more secure, there is also more money coming to you, use it well and always remember to put an untouchable percentage aside. If you haven’t already read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”, now would be a good time to buy a copy. 

If things don’t happen as fast as you would like them to over the coming months, realise this is a process you are going through, all will work out in its own time. 

In love, a mental connection as well as a physical connection is all important, with Aquarians there has to be a meeting of minds. Those in a committed relationship must communicate with each other. If single you are looking for someone you can gaze at the stars with, and talk to all night. 

Best love days 23, 24, 26.


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