Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for December 2016

You may be thinking about taking on a second job, or changing to a job that is more financially viable. Attention will be paid to your finances, as you want to be more in control of your money. You do like to spend, and you are very generous, however it is important for you to have an effective, and regular, savings plan. Over the next few months you are to feel more in control of your finances, especially as there will be more money to manage.

It is most important for you to have time alone, solitude heals you, especially if others are demanding your time and attention. You are to be more sociable than usual, therefore it is all the more important for you to create a space for you, and to allow yourself time to think.

Changes have been taking place in your life, and you are still adjusting to them, more changes are to come in the New Year, you are to rid yourself of that which no longer works, and to work with what is good for you.

A business idea that you had a long time ago, and put aside, may again surface and be more viable the second time around. It is possible someone else will be involved with this creative venture.

Family matter will require your attention, especially where an older person is concerned, this could be someone who has a habit of making poor decisions, your wise counsel will be needed. Something is to come to a head, this however is not unexpected.

Your charisma and magnetism are at an all-time high, people will be drawn to you for friendship and romantically. Those in a relationship will feel romantic and sensuous.

Best love days 24, 25, 26.

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