Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for March 2017

New ideas abound and the want to learn new things, you feel at your best when you’re using your mind to its fullest capacity. Your mental energy increases and you feel very positive about your life, and where you are heading. You will be quite social this month and feel inspired by being around others, people enjoy your company.

You will be rethinking your short, and long term plans, some things you will put aside, others you will bring to the forefront. There will be a realistic approach to matters in your life, and you will find you are more sure of yourself, and what direction you are heading. Saving is very important to you and your New Year’s resolution is to be a more effective saver, you started off on the right foot and will continue this way. If you haven’t already read it, read The Richest Man in Babylon.

With age comes better control of the emotions, and a more realistic outlook towards all things in your life. You can be a better, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Lover, Husband, Wife, worker. You’re highly intuitive and are very good at reading people, you are empathetic, this will get stronger with age.

Best love days 7, 13, 24.


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