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Plants, Herbs & Dark Magic

There are plants believed to bring about evil or bad luck, especially if they are planted near the home or bloom out of season.

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Dream Connection

Dreams are your doorway to the inner you, offering self awareness through the mysterious nightly journey we all take, yet understand very little about.

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Mythical and Magical Creatures

Powerful deities and humans often shape-shifted into birds and animals.

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Reincarnation and Karma

Man is a being of many experiences, he has embraced many lives and will embrace many more.

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Dreams give you messages in a variety of ways, some are precognitive, giving you insight into your future, either near or far.

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Ghost Hauntings

There are many ghost stories but the tale of the dancing ghost is one of the more extreme hauntings as it intensified with time and there seemed to be no way to remove the ghost.

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American Indian Mythology

The North American Indians passed down their myths and legends from generation to generation those who listened to the stories were transfixed by the imagery they conjured.

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Gods and Angels for Invocation

Enhance your life by invoking the Gods, Goddesses and Angels

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Unicorns come from an ascended star called Lakuma, it is near the constellation Sirius and is where the Unicorn kingdom is located.

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The Sixth Sense of Plants

Plants have feelings, they feel pain, love, empathy and have a nervous system just like humans.

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Enlightenment is different for each person and Buddha was a man who had no thoughts of divine status.

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The Legends of Vampires & Werewolves

Legends of vampires and night stalkers have been around for centuries, the mystery of the night creature is eternal.

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