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Spell To Gently End A Relationship

Spell To Gently End A Relationship

Cast this spell when you know that your relationship is not going to work out and you want to let the other person down gently. 

You will need a black pen, a piece of paper, a white candle and a fireproof bowl. Write the name of the person you no longer want to be involved with on the paper, light the candle and stare into the flame for a minute. Hold the paper in front of the candle until it starts to burn. Place the paper in the bowl and visualise the person drifting away from your life. Once the paper burns down completely recite the following chant: 

Winds of North, East, South, West 

Take my love’s heart for the best 

Let him/her see they are not for me 

As I say so mote it be 

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    Just did one to end a marriage. How long before it happens.

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