The Spiritual Energies Within Us

The Spiritual Energies Within Us
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Deep within each person lies a hidden source of energy that gives us life and guides our path. For centuries, healers and mystics have spoken of the various types of spiritual energies that make up our inner landscape. While science has yet to fully explain these subtle forces, most ancient traditions agree that we each possess a unique blend of energies that influence our health, relationships, and destiny. Have you ever wondered about the energies flowing through your own body? Read on to learn about 10 common spiritual energies and how they may be shaping your experience.


Prana, sometimes called chi or qi, is one of the most fundamental life forces found within all living things. In Hindu and yoga traditions, prana is seen as the vital energy that animates our physical bodies and drives all biological processes like breathing, circulation, digestion and elimination. Some believe we take this energy into our bodies through the air we breathe and the food we eat. On a subtle level, a steady flow of prana is said to promote health and well-being, while low levels can leave one feeling drained or fatigued. Practices like yoga, meditation and deep breathing are recommended to keep prana moving freely through the energy channels of the body. Interestingly, some healers claim to see this energy glowing around the human aura in various hues.


Often depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, Kundalini energy lies dormant within most people, just waiting to be awakened. In yogic traditions, Kundalini is thought to be a latent spiritual force or psychic energy that can be activated to unfold higher consciousness and potentially grant mystical experiences. It is said that when Kundalini rises up the central channel of the body, it activates and opens each chakra in succession, conferring new abilities and insights. A spontaneous Kundalini awakening can be blissful but is more commonly a long-term process involving yoga, meditation, chanting or other spiritual practices designed to safely release this powerful energy. Too rapid an awakening without proper grounding could potentially cause unsettling kriyas or energy releases within the body and psyche.

Heart Energy

While the physical heart pumps blood through our veins, some believe the heart also generates the most powerful vibrational field in the body. Called cardiac coherence, heart energy is a stable, sine wave-like electromagnetic signature emitted by a healthy, harmonious heart. Scientific studies have linked strong heart energy to increased cognitive function, intuition and emotional balance. On an esoteric level, many meditative traditions teach that focusing attention in the area of the heart can help develop compassion while recharging one’s overall energy levels and aura. Loving kindness meditation, chanting, prayer, yoga and spending time in nature are thought to generate abundant heart energy, which then radiates outward positively impacting all who we encounter.

Solar Plexus Energy

Associated with personal power, confidence and our sense of self-worth, solar plexus energy has its seat near the navel. In times of stress or low self-esteem, this energy can feel blocked or unbalanced. On the other hand, when the solar plexus chakra is flowing freely, one often feels energized, motivated and able to take charge of situations. Excess solar plexus energy could tip into arrogance or aggression, however, so it’s important to balance this force with compassion. Activities like martial arts, dancing, creative visualization and chanting are said to strengthen solar plexus energy in a constructive way by building constitution and willpower. Having flexible solar plexus energy also allows one to roll with life’s punches while standing firmly in one’s sense of self.

Crown Energy

At the apex of the subtle energy system, crown chakra energy connects one to higher realms of intuition, insight and spirituality. Associated with enlightenment, crown energy is often depicted as a lotus flower unfolding open at the top of the head. In some meditative and healing traditions, an open crown chakra is a sign that one has achieved a more expanded state of awareness beyond the limits of ordinary mind and ego. Those who radiate powerful crown energy are frequently thought to possess psychic gifts or act as spiritual conduits. Practices like chanting mantras, doing yoga postures that open the back of the neck, spending time in nature or prayer are said to stimulate the crown and its calming, uplifting vibrations. With regular cultivation, crown energy can help one feel rooted in peace regardless of life’s ups and downs.

Base/Root Energy

Grounding our experience firmly in the present moment and material reality, root or base chakra energy is the foundation for all other subtle energies to rise upward and blossom. Located at the base of the spine, this energy governs issues of survival, safety, financial security and sense of grounding. In times of stress, change or low self-worth, root energy may feel blocked or unstable. On the other hand, a well-supported root chakra can make one feel stable through life’s challenges while also open to receive abundance. Earthy activities like gardening, hiking, dancing, martial arts or spending time barefoot outside are thought to strengthen this stabilizing energy source. With flexible root energy, one can both embrace life fully while riding confidently through its ups and downs.

Sacral Energy

Associated with creativity, sexuality, emotions and pleasure, the sacral or swadhisthana chakra sits just below the navel. In touch with the lunar rhythms of the body, healthy sacral energy allows one to experience the full range of human feelings from joy to sorrow while flowing with life’s natural cycles. Yet blocked or excessive sacral energy could tip into mood swings, addiction or lack of boundaries. Gentle forms of self-expression like art, dancing, singing, yoga or spending time near water are said to keep sacral energy balanced and enliven one’s appreciation for life’s beauty. With care, this sensual energy source can add spice and wonder to each day while strengthening our ability to authentically connect with others.

Throat Energy

Facilitating clear communication and personal truth, throat chakra energy gives voice to our inner wisdom and creativity. Located at the base of the throat, this energy governs self-expression through speech as well as listening skills. Yet excess throat energy could lead to over-talking or harsh speech, so it’s vital to balance it with compassionate listening. For the throat chakra, activities like chanting, singing, public speaking, journaling or spending quiet time in nature are thought to build its vibration in an uplifting way. With flexible throat energy, one feels empowered to courageously share one’s gifts while respecting others’ right to do the same.

Third Eye Energy

Connecting us to intuition, imagination and higher perspective, third eye or ajna chakra energy has its seat between the eyebrows. In some traditions, it’s thought of as a gateway to inner and outer vision, psychic gifts and expanded awareness beyond ordinary senses. Yet blocked third eye energy could result in confusion or difficulty discerning truth. Gentle practices like yoga postures that open the upper back, spending time in nature, meditation, art or dreaming are said to stimulate third eye energy in a way that enhances intuition without blurring boundaries. With care, this mystical energy can grant insights to inform one’s decisions while cultivating compassion for all viewpoints.

Thymus Energy

Often overlooked but crucial to health and well-being, thymus energy plays a key role in immune function, regeneration and longevity. Located in the chest behind the sternum, the thymus gland produces lymphocytes that fight disease and aging. In Chinese medicine, this area is associated with bravery and willpower. When thymus energy is balanced and strong, one feels resilient in the face of challenges. Yet over time, thymus function naturally declines if not supported through practices like gentle yoga, laughter, spending time in nature and expressing gratitude. Keeping thymus energy vibrant promotes a youthful spirit and empowers one to bravely embrace each new chapter of life.

Final Musings

We each possess a unique energy signature that shapes our experience in core ways. With awareness and practice, it’s believed these subtle life forces can be balanced and developed to support well-being, intuition, creativity and higher consciousness. While science continues seeking to understand human spirituality, ancient wisdom traditions offer time-tested insights into working constructively with the energies within. Where do you feel your own energies could benefit from some loving attention? The path is yours to walk.

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