Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Horoscope for April 2017

There may be miscommunication and rifts at the beginning of the month, this is due to Venus being retrograde. Try to approach matters thoughtfully and tactfully, there is tension between an older and a younger person, old issues are surfacing that have never been actively resolved. This is a time where it is important to take notice of, and look at carefully, what is happening in your life and your relationships. Impatience will not work for you, try to remain mellow and consider the feelings of others. You are working towards more intimacy in your love life, and better communication with those you care about.

You like to do your own thing, and don’t like anything to stand in your way, try not to be too rigid with others, be open to another point of view. Determination will work, stubbornness won’t, try to see both sides of the story, and be open to trying something new. Be aware of your finances, and make sure you have an effective saving plan, seek guidance from a financial planner if it seems too hard to do this yourself.

There may be some topsy-turvy emotions surfacing, if you are feeling upset or angry, look at where this is coming from, so that you can deal with the issues that are troubling you. Quiet time will do you good while you are feeling like this, and so will an honest appraisal of your life. “What aren’t you looking at?”

By the end of the month you will be feeling much clearer and less touchy, there will be the want to explore new experiences and the desire to bring your life into balance. This you can do by being honest about what really motivates you.

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