Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Horoscope for September 2017

Time to yourself will be of the utmost importance at the beginning of the month, there has been much on your mind and you need time to work through certain issues that have been weighing heavily on you. Have your alone time but still make time to exercise, your mind works better when you do this. Others want you to socialise and you will find yourself making excuses not to go out and be around people, go with this feeling it will not last long. For you to happily socialise your mind must feel strong and if you are feeling under par you tend to withdraw. This is a natural part of your personality. 

From the 19th you will be feeling positive and energised, sensing there is more for you just around the corner, there will be a knowing that a long awaited shift in your life is coming and life will never be the same again. Being a part of group activities will work well for you, swimming, diving, drama, photography, art, a book club or a dance class. You are to be feeling the Phoenix rising from the ashes as dramatic change takes place in your life. 

Dreams can come true and mid-month you will be feeling as though you can just about touch that which you have been dreaming about, be careful of what you dream, you just might get it. You independent streak will strengthen and you are to feel freer than you have for a long time. 

In a close personal relationship, friendship and a mind connection is as important as a physical connection, you thrive in a situation like this. Singles feel their best with a strong minded person.


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