Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Horoscope for February 2017

It may be time to reinvent your environment, change the colour scheme, move the furniture around, add some new items and throw out that which you no longer need, this will shift some energy in the home that has been stuck. 

You have strong intuitive abilities, but don’t always use this gift, you’ll find if you listen more to your intuition, your life will improve in a multitude of ways. This can guide you where those you love are concerned, it can also guide you in a work environment. 

Make time for the things you love to do, be creative, pick up that hobby that you started and then put aside. This is also a very good time to learn something new, a course that you have been thinking about for some time for example. Is it time to ask for that promotion, to go for that new job, or to start the business you have been thinking about. 

Something physical may have been bothering you and you have been putting it off, pay attention to your health and wellbeing and don’t ignore symptoms that have been troubling you. 

In your relationship you will be present and focused on the one you love, it’s the little things that count. Singles may be a little wary of letting their guard down and hesitant to reveal feelings. 

Best love days 3, 5, 9.


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