Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Horoscope for April 2018

Since last month there may have been family issues that have been weighing on you, don’t worry as Mercury will end his retrograde in Aries on 15th April, balance will return and you will have a new perspective and be feeling especially creative.

The Sun enters Taurus on 19th April and you will be feeling health conscious, possibly looking at ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Yoga would be very good for you, especially for the mind, if you are unable to do yoga, try meditating either every morning or every evening for at least 15 minutes. If meditation isn’t your thing, allow yourself to be still and rest your mind and think of nice things at a designated time each day.

You will be more committed in love and want to do nice things for the person you love, a relationship needs to be nurtured to remain healthy and strong. If single you are looking for someone who is stable and decisive.



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