Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Horoscope for December 2017

Early in the month you may be lacking in energy this is due to Mars entering Scorpio, you will find yourself craving alone time so that you can bring yourself into balance. Give yourself the space you need to just be. Make yourself top priority and allow yourself to strengthen by going inwards, allow your imagination to flourish and daydream. 

You may feel at odds with others and find it difficult to communicate, try not to push yourself while you are feeling like this. Do things that make you feel good, take a bubble path, read a book by your favourite author, decline invitations until you feel stronger and more yourself.  

On 19th December Saturn will enter Capricorn and you will find yourself looking at your financial situation and ways to improve it. You will be looking at your security and wondering whether the buffer you have is sufficient. This will lead you to look at new and creative ways to improve your financial situation. 

Something that surfaced in the past but the timing was wrong, is again going to be presented to you, the timing will now be more appropriate, this is an opportunity to try again. 


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