Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Horoscope for April 2017

If you find yourself feeling a little gloomy and stressed, try looking at what is important to you and what you value, count your blessings and you will feel much better. At the beginning of the month try not to rush into anything you haven’t carefully considered first, you will be feeling sensitive and touchy due to Venus being retrograde, you will want to cocoon in your home and have family around you. Your energy level may be low, at this time it is most important for you to be careful with your diet, try to eat food that gives you energy, sweet treats aren’t the answer.

The heart wants what the heart wants, you will be following your heart, couple this with your strong intuitive powers, and you will be guided in the right direction. There is the sense of you feeling overwhelmed by love. Harmony in your love life is all important to you, without harmony you have difficulty concentrating. You may find you will be wearing your heart on your sleeve. Singles can expect some flirtation and romance where it is least expected.

From mid-month you will find yourself concentrating on old projects, and completing jobs that you started and didn’t finish, this will give you a feeling of accomplishment, and the energy to start something new that has been on your mind. New opportunities are to open up for you but not in the time frame you are expecting, there are surprises in store.

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