Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Horoscope for September 2017

From the beginning of the month, thanks to Mars in Virgo, you will be craving self-time, you want to gather your thoughts and put things in order mentally. Give yourself the space you need, others who know this is something you do on occasion, will understand and respect your need for alone time. You will be looking at patterns you have formed, especially over the last decade, be honest with yourself regarding what actually works in your life and what doesn’t, this may be a good time to dump some baggage. 

Towards the end of the month you will be looking at ways to make your home more comfortable and welcoming, there will be a need to surround yourself with beauty and to create a safe and comfortable environment. Your home is the place where you can be still, you can meditate, and you can mind map, making effective plans for your future. Be kind and patient with yourself and with others. Healing can come through stillness. 

You can be more productive from mid-month by focusing on one thing at a time rather than starting a dozen things and completing none. You’re working towards a goal and being quite single minded about it, be sure that what you are doing is what you really want, use your intuition to guide you. 

Your relationship will work better for you if you are emotionally strong, this strength comes from quiet time and communing with self. Singles will be open to meeting someone they have a strong mind connection with.



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