Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Horoscope for February 2017

Anything creative will work well for you, you are coming up with new ideas and will be eager to implement them. A project you have been working on will come to fruition. There will be the need to let go of some baggage in your work environment, this will make the way clear for invention and growth. 

Creating order and structure in your life is most important, use your time well and bring about the life you want to lead, and the one you know you deserve. Keep an eye on your finances, and if you need help balancing the budget, speak to a professional. You will be looking at ways to improve your lifestyle and to have the balance of a work life and a personal life. 

Meditation is essential for you, without this down time your mind runs away on all sorts of tangents and exhausts you. If you find it difficult to meditate, light a candle and focus on the flame, it will help you to be present. Good things will be happening in your life, and you want to be able to appreciate them. 

Your charm wattage is at an all time high this month, people are to find you engaging and attractive, you will be spending time with the people you love. There will be close attention paid to your personal relationship, making your partner feel happy and loved. Singles will be looking for someone strong and communicative. This is a good time for long term commitments. 

Best love days 13, 17, 18. 


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