Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Horoscope for April 2016

Take it easy during the early part of the month as you will be affected by the lunar eclipse, allow yourself to get adequate rest and pay attention to your eating habits, try to have some early nights. You will be feeling more energised by mid month. Those with long term health problems will be looking at a new approach to their health, with many making successful choices.

There are changes afoot, you want to present yourself to the world in an entirely new way. It is likely that many of you will change your hairstyle and the way you dress, then present the new improved you to the world. This shift also spills over to the home front, from changing the furnishings to renovating your home, just depending on what your needs are. The bedroom will have a makeover as you turn it into a romantic haven.

Expect your love life to sizzle you will be feeling sensual and romantic, there are to be some very romantic interludes. Lucky you.

You are to take creative charge of your life and become more proactive in order to bring about the things that you want.

Best love 23, 26, 29.

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